Sunday, 2023-11-19

voidanix[m]is it possible to build "da sony way" for android 12/13 yet?16:03
voidanix[m]i see there are some branches out there and some murray repos, but nothing concrete16:04
maldepends on whether the device needs lz4 ramdisk or not16:28
*** Ischwitch is now known as Ingvix17:00
voidanix[m]mal wdym? i only have older devices that already support AOSP <=11 anyways18:27
malI mean devices which have boot+vendor_boot and use lz4 compression for ramdisk have issues with lvm-based builds18:30
voidanix[m]oh, can't you just `BOARD_RAMDISK_USE_LZ4 := false`?18:30
malwell I would have to rebuild vendor_boot in that case18:31
voidanix[m]doesn't sound like much of a problem, but maybe i'm missing some detail18:32
maland the issue is probably not really lz4 but something in the lvm-based ramdisk or that in combination with some content of vendor_boot18:32
malsince normal hybris-boot with lz4 works fine18:33

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