Saturday, 2023-09-23

Mister_Magisterhe's gone since… 4 years?01:21
Mister_Magisteri miss him01:21
T42_<parmjotsinghrobot> New mission unlocked01:21
T42_<В> So.. how has the OS been going lately... are they still actively developing it... are there any app developments08:50
vakkovp.s. it was me who asked the last Telegram question09:10
malvakkov: we have chum now for unofficial apps which don't get to store
T42_<Mister_Magister> i aint moving to chum!11:27
T42_<adampigg> Because it makes rebuilding and distributing too easy? (re @Mister_Magister: i aint moving to chu...)14:10
T42_<Mister_Magister> openrepos works fine just fine14:11
T42_<Mister_Magister> also can't store private keys in obs (re @adampigg: Because it makes reb...)14:11
T42_<adampigg> Yeah, the keys thing is an issue i agree14:12
T42_<NotKit> but they can be relatively extracted from the binary too as long as you know what to look for14:13
T42_<NotKit> *relatively easily14:13
T42_<Mister_Magister> if its not plaintext googlable its' MUCH better14:14
T42_<Mister_Magister> because china bots won't instantly snatch it14:14
T42_<Mister_Magister> if i'm putting api keys publically available thats bad14:15
T42_<Mister_Magister> if someone extracts it, thats not my fault14:15
T42_<adampigg> I have a strava api key, which i 'scramble' so its not plain text key... Its -very- basic, but as has been said, anyone who really cares will get it from the binary18:20
*** Mister_Magister_ is now known as Mister_Magister18:28

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