Friday, 2023-02-24

T42<vsvoid> Okay I think am a little confused, so my port is stuck in telnet port 2323 and the init.log is not providing enough information as to why it's stuch here, how can i get more logs?02:06
T42<birdzhang> use Persistent journalctl
T42<vsvoid> Thanks,02:14
T42<vsvoid> Any idea how I can run a script to mount img files on early init just after switching to realfs?02:14
Mister_Magisterso basically on my backported seccomp-bpf which is same as kernel 3.5 implementation, there's issue with sshd because sshd's seccomp-bpf's program loads the syscall number and then compares it with some syscalls to block/allow some. problem is that loading the syscall number fails (without failing) so it compares everything to 0  hence it goes to the bottom of the program where it returns fail (fail by default) which in turn03:59
Mister_Magisterkills sshd03:59
Mister_Magisteryes it's 5am and i'm insanely tired, but i got that far. when i wake up ill have to debug further to find why the syscall number isn't loading properly04:00
Mister_Magisteri think the super early seccomp-bpf implementation is messing something up, not my patching04:02
Mister_Magisterwhy seccomp used bpf for filtering is freaking beyond me04:20
T42<TheVancedGamer> ah look, we're both (I think) doing the same thing :D05:41
T42<TheVancedGamer> i'm backporting (e)BPF to kernel 3.405:41
T42<elros34> @Mister_Magister make sure you really use latest seecomp-bpf patches. I was using one outdated patch without all changes and this caused some issues, see hadk-faq08:02
T42<elros34> sry hadk-hot: seecomp section08:03
Mister_Magister @elros34 lol didn'trealise it's already been done09:04
T42<elros34> it's just note with some patches I couldn't confirm any works but for sure one cause kernel crash09:10
Mister_Magister@elros34 i cannot find those patches :/10:59
HengYeDev[m]how do you setup the development environment for a halium-based build?14:20
HengYeDev[m]is it mostly similar to hadk?14:25
HengYeDev[m]for example, where should droid config halium go in the directory structure15:04
HengYeDev[m]and how do i build without using droid-hal-device?15:54
malprobably piggz can help when he is back here16:02
piggzHengYeDev[m]: im here now, let me look back through your questions19:45
piggzHengYeDev[m]: so, the first thing you want to do is get your kernel/boot building, and get that on OBS ... set up your kernel pacakge like
piggzand modify kernel-adaption-simplified to suit ...19:55
piggzI also have a version for qcom devices in kernel-adaptation-halium-qx105019:55
piggzperhaps a good job to collaborate on would be making that fully generic so i can be included as a submodule19:56
HengYeDev[m]i'm trying to follow the ubports unihertz titan port (prebuild stock kernel + modules and userspace hacks) and build halium19:57
HengYeDev[m]so i would assume i make the package for prebuilt and make it Provide that19:58
HengYeDev[m]but i think we can build the userdata first and use the ubports boot.img?19:59
HengYeDev[m]piggz: also how are your dirs setup?19:59
piggzi do everything on OBS now, and build the image on gitlab20:01
piggzyou could potentially boot one of my images on your device ... the only changes would be in the config package20:02
piggznotkit did that on a galaxy fold20:02
piggzall you need to do is start on your config package, then build the image using the kickstarts from either mimameid or qx1050 on gitlab20:03
piggzi guess its better to build locally first, gitlab has a tendancy to run out of build minutes!20:03
HengYeDev[m]ok, i will try20:03
HengYeDev[m]i just have to replace the halium-11 android-rootfs.img with 10, i don't see any other significant changes. correct me if im wrong20:03
piggzshould be good20:04
HengYeDev[m]so i have the config pkg forked from yours, should i put it on obs home-project?20:04
piggzif you need a halium:10 project we can make one20:04
piggzyou can create a subproject on your home for building20:04
HengYeDev[m]would subproject work with the gitlab ci tho?20:05
piggzif you build locally using a m odified kickstart, you can point the repos wherever20:05
piggzif you have a proper devel: project on OBS, then sure, use that20:05
HengYeDev[m]where is docs on kickstart files?20:06
piggznot sure there are any! most people following hadk dont really change them ... the changes I made are quite monir though.20:07
piggzkicksstart file is pretty easy to understand and follow20:07
HengYeDev[m]also, i think for halium-10, to make it on obs, copy everything from :11 and replace the halium-android-rootfs20:07
HengYeDev[m]so i assume i should just change the repo lines20:09
piggzHengYeDev[m]: towards the end of the file, starting with the "group setup" is where all the halium changes are20:21
piggzwe have to add groups/users here, and then do some stuff with the folders20:21
HengYeDev[m]thanks, i am getting started now20:27
HengYeDev[m]piggz: must community-adaptation-devel be used because of halium? i am looking on the qx1050 obs20:29
piggznot nescessarily20:30
piggzthe reason I use a custom build of that (with rinigus) is to have each version in testing: as a subproject, instead of a repository, we think it makes versions easier to handle20:30
piggzsee eg
piggzwithout that, each version is a repository in the main repo ... if you add/remove packages from a version, its becomes difficult to manage.  if you have each version as a seperate project, you can make such changes easily20:32
HengYeDev[m]I see, ok20:35
HengYeDev[m]should I branch that to my repo?20:36
HengYeDev[m]piggz: whats dtc for?21:06
Mister_Magister@elros34 exactly this was missing22:35
Mister_Magisterso you were right22:35
Mister_Magisterit was in later commit22:35
Mister_Magistertho it supposedly sets samestuff lower but eh22:36
Mister_Magisterlets see if this works22:39
Mister_Magisterayyy it works22:43
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