Saturday, 2023-07-15

T42<Arun> Hello everyone, My device name is Realme Narzo50a, it is based on Mt6768 processor, and base version is Android 11.02:05
T42<Arun> I'm big fan of Sailfish OS, and Don't have proper knowledge on how to start. anyone provide guidance for Android 11?02:05
T42<smatkovi> i think that is lineageos 18.1, you should try to install lineageos 18.1 and then follow the hadk pdf guide07:36
T42<smatkovi> offtopic: i was curious and built the sailfish-browser and it has version 2.1.0-1 as opposed to my phone which has 2.2.61-1.12.111:18
T42<smatkovi> oh maybe i'm not in the newest branch11:21
malwhy did you build the browser?11:30
T42<smatkovi> i would like to try to update the browser engine,  but i didn't build the browser before, so i wanted to try that first11:34
malthe browser engine is different package12:03
T42<abranson> (re @smatkovi: i would like to try ...)12:25
T42<smatkovi> Yes, but don't i need to build the browser afterwards?12:59
T42<adampigg> No juat replace  the xulrunner library13:22

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