Wednesday, 2023-12-13

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T42_<maliklbn> /help@join_captcha_bot19:31
T42_<maliklbn> /notes19:32
T42_<Connor> /notes19:32
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> you are doing it wrong (re @maliklbn: /help@join_captcha_b...)19:32
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> there is a lupka in the right upper corner19:32
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> search for your device19:32
T42_<maliklbn> l u p k a19:32
T42_<maliklbn> it's called a magnifying glass mr cyjan19:32
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> then read sailfish hadh19:32
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> then read sailfish hadk (edited)19:32
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> Лопка (re @maliklbn: it's called a magnif...)19:33
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> it is called lupka, EOF19:33
T42_<maliklbn> lol EOF19:34
T42_<maliklbn> programming class ptsd19:34
T42_<maliklbn> `while ((tmp = (char)getchar()) != EOF)`19:34
T42_<maliklbn> everyone had this line memorized19:34
T42_<maliklbn> do i need to compile from source?19:37
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> you wish you could (re @maliklbn: do i need to compile...)19:37
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> most stuff is prebuilt (re @maliklbn: do i need to compile...)19:37
T42_<maliklbn> i should mention my only linux machine is a thinkpad t440p19:37
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> or built at obs19:37
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> it can handle it (re @maliklbn: i should mention my ...)19:37
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> damn I actually keep fingers crossed for you porting your device (re @maliklbn: i should mention my ...)19:40
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> because if you do so chances are that you will try to run flutter on it19:40
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> and since you know more c than I19:40
T42_<WrrrIamAnAngryCat> you could actually make that happen19:40
T42_<Connor> So I've rebased my surya port using the lineageos kernel sources which has got droid-hal-init starting but I'm still having issues with selinux; whenever I replace the sparse/etc/selinux/minimum/policy/policy.30 symlink with the actual file from my device it just reboots to fastboot whereas if I leave it as a symlink I can get telnet 232320:46
T42_<elros34> check why it reboots in journal/dmesg. Don't you have flattened apexes? This is most common issue if device reboots to fastboot21:02
T42_<Connor> Is that dmesg on my host pc?21:11
T42_<Connor> I'm not sure if I have flattened apexes, the hadk and hadk-hot don't really say much about that21:11
T42_<b100dian> "whenever I replace (..) it just reboots to fastboot" That's progress, you need to find the next error 🙂21:20
T42_<elros34> obviously dmesg on device. You can mask droid-hal-init and user@100000 then start dmesg/journal and droid-hal-init manually. If that is cause by flattened apexes then you should notice it somewhere. Otherwise you may search in device repo, there should some tips for apexes. Hadk-hot have just patch for that issue becuae debugging it its little challenging21:25
T42_<elros34> I bet that is the issue so you can just try patch21:27

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