Tuesday, 2023-06-06

T42<b100dian> @adampigg you have this? https://piggz.co.uk/sailfishos-porters-archive/index.php?log=2023-05-09.txt#line309:59
T42<adampigg> ah yes, i do see that10:05
T42<adampigg> 06-05 21:56:29.621     0 22543 E Codec2Buffer: GraphicMetadataBuffer does not work in 32+64 system if compiled as 64-bit objectwhen debug.stagefright.c2inputsurface is set to 010:05
T42<adampigg> @b100dian so, with that setprop, it still crashes on stop record ... those patches needed too?10:09
T42<b100dian> Which base, 18.1? Would picking the two mentioned 19.1 patches work for you?10:09
T42<b100dian> Yes, this is my understanding10:10
T42<adampigg> its halium 12, so 1910:11
T42<b100dian> Did you restart everything after setprop, maybe some media boosters? Ot add the setprop to some init script and reboot10:14
T42<b100dian> *or10:14
T42<adampigg> trying that ... setting it got rid of the logcat errors though10:17
T42<adampigg> why did lineage version numbers diverge from android10:17
T42<Mister_Magister> they were never in sync in the first place?10:19
T42<Mister_Magister> ever since lineage was created it was offset by 710:22
T42<b100dian> Cyanogen did that too I guess10:22
T42<Mister_Magister> if you said cyanogenmod, that would be more valid question, but i think they also never were in sync10:22
T42<adampigg> ok ... i thought they were at some point10:22
T42<adampigg> and, they were not10:23
T42<Mister_Magister> and explanation is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyanogenMod10:23
T42<Mister_Magister> it's because cyanogen was increasing major version number when android was increasing minor10:23
T42<K31j0> Cuz back in 4.x series they didn’t really do major versions m8 (re @Mister_Magister: it's because cyanoge...)10:25
T42<Mister_Magister> more like back in 2.x10:25
T42<b100dian> @adampigg do you have fake audio policy on halium?10:26
T42<Mister_Magister> but not gonna lie if you are talking about base 14 and have no clue if it's android 14 or lineage 14 it gets very confusing10:26
T42<adampigg> @b100dian its not waiting for a service if thats what you mean10:28
T42<b100dian> Yeah.. Whats the new error then? Or have you tried just 1080 recording for example?10:29
T42<adampigg> ive a lot of10:31
T42<adampigg> 06-06 12:30:26.483     0  5283 W audio_scp_service: get_audio_scp_support_feature(), cannot find control! not support!10:31
T42<adampigg> 06-06 12:30:26.484     0  5283 W audio_scp_service: get_audio_scp_support_feature(), cannot find control! not support!10:31
T42<adampigg> 06-06 12:30:26.487   551  1387 D ltm_algo: [update_output_curve] default output curve mode10:31
T42<adampigg> 06-06 12:30:26.497   551  1157 D AdaptCALTM: GetCustomParameters: No Nvram Content!10:31
T42<adampigg> using 1600x720 mode ... advnaced-cam lists weird modes on this device!10:31
T42<adampigg> but, 1920x1080 on the front cam does the same10:32
T42<b100dian> Nvram == firmware missing?10:34
T42<adampigg> maybe ... also found some weird error about not being able to create a dir in /data10:35
T42<adampigg> however the dir exists10:35
T42<adampigg> 06-06 12:21:12.968     0  5265 W AudioParamParser-vnd: utilMkdir(), mkdir fail (/data/vendor/audiohal/audio_param/)10:36
T42<adampigg> some funny permissions on that folder10:36
T42<b100dian> Any ACDB errors while recording, or apex errors at boot? Maybe grab a full log10:39
T42<adampigg> will do, rebooting10:41
T42<adampigg> fixing that folder permission got rid of the audio param error, but didnt fix recording10:42
T42<b100dian> File is empty? Or you have decoding problems as myself:p10:42
piggzsee if you spot anything https://privatebin.net/?770cf047267700b3#H92y7wULYsfkizPby8d6znrtVzqyBD76swfGLLfcwY5b :)10:44
T42<adampigg> maybe the droidmedia version in halium is too old and needs updated10:46
T42<b100dian> I may not be able to scroll through the whole log now, but only later in the evening.11:22
T42<b100dian> That linkerconfig error though, have you tried Elros's updatable apex patch for init?11:22
T42<adampigg> wheres that?11:24
T42<adampigg> no rush.11:24
T42<b100dian> This one https://paste.opensuse.org/pastes/17508d6b14e6, the link is from the logs11:59
T42<b100dian> Does /mnt/vendor/nvdata/APCFG/APRDCL/FG access exist @adampigg ? Theres MTK_FG_NVRAM complaining right after opening it20:58
T42<b100dian> There are also messages like "evicting conflicting client for camera ID 0" (referring to droidmedia)20:59
T42<b100dian> PID 511 complaining about access to /sys/class/BOOT/BOOT/boot/boot_mode (and later about NVRAM)20:59
T42<adampigg> @notkit reported that on UT, when recording, the video stream works, but its the audio that gets stuck .. there they dont use droidmedia thogh21:00
T42<b100dian> Does waydroid work ;) ?21:09
T42<b100dian> Do you have /dev/audio_scp ?21:27
T42<adampigg> No, no halium 12 vendor yet (re @b100dian: Does waydroid work ;...)21:31
T42<adampigg> Will tell u tomorrow :) (re @b100dian: Do you have /dev/aud...)21:31

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