Wednesday, 2023-02-01

T42<parmjotsinghrobot> Is hybris-18.1 mature enough to build against? Or should I build with 17.1? Because it doesn't exist in the FAQ, but it exists as a branch on the android repo (the one used for repo init).06:00
T42<elros34> yes, you can use it but it also has it's own issues, see hybris-18 at the top here: Steps are similar as for 17 branch09:13
T42<vsvoid> I need help i keep encountering the following error but fstab.mt6768 is in the device tree17:24
maldo you have all dependency repos added for you device repo?17:26
T42<vsvoid> Yes17:26
maldo you see that file anywhere in device repos?17:26
deathmist2Disallowed PATH tool "xmllint" used17:26
deathmist2there's your issue17:26
maldeathmist2: does that really causes issues, afaik the power profile thing is not critical17:27
T42<vsvoid> Is that what is really causing the build to fail? I thought it is the missing fstab.mt6768 file which is already in the device tree17:29
malwondering why the fstab in not installed17:30
malcan you run "make modules" and see if you have some fstab related things there17:31
T42<vsvoid> What am I looking for exactly? I don't see anything related to fstab17:42
mal@vsvoid can you give a link to your device repo19:28
T42<vsvoid> ``19:36
malwhat is your device?19:42
T42<vsvoid> lancelot19:43
T42<vsvoid> That's the common tree19:43
maldo you have any vendor repo?19:47
T42<NotKit> btw for lancelot (since it has Ubuntu Touch port) you can do a similar port to Volla Phone 22 using Halium generic system.img19:47
T42<vsvoid> @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot no19:51
T42<vsvoid> @NotKit  is there like a tutorial I can follow for that?19:51
T42<NotKit> @vsvoid I don't think so, but there are repos at and by @adampigg19:58
T42<vsvoid> Thanks19:58
T42<vsvoid> Let me give it a try19:59
T42<elros34> are you sure this common repo is correct? looks empty, 1 commit: Initial skeleton20:10
T42<elros34> this one looks more promissing but you should know better which one was used to build lineage:
T42<vsvoid> Yes it is20:23
T42<vsvoid> I don't know how you are only seeing one commit20:24
T42<vsvoid> it actually has three branches and 133 commits20:25
T42<elros34> the link you provided has 1 commit.
T42<elros34> so either I am blind or you use different repo than you showed20:29
T42<vsvoid> Wait sorry not the  xiaomi-mt6768-devs,  Redmi-MT676820:35
T42<elros34> did you run envsetup, breakfast and check that you really have correct repos cloned? What is the output of 'allmod'?20:50
malbased on the device repo it's copied like this
malunless there is something wrong that should happen20:54
T42<vsvoid> yes so am also not understanding why the error21:01
malyou can try to hack it by copying the file manually to out to correct place21:49

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