Wednesday, 2023-06-28

Mister_Magistermal: correction, did dconf update, 1080p, have preview while recording and recording has audio but video is all green00:27
T42<smatkovi> how would you go about this error: cp: cannot stat './out/target/product/j5xnlte/system/apex/': No such file or directory, after rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal06:16
T42<smatkovi> there are  multiple files with this name in hadk subdirectories, just not in that directory06:19
T42<smatkovi> and if i copy one in that directory it complains about default.prop missing in buildroot06:44
T42<smatkovi> i mean installroot06:45
T42<neochapay> mal i remove all sources. Rebuild AOSP - it works. Apply all patches (some with error but i think i fix it) build droid hal and got error08:44
T42<neochapay> ```08:45
T42<neochapay> cp: cannot stat './out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/apex/': No such file or directory08:45
T42<neochapay> cp: cannot stat './out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/apex/': No such file or directory08:45
T42<neochapay> cp: cannot stat './out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/apex/': No such file or directory08:45
T42<neochapay> cp: cannot stat './out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/apex/': No such file or directory```08:45
T42<elros34> @smatkovi so where are these libs? Did you build hybris-hal without errors?08:48
T42<smatkovi> Yes hybris-hal was built without errors, only warnings08:55
T42<smatkovi> I am not at home right now, so i will tell you tomorrow, when I'm home08:56
T42<neochapay> as i understand i am bot build some target08:57
T42<neochapay> but ```08:58
T42<neochapay> make hybris-hal```08:58
T42<neochapay>  build fine08:58
T42<smatkovi> I have the same problem09:04
T42<smatkovi> Only that i have  no error about libdl.so09:06
T42<smatkovi> The other ones i also don't have, only libdl_android.so09:06
T42<smatkovi> can you paste the output of locate
T42<smatkovi> In pastebin and then send the link09:07
T42<smatkovi> But from your host terminal not the sfossk terminal09:08
T42<smatkovi> If you don't have the command install mlocate09:12
T42<TheVancedGamer> isn't mlocate provided by the build environment?09:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> `. build/` should get it in09:13
mal@neochapay at which stage of the build does that error happen?10:49
T42<neochapay> mal rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal10:50
maldoes it correctly detect android version?10:51
T42<neochapay> android have 11 version10:54
T42<neochapay> ```10:57
T42<neochapay> neochapay@neochapay-IdeaPad-5-15IAL7:~/work/f+/alps$ cat build/core/ | grep PLATFORM_VERSION_LAST10:57
T42<neochapay> PLATFORM_VERSION_LAST_STABLE := 11```10:57
malwhere in out/ do you have libc.so10:59
malalso is it possible that your device could be 64-bit only build? not sure if such is possible in android though11:00
T42<neochapay> ```11:16
T42<neochapay> out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/system/apex/
T42<neochapay> out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/system/apex/```11:16
malso you need to add a new condition somewhere here which is the same as that but checks apex_path=apex/ instead of apex_path=apex/
malso copy that if I linked and change the apex path inside it11:24
malthat whole apex path detection should be rewritten to be more generic11:25
T42<neochapay> mal ^_^11:39
T42<neochapay> Found solution about wrong libdl - remove from /system/bootstrap and link to hybris version12:38
T42<elros34> you used libdl from out/target/product/tb8788p1_64_bsp/system/apex/ or from some different place?18:52
T42<neochapay> mal: i fix many problems but20:43
T42<neochapay> ```20:44
T42<neochapay> SELinux: Loaded service_contexts from:20:44
T42<neochapay>     /system/etc/selinux/plat_hwservice_contexts20:44
T42<neochapay>     /system_ext/etc/selinux/system_ext_hwservice_contexts20:44
T42<neochapay> Failed to acquire hwservicemanager context.```20:44
T42<elros34> do you have enabled selinux in kernel and copied files not symlinks in /etc/selinux?21:20

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