Tuesday, 2023-05-23

T42<b100dian> gtg, I nees to sleep on this..00:04
T42<Fingus> [100% 112671/112671] Install system fs image: out/target/product/lilac/system.img06:53
T42<Fingus> 06:53
T42<Fingus> #### build completed successfully (13:32:29 (hh:mm:ss)) ####06:53
T42<Fingus> 06:53
T42<Fingus> niels@niels-ThinkCentre-M92p:~/android$06:53
T42<Fingus> 06:53
T42<Fingus> LOL@13,5h Compilation time. I hope Hybris Adaption is quicker on this Machine (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470T CPU @ 2.90GHz, 16GB RAM, Linux Mint)06:53
T42<b100dian> Lineage or Sony AOSP?07:40
T42<b100dian> Yes, hadk bits should be quicker, but more iterations will be neede, at least for the kernel07:40
T42<Fingus> Sony AOSP. I face first problem. All images except ramdisk are writeable.07:54
T42<Fingus> 07:54
T42<Fingus> niels@niels-ThinkCentre-M92p:~/android/out/target/product/lilac$ ls *.img07:54
T42<Fingus> boot-debug.img boot.img  cache.img  ramdisk-debug.img ramdisk.img  ramdisk-recovery.img  recovery.img  system.img  userdata.img  vendor.img07:54
T42<Fingus> niels@niels-ThinkCentre-M92p:~/android/out/target/product/lilac$ fastboot flash ramdisk ramdisk.img07:54
T42<Fingus> Sending 'ramdisk' (812 KB)                         OKAY [  0.026s]07:54
T42<Fingus> Writing 'ramdisk'                                  FAILED (remote: 'No such partition.')07:54
T42<Fingus> fastboot: error: Command failed (re @b100dian: Lineage or Sony AOSP...)07:54
T42<Fingus> I did flash the boot.img and not the boot_recovery.img08:01
T42<Fingus> Device didn´t boot, so i guess i have to flash boot_recovery.img to debug it!?08:02
T42<Fingus> I did flash the boot.img and not the boot-debug.img (edited)08:04
piggzmal: https://github.com/sailfishos/usb-moded/blob/master/src/usb_moded-configfs.c line 600 .....09:28
piggzthe usb-moded code takes the first symlink as the UDC name to use to enable usb gadget09:29
piggzthis device has 2! ... first is called dummy, second is the one to use!09:29
T42<elros34> same as in init-script. b100dian had this issue on sake. There is CONFIG option for dummy which can be disabled but obviously it should be fixed10:07
malpiggz: so make it configurable?10:49
malor some special case to check for the wrong name10:50
piggzmal: already building a simple patch10:50
piggzi think it should be configurable ... but id add a lot more conifguration options to usb moded that are missing :)10:51
piggzi might submit the simple PR just to spark discussion/options10:51
piggzmal: the last device that causes usb detection problems with mce had 5 devices in /sys/class/power ... this one has 12!10:56
piggzno wonder its confused10:56
T42<Fingus> The Android11 Sony AOSP-Image for Yoshino is not functional at all10:56
T42<Fingus> 13,5h of energy successful wasted10:56
T42<b100dian> What's the error when you flash e.g system?12:18
T42<b100dian> Ah, so only ramdisk is not flashed. Maybe it's included in another image. Did you wipe data beforr booting @Fingus ? Or, what is the issue youre seeing12:22
T42<Fingus> I did follow straight the Sony AOSP Instructions which doesn´t wipe anything. (re @b100dian: Ah, so only ramdisk ...)12:23
T42<b100dian> Careful with telegram replies, they look weird on IRC side. Just as multiline messages..12:24
T42<b100dian> Link to the instructions?12:24
T42<Fingus> @Vlad: Ok, i will use IRC-Style-Replies.12:25
T42<Fingus> Also theres an Information GAP between the instructions and the Build-Output i got.12:25
T42<Fingus> @Vlad https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/guides/aosp-build-instructions/build-aosp-android-android-11-0-0/12:26
T42<Fingus> @Vlad They just expect for 2020+ devices fastboot erase metadata, but the lilac is a 2017 (legacy)  Device.12:29
T42<rfasciani> Anyone else, get a "Secure Connection Failed", when trying to access duckduckgo?13:42
T42<rfasciani> 13:42
T42<rfasciani> How to solve that issue, if possible?13:42
T42<rfasciani> Plus, is it possible to install any pther browser on Sailfish?13:42
T42<Fingus> @rfasciani No faults here. Are your System-Time/Date correct?13:45
T42<rfasciani> Cheers, that solved it. For some reason, date was out by a few days.13:48
T42<rfasciani> 13:48
T42<rfasciani> Another question...13:48
T42<rfasciani> 13:48
T42<rfasciani> Anyone using Waydroid on Xperia V? (re @Fingus: @rfasciani No faults...)13:48
T42<Fingus> @rfasciani I'm using Waydroid on Sony XZ2 Compact13:52
T42<rfasciani> Any issues? How about battery? Runs out fast?13:54
T42<rfasciani> 13:54
T42<rfasciani> Is this the best way to install it?13:54
T42<rfasciani> 13:54
T42<rfasciani> https://github.com/sailfishos-open/waydroid/blob/main/README.md#note-about-waydroid-gbinder-config-packages (re @Fingus: @rfasciani I'm using...)13:54
T42<Fingus> @rfasciani I did not use it much, just for the DHL-App from time to time, i prefer using native SailfishOS-Apps. When you are depending on much Android-Apps its better to use LineageOS instead of SFOS.13:56
T42<b100dian> @Fingus I see that userdata is included in the flash instructions, so that, done once, is equivalent to wiping data14:00
T42<rfasciani> Cheers (re @Fingus: @rfasciani I did not...)14:02
T42<edp_17> Don't want to be rude and sorry for asking but how all these you are talking about is connected to Sailfishos porting?14:23
T42<edp_17> Building Android and Installing Waydroid should be discussed on a different channel or in private chat, I think. :)14:25
T42<Fingus> @Vlad Ok then all was done right and the builded Image don´t work/boot.14:26
T42<Fingus> @Miklos: Sorry, then i have understand something wrong14:27
T42<b100dian> @Fingus weird that sony aosp doesnt boot even before making any changes...14:35
T42<b100dian> Can you share the commands you used for flashing in a paste service? Also, does it reboot to bootloader or just hangs at some logo?14:37
T42<b100dian> Commands and their output..14:38
T42<b100dian> @edp_17 I don't think there are sony AOSP images readily downloadable, so the first step in porting is building and booting that. About waydroid, kindof agreed, except me asking about binderfs here because I know I get help:)14:46
T42<edp_17> I perhaps missed the first bits but when I read the today's post all was about building Android and I found it kind of off topic. :)15:30
T42<MaxRegnerasif> what about xperia 10 iv15:34
T42<Fingus> @Miklos17:14
T42<Fingus> But building Android is the first important step to port SailfishOS and thats the reason we are here.17:14
T42<edp_17> @niels: Okay, I got it.17:29
T42<Fingus> Oh, Vlad did sayed it before, just see it now17:30
T42<elros34> @Fingus did you flash some vendor also? Platform specific repository at github.com/sonyxperiadev is a good place to get help if aosp doesn't work,21:30

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