Saturday, 2023-05-20

carbonatedcaffeineI feel like that selinux fix is making it worse, it instantly reboots now01:25
carbonatedcaffeinewhen before the selinux stuff, it didn't01:25
maldid you do what I told, masking droid-hal-init01:43
malwhich means "ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service"01:44
carbonatedcaffeineIt's been a few days02:02
carbonatedcaffeinejust give me some time to get back to where I was02:02
carbonatedcaffeineYeah, I can't get it to work anylonger02:05
carbonatedcaffeineAh wait there we go02:06
carbonatedcaffeineafter a couple of reboots we're back02:06
carbonatedcaffeinemal: Thanks, I'll give it a try02:07
carbonatedcaffeinePhew, cheers for that mal02:16
carbonatedcaffeineI'll add that to my notes02:16
carbonatedcaffeineAre you able to help me with getting droid-hal-init to work02:19
malnot right now, I need some sleep02:24
carbonatedcaffeineAll good02:28
carbonatedcaffeineI'll give it a go myself02:28
carbonatedcaffeineI have some selinux problems
carbonatedcaffeineI have a lot of "not defined in policy." messages about things that I'm not sure are important06:51
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