Monday, 2023-09-25

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T42_<В> Is sb2 still being used to build packages or is it replaced by this sfdk thing... also, do we still have an OBS07:26
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T42_<Mister_Magister> sfdk literally uses sb2 what are you on about07:30
T42_<Mister_Magister> yes we still fortunately have obs07:31
T42_<В> Great, just managed to log into my old obs acc.. does anyone know where the 'change password' section is07:35
vakkofound my "prototype" fp2 on Friday.. felt kind of nostalgic .. flashed fpos 18.04 and the latest SFOS build and fired up the IRC... didn't even know Freenode has died and you guys have moved here13:08
vakkoapkenv doesn't seem to like this build; probably because there is no dalvik VM here; the pastebin is from an occasional UI freeze.. not sure if my FP2 is just bad or the adreno drivers are buggy... have you seen this one? too bad all my old phones are dead in terms of HW; don't really feel like repairing them right now13:11
malvakko: I have also seen random ui freezes, very short ones13:12
malneed to check if there is any kernel fixes available13:13
vakkoWhat's the latest android version that the hadk/ hybris is stable at13:18
mal11 is the most stable, 13 can be used with some extra work13:22
T42_<Mister_Magister> hybris 11 i remember13:57
malI meant of course android 11 and 13 so 18.1 is the properly stable and 20.0 is possible14:05
malvakko: ^14:05
vakkomal: it freezes so badly over here  that it auto reboots14:13
T42_<Mister_Magister> yep i know i'm just havin fun :P14:13
vakkomal: if i start the camera and begin moving it around, the dmesg is full of "|kgsl_iommu_fault_handler| GPU PAGE FAULT: addr = C7100140 pid = 13598" type of errors and the whole UI blocks after several such... lipstick[12697]: gpu fault ctx 1 ts 5539 status E7474001 rb 14c0/157f ib1 9d93b07c/0333 ib2 9d79e000/0000; lipstick[12697]: gpu fault threshold exceeded 3 faults in 3000 msecs14:15
vakkomaybe they have updated their drivers in android 10 and a port based on adnroid 10 would be better.... or maybe my HW is crappy :D14:16
malvakko: I will check on my device14:19
malvakko: I see some of those but not many14:20
vakkojust built whisper.cpp with openBlas for sfos... not sure how useful it's gonna be with this old hardware :D16:32
vakkowow, it's actually running well16:37

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