Friday, 2023-04-14

xmnAnyone know if you can run sailf on a pinephone with tow-boot installed?05:13
T42<markvesime> ^yes you can07:50
xmnThanks markvesime, I've had issues booting, in that it doesn't. Led camera light comes on, then switches to front led, I even hear the camera clicking once, but then never continue.08:04
T42<markvesime> ^strange, where did you get the img?08:07
T42<markvesime> is this on sdcard or emmc?08:08
xmndid the flash-it.sh08:08
xmnwill try the emmc soon, doing some backup first08:09
xmnmight try remove the tow-boot first since it seems easy as well.08:09
T42<markvesime> I haven't tried sdcard in a while...the PP group is here:
xmnThanks, but not on telegram :(08:10
xmnI started having isses once they include encrypted home dir. But seems to be only me as I could find too many with the same.
xmnbut currently similar to this one08:11
malpiggz: ^08:12
xmnWasn't gonna call piggz till I tried a few things :)08:12
piggzyo, whats up? :)08:12
xmnWell dam, that was quick.08:13
piggzflash script broken?08:13
malpiggz: check the log a bit before you joined now, some question there08:13
xmnWell Piggz share a link to fix I guess some issues with pine64 link.08:16
xmnI think it was [ UBOOT_DOWNLOAD2="" ]08:17
T42<adampigg> now that I fixed the volla issues, i will spend some time on the PP, and check the flash process today hopefully08:18
xmnThat would be great. With you recent changes, I was hoping to make sailfish possibly my daily drive on the PP. Appreciate all the work you have done, in general.08:19
xmnI'll keep testing and will share if I find anything. But I'm not a dev, so likely I won't find anything ... lol.08:20
T42<markvesime> xmn, there's no sound on the PP at the moment08:23
xmnYeah I saw that. I thought it was working at some point. But I have faith piggz being the port master (or others) will find the solution.08:25
T42<adampigg> @markvesime thats just you, works for me ;)08:25
T42<adampigg> wouldnt hurt for me to do a fresh build/flash tbh08:26
xmnI remember listing to music and even doing some type of calls (bad audio but was there I think, maybe the other person couldn't hear me ... I forget).08:26
T42<markvesime> it came back for me at some stage but then disappeared again, none at the moment and display seems to last less time, about 3 hrs08:27
xmnbattery never lasted so long for me, even when sleeping.08:28
xmnBut my last working install again was before encrypted home folder, don't remember when that was.08:28
xmnadampigg, so I asked earlier but you would know for sure. Does tow-boot cause any issues with SF on the PP?08:30
T42<adampigg> i dont think ive used tow-boot on the original PP, just the PPP08:30
xmnOkay, thanks for sharing that. I'll try with out during my testing.08:31
T42<adampigg> btw, im very much open to code/script submissions to improve things ... if someone wants to update flash-it to flash tow-boot, id very much accept that, just struggle with time to investigate these things08:32
xmnI understand. Which is why I appreciate any progress you make to the PP(P).08:33
xmnI can't say I understand the script. but will share any finds08:34
T42<adampigg> maybe even posting link to towbott installation will allow me to add it easily08:40
xmnto the github repo? or here08:40
xmnLike those links?08:42
T42<adampigg> yea, ill hav e aread08:48
xmncool, hopefully it helps08:50
xmnway past sleeping time for me. But removed tow-boot via the installer. And didn't help with booting from sdcard install direct from script.09:06
xmnInstalling to emmc now.09:06
xmnI did reinstall tow-boot for easy mounting09:07
xmnI can confirm that sailfish boots, allows me to set the encrypt dir password, then get me the onboarding, and finally after what seems to be a year ... got to the home screen!! And markvesime I already hear sounds from typing :). THis is for an emmc install.09:31
xmnOkay time for a nap09:31
T42<markvesime> I flashed a new sdcard, put in my PP with tow-boot and got the behaviour described above by xmn, flashlight, camera clicks, no boot.10:23
malPSA: the OBS API url used to osc changed, it's now . If you have local checkout and you want to replace to url in those use something like this10:52
malgrep --include=_apiurl -rl . | xargs sed -i 's/'10:52
malgrep --include=_apiurl -rl . | xargs sed -i 's/'10:52
maldepending on which url you had been using before10:52
malin addition to changing it in local checkouts also fix the url in .oscrc10:55
T42<elros34> is it cosmetic change or will not work anymore?11:11
malthe old api url won't work anymore11:14
malas for the website forwards to now11:15
malprobably obs doesn't like the mismatch of api url after the redirect or something11:16
T42<elros34> ok11:18
xmnpiggz, I saw this pull request on github it might be useful as it claims to add tow-boot switch to sdcard, you did already comment on but looks like simple additions.

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