Friday, 2023-12-01

T42_<A_T_R> How?00:43
T42_<A_T_R> what is this means "need to tag repo for every obs rebuild"04:08
voidanix[m]I do not have touch at the encryption screen... Could I have missed something?08:53
voidanix[m]Maybe this is a panel bug, no idea08:53
maldoes persistent journal show anything useful?09:14
voidanix[m]Absolutely nothing IIRC09:28
voidanix[m]I can send logs this afternoon since i don't have the device at hand rn09:29
T42_<elros34> @A_T_R git tag11:34
T42_<elros34> voidanix[m] what framework encryption screen use? If it's qt then IIRC there are some env flags which enables more verbose  qt qpa input system11:40
voidanix[m]@elros34 I assume the builtin device/disk decryption screen uses Qt12:12
T42_<elros34> then try QT_QPA_EVDEV_DEBUG=1 QT_LOGGING_RULES="qt.qpa.input=true"12:25
voidanix[m]tried putting that in /etc/sysconfig but wouldn't work, any other place to do it?13:27
T42_<elros34> I would use droid-hal-device.conf13:32
T42_<elros34> if not then check what systemd service starts that screen and see from where it reads env or add one13:33
voidanix[m]no output... hmm...17:02
T42_<Connor> Kia ora everybody! I've been working on a port for surya (Poco X3 NFC) and am kinda struggling with dynamic partitions. I've got my vendor partition mounting but can't seem to get the system one to work which I think is breaking some things. I've got telnet 2323 access and have popped the output of systemctl status for both vendor.mount and system.mount (along with the contents of the actual files) here:
T42_<Connor> I've tried about a dozen different variations on my system.mount at this point so any help would be greatly appreciated!19:13
T42_<elros34> show findmnt and ls -al /system/19:40
T42_<elros34> do you have system in /dev/mapper/?19:44
T42_<Connor> is the output of findmnt; ls -al /system/ returns /system/: No such file or directory ; the only things in /dev/mapper are a file called "control" and the dynpart-vendor folder19:47
T42_<elros34> so dynpart failed, check journal to see why19:48
T42_<elros34> parse-android-dynparts*19:49
T42_<elros34> well I think you can safely run 'parse-android-dynparts <path to super partition>' now19:51
T42_<Connor> I tried "parse-android-dynparts /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/super" and got but I'm not quite sure what to do with it (or if I've got the correct path to my super partition)20:01
T42_<elros34> at least you can se it should have system and product, run whole command from and see (check dmesg)20:05
T42_<elros34> product partition looks suspicious20:06
T42_<elros34> can you show also android_device repository?20:14
T42_<Connor> Is the android_device repository just the LineageOS one I used in my local manifest? If so, it's
T42_<elros34> that one, lineage20?20:32
T42_<Connor> Woops no sorry, I'm using the lineage-18.1 branch20:33
T42_<elros34> so did you run whole dmsetup command?20:34
T42_<Connor> I tried but I can't find, tried /usr/bin/droid/ but it isn't there20:39
T42_<elros34> so how is you /dev/mapper/vendor created then? rpm -ql droid-config-surya | grep dmsetup20:40
T42_<Connor> That gives me "/usr/lib/systemd/system/dmsetup.service"20:41
T42_<elros34> so it should executes some script. anyway you don't need script just run command: dmsetup create --concise "$(/usr/bin/parse-android-dynparts /dev/<super block>)"20:42
T42_<Connor> That gives me syntax error: unexpected ")" ; I tried changing it to /dev/super but that gives me open failed: /dev/super20:48
T42_<elros34> /dev/<super> is path to your super partition so /dev/sda1 or /dev/sdc70, you should know which one is yors20:51
T42_<elros34> didn't you create fixup-mountpoints or amend to match your device?20:52
T42_<Connor> My bad, just grabbed it from my fixup-mountpoints, it's sda1520:53
T42_<Connor> dmsetup create returned: A non-block device file at '/dev/mapper/dynpart-vendor' is already present20:53
T42_<Connor> I'll reboot and try again?20:54
T42_<elros34> no, any other error in dmesg? what about /dev/mapper now20:54
T42_<Connor> Ooh dynpart-system and dynpart-product are there in /dev/mapper now!20:55
T42_<elros34> so you mess up something in scripts. You must have dmsetup executed somewhere otherwise you wouldn't have dynpart-vendor20:56
T42_<Connor> I do have a dmsetup.service which runs "/bin/bash /usr/bin/droid/" , do you think that could be the problem?20:59
T42_<elros34> but you don't have that scripts so. I don't see your changes so I don't know21:00
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