Monday, 2023-09-04

UmeaboyT42: I did that and it still failed with this:
UmeaboyOsprey has already been ported, but it hasn't had a proper update in years and it fails to update regardless what I do before running version --dup00:15
UmeaboyI changed the mirror URL and it still fails with a curl error.00:15
UmeaboyThat's why I plan to update it.00:15
UmeaboyAnd build a newer zip.00:15
T42<elros34> first of all if you started build before applying patches then clean build and try again. You probably need more RAM to finish it without issues. Did you use 'repo sync' without fetch-submodules according to hadk pdf?00:28
UmeaboyMore RAM, already fixed that. I can easily transfer the directory to my laptop. Yes, I did.00:31
T42<elros34> Remove packages/apps/Etar/external/*/00:42
UmeaboyJust to be clear........... packages directory and all its content or just the content of external?00:46
T42<elros34> I think content of submodules in that directory which you shouldn't clone00:51
T42<elros34> obviously I don't tell you to remove $ANDROID_ROOT/packages/00:52
UmeaboyOK, so keeping packages/apps/Etar/external/ then.00:57
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> I have dependency issues while compile droidmedia where I can find ubu-trusty and droid-src-full10:16
T42<Umeaman> Trusty? What HADK are you using? (re @DarknessHiddenorg: I have dependency is...)10:42
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> (re @Umeaman: Trusty? What HADK ar...)10:43
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> But droidmedia required it (re @Umeaman: Trusty? What HADK ar...)10:43
T42<elros34> what are you missing?10:43
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> Droid-src-full and ubu-trusty (re @elros34: what are you missing...)10:43
T42<elros34> When do you have this issue, at which step?10:44
T42<Umeaman> I see Focal being used in the PDF, not Trusty.10:45
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> while build droidmedia because mic required it (re @elros34: When do you have thi...)10:46
T42<elros34> depends on your android base10:46
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> a11 (re @elros34: depends on your andr...)10:46
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> so im use hybris1810:46
T42<elros34> so why did you choose trusty instead focal? So at make droidmedia step?10:47
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> error: Failed build dependencies:10:48
T42<DarknessHiddenorg>   droid-bin-src-full is needed by droidmedia-0.20230605.1+master.20230904084428.96f8cd9-1.%{device_rpm_architecture_string}10:48
T42<DarknessHiddenorg>   ubu-trusty is needed by droidmedia-0.20230605.1+master.20230904084428.96f8cd9-1.%{device_rpm_architecture_string} (re @elros34: so why did you choos...)10:48
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> yep (re @elros34: so why did you choos...)10:48
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> im use focal rootfs ig10:48
T42<elros34> so not at make step.., show whole output including command you are executing10:49
mal@DarknessHiddenorg droidmedia is not built directly like that, in community ports it is built first using make droidmedia in HABUILD_SDK and then packaged using --gg10:50
mallatter command of course in platform sdk10:51
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> (re @elros34: so not at make step....)10:51
mallike I just said, that is not the way to build droidmedia10:52
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> okay will try (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>like I just sai...)10:52
T42<DarknessHiddenorg> its work thank you10:57

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