Tuesday, 2023-11-14

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NoaWang[m]Hi everyone, I'm Chinese and I want to port SailfishOS to my device. But now I need to know how SailfishOS works and how to create such a port with the SailfishOS system. I also need to know how it works with "Android-like devices", how I can even integrate SailfishOS with my device and all the familiarity of SailfishOS.00:41
NoaWang[m]Please be specific in all explanation and steps to follow00:41
NoaWang[m]Thank you very much.00:41
NoaWang[m]My device is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro00:42
malsomeone did start porting for that device earlier, not sure how far they got but it should be possible to continue that00:49
T42<smells_like_owl> Hello everyone !13:08
T42<smells_like_owl> I’ve been trying to port sailfish os to my Xiaomi Mi10t (Apollon) for a few years now13:08
T42<smells_like_owl> There was once guide named HADK-hot (on etherpad), but now it’s deemed unmaintained due to Chinese translators13:08
T42<smells_like_owl> I wonder if such guide exists for newest updates and maybe some could share some tips how to build hybris-18.1?13:08
malyou can still use that hadk-hot13:08
malit has some tips in there, how far did you get and what issues are you having with your port?13:09
T42<smells_like_owl> Oh I will tell you once the build based on previous work will finish, thank you13:12
NoaWang[m]<mal> "someone did start porting for..." <- So ?16:18
NoaWang[m]<mal> "someone did start porting for..." <- Can you help me with the process ?16:19
malyou start using the hadk-pdf and hadl-hot and hadk-faq and then once you reach the point where you should be creating or making changes to repos you use the ones already existing16:50
T42<TheMichalos> You can also use this irc archive as it has a lot of common issue fixes not included in hadk hot/faq17:57
poetasterjust a reminder that I created some wiki pages at: https://sailfishos.wiki/books/hadk where the hot page and the original FAQ are included in one place.19:15
T42<b100dian> mal: dead curious where is the viewfinder color fix located, what piece of code. I remember failing to find it:)19:58
T42<smells_like_owl> Actually, has anyone successfully built hybris-18.1?20:12
T42<elros34> sure many, it's usable for quiet a time already20:28
T42<smells_like_owl> Amazing! (re @elros34: sure many, it's usab...)20:30
mal@b100dian it was because of the format used in the droidmedia buffer queue code20:55
malafter changing the format it started working20:56
mal@b100dian this part of the code https://github.com/sailfishos/droidmedia/blob/master/private.cpp#L88 I had to make that customizable20:58
T42<b100dian> So glad you found it / so frustrated I missed that. Thanks for this!21:11
malI had tried that already before but not the correct value21:12
T42<smells_like_owl> In hadk-hot it stated to not use fetch-submodules when downloading sources for hybris-18.121:16
T42<smells_like_owl> Is that right?21:16
T42<elros34> it is there for reason after all, IIRC you can find same advice in pdf21:17

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