Friday, 2023-08-11

T42<Herrie1982> @elros34 How about the other values? How I find those out? Intervals, default_interval and transformation_matrix? or could I leave those empty? (re @elros34: that is the input_ma...)05:34
T42<Herrie1982> Rotation does seem to work now on PT2 though06:04
T42<Herrie1982> Just it's slow in registering sensors and acting, so I guess I need to tweak some more values for sensorfw06:53
T42<Herrie1982> My display output issue was solved too, seems I needed to tweak our compositor config file a bit. IE switch width and height values and provide a 90 degree rotation06:54
T42<Herrie1982> For intervals I should take the values from driver? (re @Herrie1982: @elros34 How about t...)08:53
T42<Herrie1982> And "default_interval"?08:53
michKeto: Hey could you add "Device model: Poco F3 (alioth / alioth)" (aarch64) to the store access?09:42
Ketomich: added09:48
T42<elros34> @Herrie1982 no sure I used some arbitrary value for interval: I think you can leave matrix empty if senor orientation looks correct. Be aware sensorfw use most basic interval mode. Your device might support some more advanced mode, check if there isn't any script/binary which initializes iio sensor11:12
T42<Herrie1982> Orientation works but "delayed" and I need to overextend it for it to happen11:14
T42<Herrie1982> So turn 120 instead of 90 degrees for example11:14
T42<Herrie1982> So I guess need some tweaking, but not sure what exactly11:14
T42<elros34> do you check what values you get on some app similar to sailfish's messwerk? That way you could figure out whether matrix is correctly configured. Set default_interval to 500 and see what happens11:17
T42<elros34> I would try this matrix: "1,0,0,0,0,1,0,1,0"11:19
T42<Herrie1982> OK YEAH we have Messwerk ported at our end11:19
T42<Herrie1982> Will try that later device at home and heading to the beach11:19
T42<elros34> IIRC when you put device on table then you should have x~=0, y~=0, z~=10 (or -10 not sure) m/s^211:21

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