Friday, 2024-01-26

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genericv2Hey everyone. I am trying to build hybris 20 branch but a module named "libhwc2_compat_layer" is missing. Anyone have a idea why it's missing?22:31
genericv2Would it be a problem if i make hybris-hal not include it?22:32
maldo you have libhybris cloned to for example hybris/mw/ or external/ ?22:36
genericv2Nope, i just initalized the manifest and synced it (With depth=1, this may be the problem).22:38
genericv2There is nothing related to hybris in external/22:38
malso for example go to folder hybris/mw and run "git clone --recurse-submodules"22:38
genericv2Cloned it now, starting the build again. Thanks.22:39
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malyou should check faq for the android base related additional information (no 20.0 specific yet but the ones for 17.1 and the ones referred from those mostly match
malalso hadk-hot has useful information22:41
genericv2I directly searched for keyword hybris-20 in that repo and found nothing. Now i'll check other things on there now. Thank you very much.22:42
genericv2By the way the build started now. I'll let it compile everything while reading that repo.22:43
genericv2Now i got a error about recovery-initramfs.gz, it does not exist. Ninja tries to create it, the command succeeds but the file is not getting created (ninja: output file missing after successful execution).23:29
genericv2Looks like there is no errors in kernel.23:29
genericv2Can this be related to mount point fixing script? I patched it but i may have made some syntax errors etc.23:30
maldid you apply the patches correctly?23:34
genericv2Oops sorry, my mistake. I saw that patch part in hybris-16.0 section now.23:37
genericv2Same thing happened after appyling patches too. Strange.23:46
T42_<elros34> are you sure this is first error you see? People usually read last lines and think this is main issue while real mistake is somewhere else23:51
genericv2I can't see anything except 'ninja: output file missing after successful execution', i am reading all build output and nothing else looks wrong.23:53
T42_<elros34> make clean and try again23:58

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