Monday, 2023-08-21

T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Anyone help me06:03
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Latest SailfishOS Redmi Note 7 - Build available available06:03
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Download (
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> SailfishOS any version flashing my Redmi Note 7 why black screen showing? (re @SOURAV_BAPPA: Latest SailfishOS 4....)06:04
T42<TheVancedGamer> @SOURAV_BAPPA this is not the correct place to ask, have you read the rules?06:05
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> I properly reading the tex than flashing booted but black screen showing (re @TheVancedGamer: @SOURAV_BAPPA this i...)06:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> if you had read the ruler, first off you'd know to not use the telegram reply feature06:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> it looks bad at IRC side06:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> and second, ask the porter, not us06:08
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Booted sound (re @TheVancedGamer: and second, ask the ...)06:08
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> 3 time download files  but black screen show (re @TheVancedGamer: and second, ask the ...)06:10
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> I don't know how to fix it06:10
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Booted sound wark (edited) (re @TheVancedGamer: and second, ask the ...)06:10
T42<TheVancedGamer> I just said don't use the reply feature06:11
T42<TheVancedGamer> and you should tell the porter to help you with installation06:11
T42<TheVancedGamer> we only deal with porting to new devices06:11
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Booted sound Wark (re @TheVancedGamer: we only deal with po...)06:12
T42<TheVancedGamer> so?06:12
T42<TheVancedGamer> ask your porter06:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> and don't use the reply feature please06:13
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> 1 house waiting (re @TheVancedGamer: and don't use the re...)06:13
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> But back screen show06:13
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> But back screen showing (edited)06:14
T42<TheVancedGamer> I'm not going to bother now06:14
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Ok (re @TheVancedGamer: I'm not going to bot...)06:14
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Not any help (re @TheVancedGamer: I'm not going to bot...)06:14
T42<TheVancedGamer> I'm pretty sure I just said this is porting help06:14
T42<TheVancedGamer> not installation help06:14
T42<elros34> @SOURAV_BAPPA check issues tab in github url you provided, looks like this is known issue with this port.09:47
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Not Android linux operating system :
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> U flashing it (re @elros34: @SOURAV_BAPPA check ...)09:48
T42<elros34> no, I do not have this device.09:49
T42<SOURAV_BAPPA> Old version Wark but new version not wark (re @elros34: no, I do not have th...)09:49
T42<elros34> btw did you manage to install sailfish image in recovery without any errors?09:50
T42<Umeaman> Which repos am I supposed to have in my osprey after I've changed the url to the correct adress? I'm unsure on what to use and which one to leave.12:15
defIm tryng to understand, does that one could adapt sailfish for htc m7?16:44
malthat seems very old and only have the first things there16:46
def<mal> that seems very old and only have the first things there <= I'd like to still try to install it on mine, but Im not a dev..16:48
defthere was an image already ported a while ago, but the website is off since year16:49
malbased on wayback machine website the last image was of sailfish 2.0 which is very old17:02

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