Wednesday, 2023-02-15

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piggzAnyone had an issue wihere BLE devices are not detected, but regular BT works ok?  this is on a mediatek11:26
malanything in logs?11:26
piggzmal: nothing jumping out
piggzyou can search for MTK-BT11:42
piggzCONFIG_BT_LE=y is set in the kernel11:43
malpiggz: can you show all CONFIG_BT* configs on your kernel from a running system?11:49
malalso show journal11:49
malor at least blue* related messages in journal11:50
malpiggz: how about the kernel configs?12:03
piggzmal: defconfig is ... will get full12:11
malpiggz: yeah, I want to see those from device to make sure those really got enabled12:16
malseems reasonable12:18

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