Thursday, 2023-06-22

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T42<smatkovi> does anyone know where that hybris/hybris-boot directory and fixup-mountpoints should be? i somehowcannot find it. at which step should that be created?09:50
T42<elros34> in $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/hybris-boot:
T42<smatkovi> so it should get pulled with repo sync then?10:06
T42<elros34> yes10:10
T42<elros34> did you use correct url for repo init?10:10
T42<smatkovi> yes, this command: repo init -u     -b lineage-17.110:17
T42<smatkovi> should i add my content of the manifest xml to the file you sent me the link for and then run init and sync again?10:17
T42<elros34> this is incorrect url, you have downloaded lineage sources. See chapter 5.1 in HADK10:18
T42<smatkovi> okay thanks, i'm redownloading with the correct url and hybris-17.1 as argument now10:34
T42<Mister_Magister> @b100dian I'm jumping on the sake bandwagon11:37
T42<Mister_Magister> now there will be 3 of us11:37
T42<b100dian> I hear you like droidmedia:) so we have a playback bug11:38
T42<Mister_Magister> gotta help me set up your fork as we had issue with ur kernel but other than that i will be happy to contribute to your port11:38
T42<Mister_Magister> who doesn't (re @b100dian: I hear you like droi...)11:38
T42<Mister_Magister> droidmedia has at least 3 of them11:38
T42<b100dian> Are the issues with the kernel or with the hybris-boot packaging? The org contains also a fork of hybris-boot11:39
T42<Mister_Magister> i'm switching to sake cause i just cracked screen in my 5z trying to get stupid cable to connect so that i can use usb11:39
T42<Mister_Magister> it's literally falling apart11:39
T42<Mister_Magister> only for fixup mountpoints? (re @b100dian: Are the issues with ...)11:39
T42<b100dian> No, for packing the image with some lz4 IIRC11:40
T42<b100dian> No = not only11:40
T42<Mister_Magister> huh aight11:40
Mister_Magisteri don't like the unnecessary orgs but eh whatever11:53
Mister_Magisteradd @k31j0 too11:53
T42<b100dian> Yes, it's Keij0 right?11:53
T42<Mister_Magister> @K31j0 answer the man11:53
T42<b100dian> too late, invited a guy named Keij0, if it's not our K31j0 then he'd better start contributing :P11:54
T42<K31j0> what11:54
T42<K31j0> Keij0 on github is me11:54
T42<K31j0> I have a couple variations of my nickname since it’s a generic finnish name so it’s taken most of the time, if you see K31j0 or Keij0 it’s most likely me11:55
T42<K31j0> My twitter is fucking Keij0_ so that’s even weirded kek11:55
T42<Mister_Magister> we got more devs on sake than users letsgo11:56
T42<K31j0> I need to change my profile picture on github to remind people of me more smh, the one I have there now is old af11:56
T42<b100dian> ø_011:56
T42<K31j0> Now we all need to get wasted on sake (re @Mister_Magister: we got more devs on ...)11:56
T42<K31j0> but that’ll be hard11:56
T42<Mister_Magister> time to get zenfone 711:56
T42<K31j0> zenfone (213)7 (re @Mister_Magister: time to get zenfone ...)11:56
T42<b100dian> That's because asus has the unlocker tool down at the moment :(11:56
T42<b100dian> probably busy launching zenfone 10 ig11:57
T42<Mister_Magister> nono tequilla (re @K31j0: zenfone (213)7)11:57
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Mister_Magister@b100dian what kind of playback bug14:09
T42<b100dian> The jolla 3 included video stops playing after a couple of frames in gallery14:10
T42<b100dian> In browser (using file:/// for the same video) it stops after multiple seconds14:10
Mister_Magisterhave you tried vp9?14:11
T42<b100dian> Did you manage to boot Mister_Magister?14:11
Mister_Magisteri don't have phone yet xd14:11
Mister_Magistermal: so remember my issue about avc1 seeking? for @b100dian it doesn't even play for more than couple seconds lol15:36
Mister_Magistervp9 is fine15:36
T42<K31j0> Tested with microtube15:37
Mister_Magisterliterally anything else than vp9 8 bit is problmatic15:38
T42<b100dian> So first, @K31j0, do you observe the same bug with included jolla movie & gallery?15:48
T42<Mister_Magister> yes15:48
T42<K31j0> Pico player stops after 7sec, gallery after 515:49
T42<Mister_Magister> huge W15:50
T42<Mister_Magister> xd15:50
T42<K31j0> You always have Ws recentlt15:51
T42<b100dian> ok. If it "helps", waydroid gallery doesn't play at all. However the waydroid browser does not have problems with YT, while sailfish browser does.15:52
T42<Mister_Magister> aint nobody use browser for yt :)15:53
Mister_Magistermal: hows camera2 coming along? should i try changing gstdroid/droidmedia to camera2 api + look into video encoding/decoding or should i leave camera2 to you?15:56
T42<k1gen> I want to move my hadk folder to an external drive, what rsync flags should I use to preserve linux stuff like permissions, owners, groups?15:57
malMister_Magister: well there would be overlap in the work15:57
malsince I have quite many things in the code already15:57
T42<Mister_Magister> there's basically nothing you can just cp -r (re @k1gen: I want to move my ha...)15:58
Mister_Magisteryee so i decided to ask first, okai then15:58
T42<k1gen> really? didn't think about it (re @Mister_Magister: there's basically no...)15:58
T42<Mister_Magister> ye android does'nt care about permissions15:59
T42<Mister_Magister> you can always rsync -axHAX but eh15:59
T42<k1gen> android? I meant my hadk dir, the 140Gb one15:59
T42<K31j0> You are gonna have a bad time (re @k1gen: I want to move my ha...)15:59
T42<K31j0> HADK don't like non-root15:59
T42<K31j0> Wait fucc16:00
T42<Mister_Magister> no hadk is fine16:00
T42<Mister_Magister> sdk does'nt like non root16:00
T42<K31j0> PlatformSDK don't like, HADK don't care16:00
T42<Mister_Magister> hadk has just small hiccup where you have to mount --bind16:00
T42<Mister_Magister> hadk is android (re @k1gen: android? I meant my ...)16:00
T42<K31j0> I didn't eben use hadk16:01
T42<k1gen> then I'll just delete entire thing, I need space16:01
T42<k1gen> what should I preserve?16:01
T42<Mister_Magister> you can just keep .repo16:01
T42<Mister_Magister> you can restore every file from .repo16:01
T42<Mister_Magister> or if you commit every change you made, you can just keep local_manifests16:01
T42<Mister_Magister> and resync everything later16:01
T42<k1gen> wow, even local stuff I modified and didn't commit? (re @Mister_Magister: you can restore ever...)16:02
T42<Mister_Magister> that i don't think so16:02
T42<k1gen> so how can I check uncommitted stuff recursively? just git/repo status in ~/hadk?16:04
T42<Mister_Magister> well ye16:05
malrepo diff works quite well16:06
malI think that exists16:06
T42<k1gen> well, that's not much:
T42<k1gen> will that be enough to start up again when I return, some time later:
T42<Mister_Magister> documentation.list should be in gitigonre :P16:13
T42<Mister_Magister> oh, you added gitignore nvm16:13
T42<Mister_Magister> ye ye whatever if thats all the changes u made its fine16:13
T42<k1gen> fine, thanks. can I delete ~/hadk safely now?16:14
T42<Mister_Magister> if everything else is commited16:14
T42<k1gen> well, that's my only big, squashed commit higher in chat16:15
T42<Mister_Magister> if other  dirs are commited16:15
T42<Mister_Magister> if there are no other changes16:16
T42<Mister_Magister> then its fine16:16
T42<k1gen> if other dirs weren't committed, then repo diff would've shown that16:16
T42<Mister_Magister> yes16:16
T42<Mister_Magister> you don't expect me to look at that diff xd16:16
T42<k1gen> hahaha, understandable16:16
T42<k1gen> glad mal is still helping everyone here, gotta hope he'll be here when I get fed up with android bs (again) and come back to sailfish16:21
T42<smatkovi> source build/envsetup.sh19:47
T42<smatkovi> bash: $'\r': command not found19:47
T42<smatkovi> bash: system/core/adb/adb.bash: line 18: syntax error near unexpected token `$'{\19:47
T42<smatkovi> i got a bit further but i cannot remove these special windows characters19:47
T42<smatkovi> has anyone an idea?19:47
T42<k1gen> dos2unix? you shouldn't have experienced this at all though19:56
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T42<smatkovi> i tried it but it didn't make any difference :/20:03
T42<smatkovi> i also tried :e ++ff=dos and :set ff=unix in vim, but also no difference20:04
T42<smatkovi> mount: /: not mount point or bad option. dmesg(1) may have more information after failed mount system call. mount_bind /var/run/dbus: None of these exists on your host -please report this bug20:18
T42<smatkovi> maybe it has to do with this when i enter ubu-chroot?20:19
malhow are that kind of errors even possible20:49
Mister_Magistermal: answer is: magic20:59
malI usually build android side build in normal ubuntu not in ubu-chroot21:12
Mister_Magistersame ubu-chroot is thing of the past21:16
Mister_Magistermaybe useful for base 1421:16
Mister_Magisteras in 721:17
T42<b100dian> you need to export at least PORT_ARCH for that21:19
Mister_Magister@b100dian me and mal kinda kno what we're doing xd21:20
T42<smatkovi> Yes i thought about trying it in Debian21:28
T42<smatkovi> Or maybe i just need to boot with selinux21:29
T42<elros34> which ubuntu chroot image do you use?21:51
mal@smatkovi so you have the .hadk.env correctly done and loaded?22:48

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