Sunday, 2024-02-11

genericv3today i messed with it on my own. Everything looks okay except display.qservice. it was working well on our previous attempts. It's probably caused because of vndservicemanager, which depends on /dev/vndbinder. But /dev/vndbinder is empty so it's waiting for it forever. There is a section about this on hadk-faq, that was worked in previous package but not helping in this one. i'll check it tomorrow01:03
genericv2mal: about /dev/vndbinder issue:
malhmm, ndksupport: Could not load /vendor/lib64/hw/ from default namespace: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "__get_tls_hooks" referenced by "/odm/lib64/"....18:58
malthat is bad18:58
mal@elros34 ^18:58
genericv2Now i copied those /odm files from /system instead of /usr/libexec, they seem okay now.19:04
malcopied? what?19:05
malwhat have you done to odm?19:06
genericv2it don't exist in my phone normally19:06
genericv2i created it19:06
malwhat have you added there?19:06
genericv2and copied some files while trying by myself.19:06
genericv2 these, while trying to make hwcomposer work (and it worked in the previous package)19:09
genericv2if i did something wrong i can remove them19:09
malthat is not how you should do it19:11
genericv2how i must do it19:12
malusually only the symlink is needed there, and in some cases couple more symlinks19:13
genericv2when i don't do that, test_hwcomposer for an example throws a lot of cannot find library errors. And i could make it work like this sometime.19:14
genericv2But i'll try anyways19:14
genericv2With only symlink on /odm:
genericv2ah it was okay actually, i saw like there is no space for a moment19:25
malare those new ones really correct? "cannot locate symbol "__get_tls_hooks" referenced by "/odm/lib64/"...."19:28
genericv2i really forget to pull new files. pff19:28
genericv2okay these are correct19:31
malso hwcomposer is up now based on logcat, but lipstick is not starting, nothing about that in log19:31
maldoes test_hwcomposer work?19:32
malEGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer19:32
genericv2nope, it does not work. ( not found)19:33
genericv2i copied these files to /odm for this yesterday.19:34
malso does binder-list show anything for the vndbinder?19:36
genericv2/ # binder-list | grep vnd19:36
genericv2/ # binder-list -d /dev/vndbinder19:36
genericv2nothing related to vnd19:36
genericv2hwbinder and binder are okay19:37
malhas there ever been anything in vdnbinder?19:37
genericv2no in the newest package, i don't remember previous ones19:38
malso does test_hwcomposer crash or what? does logcat show anything when you run that19:39
genericv2library "" not found19:41
genericv2test_hwcomposer: test_common.cpp:370: HWComposer* create_hwcomposer_window(): Assertion `err == 0' failed.19:41
genericv2Aborted (core dumped)19:41
genericv2and logcat gets some new output, i'll try to catch thrm19:42
genericv2also, right now i can make test_hwcomposer work again with my previous /odm19:43
malso from where do you copy the files?19:45
malstrace output would be nice from non-working attempt19:46
genericv2Most of them from /apex, and some of them from /usr/libexec/droid-hybris. And these libEGL & LibGLES* dudes from /system.19:52
malhmm, odd that it doesn't attempt /system at all19:53
malare you really sure you need all of those files?19:55
maland do you need to copy the files or does symlinking work?19:56
genericv2test_hwcomposer doesn't work if they don't exist. Didin't tried symlinking but i can try if you want.19:56
genericv2i saw some selinux denials and other selinux related errors. And that "not accessiable by namespace default" etc. Can these related to these errors?20:06
genericv2selinux config and policy are okay right now, checked it twice20:06
mallinker config is probably related to this, just not sure why it's causing issues on your device20:07
genericv3yeah, it's strange. /linkerconfig/ld.config thingy exists.20:09
T42_<b100dian> hmm test_common line 370, I remember that I commented out parts of that because it would not get to read the version so that it would use hwcomposer2. However, in your case it used to work so that may not be required 🤔20:27
genericv3quiting now, if anyone gets an idea please write, i'll check irclogs tomorrow.20:32

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