Wednesday, 2024-02-07

genericv3there were more libs missing, i only linked for now and that strange library error came for it too.05:18
genericv3gone for 10 hours*05:19
genericv2i'll also link these now: libhardware.so14:08
genericv2But i am worried about that not accessible error14:08
malthose should not be needed14:13
malit's normal to have some messages which appear as errors but really are not14:14
malabout libraries14:14
genericv2wonetworkOkay then, i'll  generate new logs now14:17
maljust in case remove those new symlinks you added and keep just the libandroidicu.so14:17
malso we don't have any unexpected behavior14:17
genericv2wonetworkremoved other libraries then14:20
genericv2wonetwork journal14:23
genericv2wonetwork logcat14:23
malis this new build or same as before?14:29
genericv2wonetworkit is14:29
maljust making sure all of the fixes we have done before are there14:29
genericv2wonetworki'll check sepolicy again14:29
genericv2wonetworkalso systemctl output, may be interesting:
genericv2wonetworklooks okay, i made no modifications except that odm library thing, but i reverted that14:30
malcheck output of binder-list, "binder-list -d /dev/vndbinder" and "binder-list -d /dev/binder"14:31
genericv2wonetworktwo command, two empty output14:32
malthose are 3 commands14:33
genericv2wonetworki am blind + empty output again14:33
malall give empty output?14:34
genericv2wonetworkyeah :(14:34
malis droid-hal even running then?14:35
genericv2wonetworkit is running14:35
genericv2wonetworkLoaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)14:35
genericv2wonetwork   Active: active (running)14:35
genericv2wonetworkah and14:35
genericv2wonetworkforget to mention14:35
genericv2wonetwork'/usr/bin/droid/ does not exist14:36
genericv2wonetworki created it as blank to make droid-hal-init work14:36
T42_<elros34> is optional, remove what you created14:51
genericv2okay np then. it's just blank as i said so no need to remove14:51
genericv2just wondered if it does something for binder etc.14:52
T42_<elros34> what is output of ls -al /dev/binder*14:53
genericv2crw-rw-rw-    1 root     root       10,  55 Mar 16 12:26 /dev/binder14:55
genericv2total 014:55
genericv2just /dev/binder and binderfs directory exist14:56
T42_<elros34> that looks incorrect14:57
genericv2yeah i think so14:57
genericv2dev-binderfs.mount this dude is failing to mount tho14:57
T42_<elros34> does adding selinux stubs helps?14:58
genericv2It always failed14:59
genericv2With selinux stubs too14:59
malwondering why binderfs mount fails15:00
mal"unknown filesystem type 'binder'"15:01
genericv2kernel config moment then15:01
genericv2my mistake again15:01
genericv2what defconfig flag to add?15:01
malwhy would that be missing from defconfig, unless you for some reason removed it15:04
genericv2i didin't probably. Stock defconfig only has CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_IPC. because of minimized defconfig maybe15:06
malwondering what android device repos and kernel you are really using15:08
genericv2All stock lineage15:10
genericv2and lineage-20 branches15:10
genericv2i'll upload my kernel changes15:12
genericv2how can i forget to copy new one15:40
malbut if android didn't use binderfs then you shouldn't need it either15:42
genericv2then what we need to do for binder15:42
genericv2does it use another fs etc?15:42
malstill not sure why the other binder are missing15:43
mal@elros34 any ideas why other binder devices could be missing? when bindefs was not enabled in original defconfig15:44
genericv2away for a few minutes15:47
genericv2any news?15:58
T42_<elros34> mal I dont have any experience in that area16:03
T42_<elros34> genericv2 maybe you could flash lineage kernel, boot to lineage and compare logs/dev/binder*, I guess /proc/config.gz will be missing16:05
T42_<elros34> btw can you show 'zcat /proc/config.gz' from device?16:06
T42_<elros34> mal remember this is old device released with much older android version so maybe something is not done as usual16:07
genericv2i'll boot it up now16:07
genericv2it's released with android 7 😄16:07
T42_<elros34> be aware booting to los might encrypt your /data16:08
genericv2Also, oneplus 5 uses the same chipset with this. If it helps with anything16:08
genericv2i'll backup .stowaways, no worries16:08
malCONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_DEVICES="binder,hwbinder,vndbinder" is there16:15
malafaik that is the default one16:15
malso it's possible the binderfs issue is not an issue, last time you checked ls -al /dev/binder* which of course wouldn't show vndbinder and hwbinder16:17
malalso binderfs is only availble after certain kernel versions16:17
genericv2so i can disable that service16:17
malcorrect way is to ignore it in droid-hal spec16:18
malthere it is possible add line like "%define makefstab_skip_entries /some_path /dev/some_other_path" where paths are the mount points of the mount services16:19
genericv2hmm, i'll check it out on next package16:20
genericv2If binder is not a problem, any idea on what is current problem16:22
T42_<elros34> right, I get you wrong command: ls -alR /dev/*binder*. Adding selinux stubs helps with hwcomposer error?16:23
genericv2/dev/binder /dev/hwbinder /dev/vndbinder16:25
T42_<elros34> is you latest paste from sailfish or from los?16:25
genericv2this is from sfos16:25
genericv2i remembler like there is no problem with hwservicemanager right now16:26
malstill odd how binder-list would return nothing if droid-hal is running16:26
T42_<elros34> what about hwcomposer (no hwservicemanager)16:27
genericv2its looping16:28
genericv2Service 'vendor.hwcomposer-2-1' (pid 6703) exited with status 116:28
genericv2Sending signal 9 to service 'vendor.hwcomposer-2-1' (pid 6703) process group... HYBRIS: killing PID instead of process group.16:28
genericv2starting service 'vendor.hwcomposer-2-1'...16:28
genericv2lipstick[2588]: failed to get hwcomposer service16:28
T42_<elros34> why did you enable CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_DEVELOP?16:30
genericv2i don't have a idea tbh. I added it while  trying to fix se16:30
T42_<elros34> this makes you boot to permissive mode by default16:31
genericv2only leaving these them16:31
genericv2do i need to remove DEFAULT thingy?16:32
T42_<elros34> I told you this already more than once, you should not change anything selinux related. btw you dont start test_hwcomposer like that, you must use EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer16:33
T42_<elros34> you can start test_sensors without any additional commands16:34
genericv2Yeah sorry, i made all se things to their defaults now16:34
genericv2okayt rebuilt kernel and flashed16:38
genericv2test_hwcomposer it gives the same output like this too16:38
genericv2every test binary gives "Aborted", really good build16:39
T42_<elros34> usually worth to try are only test_hwcomposer/egl_configs/sensors16:42
T42_<elros34> so anything changed in logs now? binder-list?16:47
genericv2Nope, still same :(16:49
genericv2test_hwcomposer: test_common.cpp:373: HWComposer* create_hwcomposer_window(): Assertion `err == 0' failed.17:23
genericv2ServiceManager: Waiting for service 'display.qservice' on '/dev/vndbinder'..17:27
genericv2mal: any idea about this? Binder issue right17:28
T42_<elros34> did you get rid of "could not self register *servicemanager"?17:30
genericv2yes ig17:34
genericv2i can't see anything like that17:34
genericv2i realized simply nothing works17:36
genericv2except usb networking :fire:17:36
T42_<elros34> could you show latest logs + binder-list -d /dev/hwbinder, /system/bin/lshal17:39
genericv2all binder list thingies are still empty17:42
genericv2nevermind i don't need gui, i'll take my laptop to everywhere and interact with the phone via telnet17:42
T42_<elros34> mind its /dev/hwbinder not /dev/binder17:46
genericv2/ # binder-list -d /dev/hwbinder17:47
genericv2/ # binder-list -d /dev/binder17:47
genericv2/ # binder-list -d /dev/vndbinder17:47
genericv2i am trying all of them17:47
T42_<elros34> what about latest logs?17:52
genericv2i'll take them now17:52
genericv2things are waiting for binder but binder is dead17:59
genericv2i'll kill binder17:59
T42_<elros34> first error: servicemanager: Could not self register servicemanager18:10
genericv2which is great, i think like i fixed it for ages18:11
T42_<elros34> this one might be also important "Missing permissions to add IBase"18:11
T42_<elros34> something at least try to start now: Name: QTI Hardware Composer Module18:14
genericv2there is no service like that i think18:17
T42_<elros34> do you have droid-config/device uploaded somewhere?18:22
T42_<elros34> /linkerconfig/ld.config.txt is missing right?18:23
genericv2not yet, i can upload everything18:23
genericv2no it's not, it exist18:24
genericv2/ # ls /linkerconfig/18:25
genericv2 no luck ig18:56
genericv2bye again, i am not sure if i'll continue or not tomorrow. If you have a suggestion please mention my nick and write it, at least i'll check irc logs.19:11
genericv2thanks again for helping me19:11
T42_<elros34> suggestions are still same: fix "servicemanager: Could not self register servicemanager", and  maybe "Missing permissions to add IBase", at least find where its defined in source code19:12
genericv2okay, booting the thing for the last time today.19:13
genericv2and source code?19:13
genericv2hwservicemanager: hwservicemanager is ready now. ah yeah its totally ready19:14
T42_<elros34> What do you mean? Mentioned errors are gone for all *servicemanagers?19:16
genericv2nope, it's just saying these after servicemanager errors19:16
genericv2also what do you think about keymaster? ()wait_for_keymaster[1447]: Waiting for keymaster)19:16
T42_<elros34> I am not 100% sure but wouldn't worry about it19:17
genericv2any idea about permission thingy19:24
genericv2because i dont have a idea about both19:24
genericv2i thinked about maybe there is a conflict with vendor etc. but no19:24
T42_<elros34> mistake in /etc/selinux? Anway I would focus on "Could not self register " first, because IBase error might fix itself or be not important19:27
genericv3Probaby. I am not sure about anything i made from now on, i'll check everything again and again19:32
genericv3Also i'll add every known-working thingy to sparse and continue like that19:33
genericv3I remember like i added task_profiles.json, i'll add seplocy etc.19:33
genericv3And a little bit of hope appears again, gonna continue tomorrow19:35
malone thing to check is that the those two selinux files are copies of the files and not symlinks19:50
genericv3already copied them. And that fixed a lot as long as i remember19:50

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