Thursday, 2023-03-16

T42<FakeShell> seems like rebranching to 960d6af and 414d96c fixed it00:10
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T42<FakeShell> looks like i still can't get droid-hal-init to start fine01:37
T42<FakeShell> 01:37
T42<FakeShell> added disabled service init file to disable the spam in journalctl01:37
T42<FakeShell> added the selinux stubs variable to my init files (hwservicemanager and vndservicemanager)01:37
T42<FakeShell> added the audit and printk parameter to my cmdline01:38
T42<FakeShell> in dmesg i can also find01:38
T42<FakeShell> 01:38
T42<FakeShell> SELinux:  Disabled at boot.01:38
T42<FakeShell> 01:38
T42<FakeShell> what else should i look into?01:38
T42<FakeShell> looks like i still can't get droid-hal-init to start fine01:40
T42<FakeShell> 01:40
T42<FakeShell> added disabled service init file to disable the spam in journalctl01:40
T42<FakeShell> added the selinux stubs variable to my init files (hwservicemanager and vndservicemanager)01:40
T42<FakeShell> added the audit and printk parameter to my cmdline01:40
T42<FakeShell> in dmesg i can also find01:40
T42<FakeShell> 01:40
T42<FakeShell> SELinux:  Disabled at boot.01:40
T42<FakeShell> 01:40
T42<FakeShell> what else should i look into?01:40
T42<FakeShell> 01:40
T42<FakeShell> this is journalctl of droid-hal-init01:40
T42<FakeShell> (edited)01:40
T42<elros34> show full journal and dmesg08:02
T42<Andreas> Hello everybody! Is there any working one plus 7 sfOS community port? Should be possible as the system has mainline Linux12:35
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T42<FakeShell> dmesg17:00
T42<FakeShell> 17:00
T42<FakeShell> 17:00
T42<FakeShell> journalctl17:00
T42<FakeShell> 17:00
T42<FakeShell> (re @elros34: show full journal an...)17:00
mal@FakeShell how did you get that journal log? did you use "journalctl -b --no-pager" or something else, seems that is missing a lot of log20:09
T42<FakeShell> journalctl -b 0 &> journalctl20:11
T42<FakeShell>  (0 being the boot number) (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>@FakeShell how ...)20:11
malmaybe you could try to enable persistent journal log
T42<FakeShell> Will try20:12
T42<FakeShell> mal: there ya go20:48
T42<elros34> this paste service is even worse than ubuntu one, how do you search or at least enable raw mode?21:04
mal@elros34 I just copied the content to a text editor21:06
T42<elros34> yeah but ....21:07
T42<elros34> @FakeShell anyway are you sure that you have system-as-root device?21:07
malyeah, I was just about to comment about the mount service and checking that those are valid21:07
T42<elros34> check what you have in /system_root directory21:08
T42<FakeShell> so apparently for some reason my system partition was wiped clean with no content so none of the mounts were happening (obviously nothing there to bind mount on) so i reflashed a lineage 16.0 system aaaand now i see `Google Inc. Redmi Note 7` in my lsusb with no rndis22:03
T42<FakeShell> when i boot back to recovery to see whats going on in pstore i can see22:03
T42<FakeShell> so it boots but i can't get shell over telnet anymore (no ui)22:04
T42<elros34> use  create /init_enter_debug2 to get telnet22:06
T42<FakeShell> i also have a vendor built by the sfos build system its also a sparse image ready to be used via fastboot22:07
T42<FakeShell> should i try that out? i'm using a vendor image which i used for porting droidian (which is confirmed working)22:07
T42<FakeShell> sure (re @elros34: use  create /init_en...)22:07
T42<FakeShell> wait just touch it? or any specific content22:07
T42<elros34> touch22:07
T42<FakeShell> will do22:07
T42<FakeShell> yes looks like i can get in again but without any processes started22:11
T42<FakeShell> its just busybox running telnet and thats it22:11
T42<elros34> read what you have in terminal22:12
T42<elros34> run logcat after droid-hal-init start22:13
T42<FakeShell> running `echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin` gets me kicked out of the session with usb0 interface closing after a few seconds22:14
T42<FakeShell> it continues booting tho22:14
T42<elros34> then follow hadk-hot, there is instruction there how to bring usb back for such a situation22:15
T42<elros34> I would tell you wat excatly search in logs but like I said this paste doesn't even allow to use search properly22:16
T42<FakeShell> what pastebin do you want me to use22:17
T42<FakeShell> theres like a million out there22:17
T42<elros34> any would be better than this22:18
T42<FakeShell> masking usb-moded? or replacing init.usb.rc with an empty script (re @elros34: then follow hadk-hot...)22:18
T42<elros34> something like that22:18
T42<FakeShell> kind of wage but i'll try my best22:19
T42<FakeShell> masking usb-moded seems to have fixed the issue22:19
T42<FakeShell> journalctl22:22
T42<FakeShell> 22:22
T42<FakeShell> 22:22
T42<FakeShell> dmesg22:22
T42<FakeShell> 22:22
T42<FakeShell> logcat gives me22:22
T42<FakeShell> `logcat read failure`22:22
T42<FakeShell> from droid-hal-init.service exited with status 622:24
T42<elros34> did you start logcat right after droid-hal-init start?22:25
T42<FakeShell> let me do it again right after droid-hal-init22:25
T42<FakeShell> logcat22:30
T42<FakeShell> 22:30
T42<FakeShell> 22:30
T42<FakeShell> it crashed at the end22:30
T42<elros34> first error is important22:30
T42<FakeShell> libselinux_stubs.so22:31
T42<FakeShell> yeah thats what i was suspecting but i do have it in my init files22:31
T42<FakeShell> oh wait22:32
T42<FakeShell> my bind mount for ld.config.28.txt isn't working22:32
T42<FakeShell> diff shows a few lines different22:33
T42<FakeShell> Cool :
T42<FakeShell> Got it booting22:44
T42<FakeShell> Bad symlink22:45
T42<FakeShell> have to give credit where its due, its really damn smooth and beautiful23:01

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