Sunday, 2023-11-26

T42<Pachof> It's just that it doesn't enter telnet, I tried it01:58
T42<Pachof> One question, is sailfish os 3.5 still worth it?04:29
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T42<A_T_R> how to solve this14:12
T42<elros34> broken rpm database, follow hadk-hot shows excatly this issue14:19
T42<A_T_R> yes i executed the command now but still it fails14:32
T42<elros34> in correct target?14:43
Aboothahir[m]i ran that command only in $sfosssd14:45
T42<A_T_R> sfossdk*14:46
T42<elros34> sb2 -t <target name> execute command really in sdk target not in platform sdk14:46
T42<Pachof> One question, can I make a request for a port for Redmi Note 8?17:20
T42<Pachof> I think it is a good cell phone17:39
T42<elros34> sure you can make request but I really doubt anybody will make port because of that17:56
T42<elros34> look at the forum, you are not the first one which asks for this device17:57
T42<Pachof> How do I make the request?, and I hope I am lucky enough to have someone help make the port17:57
T42<Pachof> We'll have to see if someone can make a port17:58
T42<elros34> you just did:) Really this not the place and it doesn't make sense. People use this channel for sharing knowlege about porting not requests17:59
T42<Pachof> ok :D We'll just have to wait for someone to port it.18:00
T42<Pachof> I have been looking for an updated port of sailfish os for 4 months and haven't had much luck, I hope someone can make the port18:02
T42<Pachof> One question, can you install an rpm package with compressed zstd in sailfish os 3.5?, I say this because I tried and couldn't, could you compile the updated rpm package for sailfish os, something that I saw that it is compatible with opensuse leap packages18:30
T42<Pachof> Some answer?20:55
voidanix[m]considering zstd compression came in 4.4.0, no i don't think you can21:26
voidanix[m]you should still be able to install xz-compressed rpms even on 4.5.0 though21:26
T42<Pachof> We should see how to port rpm 4.4.0 to sailfish os 3.521:27
voidanix[m]you can always unpack the rpm on another machine that supports zstd and copy the files over on the target system :^)21:28
T42<Pachof> It could be but it could be something risky21:30
T42<Pachof> Is there a tool that can port rpms from, for example, Redhat to opensuse with the src.rpm file?21:30
T42<Pachof> I already remembered, it's the mock command21:35
T42<Pachof> The rpm version of opensuse leap 15.5 is 4.14.321:38
T42<Pachof> Could rpm 4.4.0 be made for sailfish os 3.5?21:40
T42<terve321> i think its possible by installing it from the .rpm file (re @Pachof: Could rpm 4.4.0 be m...)21:45
T42<terve321> take a look of this: (re @Pachof: Could rpm 4.4.0 be m...)21:46
T42<Pachof> I don't understand, do you want me to install the rpm of the page?22:15

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