Sunday, 2023-03-19

T42<b100dian> It was the lz4 step that went wrong, `lz4 -l -12 --favor-decSpeed` is needed according to build/make/core/Makefile01:07
T42<k1gen> hey, I'm stuck on `error: device/google/coral/parts/Android.bp:7:1: "GoogleParts" depends on undefined module "org.lineageos.settings.resources"` on making hybris-hal. any ideas?13:28
T42<BigChadCat> Don't think this is required for SailfishOS, you can remove GoogleParts from both the device tree and or equivalent (re @k1gen: hey, I'm stuck on er...)13:31
T42<BigChadCat> If you still want to compile it, you can clone - but you'll have to take care of the branch you are trying to compile for13:32
T42<k1gen> thanks (re @BigChadCat: If you still want to...)13:33
T42<k1gen> what's the path for this repo? (re @BigChadCat: If you still want to...)13:34
T42<k1gen> I mean `<project path=""`13:35
T42<BigChadCat> packages/resources/devicesettings13:36
T42<BigChadCat> You can refer to LineageOS manifest for the paths.13:37
T42<k1gen> thank you13:39
mal@k1gen just to be sure, did you apply patches as instructed in faq?13:43
T42<k1gen> I did. it builds fine for now, but /boot is undetected13:44
T42<k1gen> hybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /boot appears to live on13:45
maldo add boot to your fstab in device repo13:45
malthat should fix it13:45
malyou can use the other entries in the fstab as example13:46
T42<k1gen> how do I find needed fstab to add /boot to?13:46
malthere should only be one in the device repo, or two in worst case13:49
maluse something like this: "find device/$VENDOR -name '*fstab*'"13:49
T42<k1gen> I have flame and coral13:50
T42<k1gen> command finds two files:13:51
T42<k1gen> device/google/coral/fstab.hardware13:51
T42<k1gen> device/google/coral/fstab.postinstall13:51
malhow does the first look like?13:51
maladd this line to that file: /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/boot                      /boot                  emmc    defaults                                             defaults13:54
T42<k1gen> there's two `cat`s in that paste13:55
malto the first one13:57
T42<k1gen> ok13:57
T42<k1gen> kernel finally linked, ld.lld used 24G of ram18:21
T42<k1gen> what to do with config keys that mer_verify_kernel_config says must be enabled, but aren't present in defconfig already?18:22
malandroid builds take huge amount of memory18:23
T42<k1gen> CONFIG_SYSVIPC or CONFIG_IPC_NS for example18:23
malyou add them18:23
T42<k1gen> alright, thanks18:23
maljust some example which might be useful not all are relevant for every device but that describes what is adding on official devices18:25
T42<k1gen> Do not follow mer-kernel-check advice about CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER in hadk-hot applies to all devices?18:30
malnot sure what hadk-hot suggests18:32
T42<k1gen> same, but without fallback18:33
malmaybe fallback is not necessary18:33
T42<k1gen> it's =y by default18:34
malok, just leave it18:34
T42<k1gen> should I turn off selinux at boottime as mer-kernel-check suggests?18:35
malno, keep selinux enabled18:36
malit's required for more recent android bases18:36
T42<k1gen> ok18:37
malwhich android base do you use?18:37
T42<k1gen> 18.118:37
malthen keep selinux enabled, faq has comment about the selinux configs needed in config repo18:37
T42<k1gen> that's why I asked18:37
T42<k1gen> how do I access kernel cmdline?18:38
malit's in board config file in device repo18:38 or something like that18:39
malwhich has BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE variable in there18:39
T42<k1gen> for me, yeah18:39
T42<k1gen> thanks, and how do I set selinux to permissive in cmdline?18:40
maladd this to kernel command line  androidboot.selinux=permissive18:40
T42<k1gen> no *CMDLINE* in this file (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>which has BOARD...)18:40
T42<k1gen> I mean no keys like thih at all18:41
T42<k1gen> *this18:41
malcan you give a link to your device repo on github18:41
T42<k1gen> I have flame, but coral has flame files18:42
T42<elros34> @k1gen about hadk-hot: yes to all, once this: will be merged then advice will be not relevant anymore18:42
T42<k1gen> got it, thanks (re @elros34: @k1gen about hadk-ho...)18:42
mal@k1gen check the BoardConfig-common.mk18:43
T42<k1gen> I see. thanks18:43
T42<k1gen> yeah, found it18:43
mal@elros34 I merged that PR now18:46
T42<k1gen> nice18:47
T42<k1gen> guys, I still have the /boot appears to live on message18:55
T42<k1gen> I have boot line in fstab.hardware in device tree18:56
maland you rebuilt hybris-hal?19:05
malI mean ran "make hybris-hal" in correct environment19:05
T42<k1gen> no, I ran make hybris-boot without rebuilding hybris-hal19:07
T42<k1gen> after editing defconfig19:07
malif you edited fstab then you need to rerun make hybris-hal also if you edit device repo or things like that19:08
T42<k1gen> should I wait for kernel to finish linking?19:10
malyou can abort that build if you don't want to wait19:10
T42<k1gen> never saw something like this in my whole life, ld.lld choked on 46.4Gb of ram with swappiness 100 :
T42<k1gen> do you see the message? because I don't, weird19:30
T42<k1gen> I thought it got deleted19:30
malyeah I see the link to the image you sent19:30
malof course irc is different19:31
T42<elros34> thanks for merging PR19:33
T42<k1gen> alright, that's my first time getting as far as I got now. all mer-kernel-check warnings are fs-related, and everything compiles. should I keep following hadk pdf, do you guys have any advices for me?20:12
malyou should also check faq and hadk-hot20:16
T42<b100dian> That boot partition detection is for boot.img updates, right? Not for .. booting20:23
T42<elros34> for sfos install script20:28
T42<k1gen> what's wrong with the script?21:30
T42<elros34> probably incorrect droid-config structure21:35
T42<k1gen> what does ! -d $PATTERNS_TEMPLATES_DIR mean?21:35
T42<elros34> check if directory doesn't exist21:36
T42<k1gen> yeah, there is no hybris/droid-configs directory21:37
T42<k1gen> my mistake21:38
T42<k1gen> how do I add selinux to sparce?22:09
T42<elros34> /etc/selinux? just copy needed files from device22:11
T42<k1gen> I see that in hadk-faq there's a link to sony repo22:11
T42<k1gen> I thought I need to copy files from this repo, but I don't know where to22:12
T42<elros34> sony is not good example in this case because it use different porting path22:13
T42<elros34> to similar place as in sony repo in sparse directory22:13
T42<k1gen> where on my device is selinux directory located?22:16
T42<k1gen> stupid question, sorry22:17
T42<elros34> you create same structure like on sony repo in your droid-config's sparse but instead copying symlinks from sony you copy actual files from your device22:18
T42<k1gen> all the /system/etc/selinux folder?22:18
T42<elros34> no22:18
T42<elros34> just copy sony's droid-conifig/sparse/etc/selinux to your device and then replace symlinks22:19

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