Monday, 2023-06-12

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piggzmal: the pinephonepro OBS service for hte kernel build keeps failing to actually download the repo ... is OBS ok?07:35
Ketopiggz: the obs source service seems to be fetching the repo at the moment07:56
piggzKeto: its taking an abnormally long time tho07:57
piggzi know its big, but its usually done by now ... i left it over night and it was still doing it this morning.. usually taks only 30 mins or so07:57
Ketoyeah, but it is doing something, so lets wait a bit more08:00
Ketopiggz: I think it was in some weird state, I restarted the service and increased the timeout a bit09:32
Ketoand triggered the service run in nemo:devel:hw:pine:dontbeevil/kernel-adaptation-pinephonepro09:33
piggzKeto: thx09:53

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