Sunday, 2023-04-30

T42<Mister_Magister> @FakeShell Yo ping13:30
T42<FakeShell> wassup13:31
T42<Mister_Magister> We have trouble flashing lavender with sfos any tips (re @FakeShell: wassup)13:31
T42<FakeShell> uh which one13:31
T42<FakeShell> 4.5?13:31
T42<Mister_Magister> ye13:31
T42<Mister_Magister> @MattRoot hell take over this talk13:32
T42<FakeShell> hm last time i tried on my lavender it was working13:32
T42<MattRoot> ye, the problem is... kinda on my side, because I didn't want to flash old firmware (couldn't even find it tbh) being scared that Xiaomi did some shady antirollback again, and... just flashed Lineage base without vbmeta and dtbo partitions13:33
T42<FakeShell> hm it might be that13:34
T42<MattRoot> and sfos didn't output any video then13:34
T42<FakeShell> i hop from droidian to manjaro to alphybris to sailfishos because i have to maintain all of em so i never switch vendor dtbo or vbmeta13:34
T42<MattRoot> so I wanted to ask, do you have that pie firmware anywhere, and did xiaomi screw anything up with antirollbacks that I have to care about?13:34
T42<MattRoot> because I got this phone with Q already13:35
T42<FakeShell> this should be the stock image13:37
T42<FakeShell> then this lineage image and the flashable sfos release13:37
T42<FakeShell> that should do it(???) i don't remember doing anything13:37
T42<FakeShell> sailfish wasn't that interesting to my eyes so i didn't mess around that much after i got it booting i moved to something else13:39
T42<MattRoot> okay, will see if it does the job then13:42
T42<MattRoot> got similar symptoms, kernel boots but when it leaves ramdisk stage it does not continue booting14:04
T42<FakeShell> I'll try it tomorrow14:06
T42<FakeShell> I might've missed somethi g14:06
T42<MattRoot> mal: can you send a manifest for hybris-20 pls? @Mister_Magister told me to ask ya14:09
T42<Mister_Magister> @FakeShell so i got it to enter rootfs but after droid-hal-init starts it disconnects rndis and sets up block device? and no display. I've never ever seen this behaviour14:28
T42<FakeShell> this might sound insane but disable usb-moded and it won't drop you out of rndis (re @Mister_Magister: @FakeShell so i got ...)14:28
T42<Mister_Magister> as in service?14:28
T42<FakeShell> wasn't bothered enough to debug it14:28
T42<FakeShell> yes14:29
T42<Mister_Magister> ah okay thanks14:29
T42<Mister_Magister> @FakeShell it seems that service dpmd is failing in loop14:31
T42<FakeShell> yeah i remember that but it should still boot to ui (re @FakeShell: about that dpmd erro...)14:32
T42<FakeShell> i remember taking this picture :
T42<FakeShell> ah yeah irc bridge14:32
T42<Mister_Magister> it doesn't boot to ui tho14:33
T42<Mister_Magister> not even sshd is up14:33
T42<FakeShell> i remember taking this picture14:33
T42<Mister_Magister> not even dhi is up14:33
T42<Mister_Magister> init is not done14:34
T42<FakeShell> check if any of the android services are up14:34
T42<FakeShell> ps aux | grep compose14:34
T42<Mister_Magister> composer is running (re @FakeShell: ps aux | grep compos...)14:34
T42<FakeShell> check if bluebinder is using 100% of one core14:34
T42<FakeShell> if it is restart it14:34
T42<Mister_Magister> i'm not even sure how cause toybox is garbagio14:36
T42<FakeShell> just restart bluebinder14:38
T42<FakeShell> or wait till i get home and get it running again tomorrow14:38
T42<Mister_Magister> bluebinder doesnt seem to be running14:39
T42<FakeShell> idk check user@10000 i don't remember the exact name14:40
T42<Mister_Magister> ill leave it to you as it gets to territory of remaking entire port14:42
piggzmal: jusa: you know what woould cause these PA errors?
T42<b100dian> are there any pointers how to make a LVM instead of stowaways port?20:55
T42<adampigg> @b100dian yes ... look through the git history of other ports that have done it.... its what will all have to do 😂21:02
T42<b100dian> :)21:17
T42<b100dian> Hmm .. even for LVM builds you don't get away without deciding the home partition size (I wanted to escape this for stowaways + encryption)21:48
T42<b100dian> how do you do that? /data has at least a vendor decided size. 20% for / and the rest for home?21:49
malwhat do you mean? the decision in lvm if root size not home size, home is all that is left from root21:50
malyou set the root size in that droid-hal img-boot spec for lvm21:50
malrootfs size depends on how much apps you want there to space for21:51
T42<b100dian> definitely I don't know enough about lvm then21:57
T42<b100dian> *I definitely21:58
maljust example of lvm droid-hal img-boot spec which has 5 GB root21:59
T42<b100dian> " home size, home is all that is left from root" sounds good actually22:04
T42<b100dian> In case you have devices with different SSD configurations22:05
T42<b100dian> Thanks for the link mal, I need - as piggz says - to see how is it used in other devices too22:06
T42<b100dian> piggz: re binderfs - waydroid doesn't create devices on the fly if it is not "mainline" :(22:20
malso you just set the size of root you want and all the rest of userdata partition will be used for for home22:34

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