Sunday, 2024-01-14

T42_<Pachof> One question, how can I get the  mer kernel check? I mean getting it appears without using the repo sync02:21
mal@Pachof just clone it from here
T42_<Pachof> Ok, thanks, You remember that I wanted to create an updated Sailfish OS Port for Redmi Note 8, well there is already a Port already made with the latest version, gracias a que el creador del Port actualizado la versiĆ³n disponible03:56
T42_<Hoerm> /start@MissRose_bot botstart10:06
T42_<Hoerm> I have Sony Android 13 and i will install sailfish10:08
T42_<Hoerm> Sony exp 10 - 310:09
T42_<Pachof> One question, how do you configure the camera so that it works in a Sailfish OS port? The device has 4 rear cameras and one front15:24
mal@Pachof assuming those work with the current camera api being used then you can try doing something like this
T42_<Pachof> The thing is that the cameras are currently not working, I don't know if it is due to a lack of configuration, so I don't have a guide or something to implement the functionality of the cameras.16:01
malare any cameras working?16:04
T42_<Pachof> No, in Sailfish OS the cameras are not working, but in Android they do work16:05
malare the two mini* services running?16:14
T42_<Pachof> How do I look at that?16:18
malps aux | grep mini16:31
T42_<Pachof> Oh ok16:33
panchofmal, I have two services, minisfservice and minimediaservice, are those the ones I should have?19:33
malthen you need to check journal and logcat for issues why it fails19:34
panchofhow check journal?19:36
pachofhere a journal log
pachofand here a logcat
malis that all of logcat? doesn't show anything about camera19:49
pachofHow do I show the entire logcat?19:58
pachofemm, hello?20:26
T42_<elros34> by starting it shortly after boot and as root20:26
T42_<elros34> do you even have working audio and other things? Maybe it will be better to fix that first?20:31
pachofaudio works, but things like flashlight and camera and waydroid compatibility don't work20:36
T42_<elros34> strange because in your logs pulseaudio fails20:40
pachofwhat? but if in the changelog it said that it was already corrected20:51
pachofWell then how can you correct the problem?20:53
T42_<elros34> chagelog of what? Look at your log. I suspect you created it incorrectly otherwise ther is no way you have audio without pulseaudio20:53
pachoflook, in the releases it appears that it was fixed, but then
T42_<elros34> ah that changelog, I am asking about current situation with audio on device in your hand not some claims21:01
pachofWell right now I don't know if it works, I'm going to look21:03
pachofwell it doesn't work21:04

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