Thursday, 2024-02-15

T42_<Endrju176> i guess ill try my luck once more, has nobody ported to galaxy note 1000:25
T42_<elros34> probably no. If you can't find anything here: or on google with device name and more important with codename search. You can also search in github/lab for droid-config-<device codename>00:28
genericv3I'll try to fix that masked service today (Also we need to check usb-moded sometime, just a config is needed as i see)05:15
genericv3And library not found errors, if these don't fix audio i'll work on it seperately05:16
*** archistrash[m] is now known as gvnone[m]10:32
gvnone[m]mal: i am not home yet so i can't give exact libraries. But things like etc failed. (i am genericv* btw)10:41
gvnone[m]if you have a guess ofc, i'll provide all logs when i am home10:44
genericv2mal: logcat: journal:
genericv2library errors are at journal17:02
maldo you really need that ld.config?17:23
genericv2i realized it's disabled, enabling it also does nothing17:23
genericv2also, is okay on /odm but it can't find it aswell17:23
malgenericv2: I don't see the odm symlinks in your github project17:24
genericv2forget to push odm changes to github, i'll now.17:25
genericv2mal: May sailjail block access to libraries somehow?17:31
malin theory do the apps you say have issues work if you start them from terminal as defaultuser?17:33
malthat is the way to figure out if sandboxing is the issue, if app works from terminal but fail when started from app grid then it's possibly something to do with sailjail17:34
genericv2lets try17:42
genericv2exact same output17:44
malso the issue is not sandboxing then17:44
genericv2mal: is this file okay?
genericv2most of needed libraries are at /apex, not /usr/lib* and /lib*18:00
malwhat is that?18:02
maldon't confuse sfos things with adaptation things18:03
genericv2a ld config file, i don't know if it's related to our issue or not18:04
genericv2just guessing :)18:04
malI need to go out for a while now18:08
genericv2okay, bye.18:08
malthat file you mention never need to be modified18:08
malit could even be automatically generated18:09
genericv2got it, leaving it as it18:09
genericv2Found why oneshot-root is timing out18:23
genericv2library "" needed or dlopened by "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib64/" is not accessible for the namespace "(default)"18:23
T42_<b100dian> Try bind mount instead of symlink18:30
T42_<b100dian> But that may not be the problem, though the namespacing ahould go away18:31
T42_<b100dian> should18:31
genericv3i'll try now19:01
genericv3yup, bind mounting fixed it. i'll do the same for other libs wait a min19:08 etc. is okay now but that wasnt the actual problem.19:13
genericv2writev(5, [{iov_base="lq\0\0\0_@", iov_len=7}, {iov_base="\0_@3b\316e\273\350\334\34", iov_len=11}, {iov_base="\5", iov_len=1}, {iov_base="HidlServiceManagement\0", iov_len=22}, {iov_base="Waited one second for\0", iov_len=72}], 5) = 11319:14
genericv2It's looping in this, waiting for that HAL19:14
genericv2nothing related to omx in binder-list19:15
malhmm, based on the ril issue you had to hack something in android must not be starting19:30
genericv2did a try now, rebooting.19:32
genericv2now, there was a omx service in vendor which is not getting started on boot, i made that start on boot. Now omx thingy is gone and now "Could not find '" thingy came in, this one doesn't have a service and it's only a library19:56
malwhich class does the .rc file mention for that?20:04
genericv2ohh great, my imei decided to die on it's own20:15
genericv2also wifi gets connected but can't browse the web or connect to jolla store20:15
genericv2everything is great!!!20:15
malfound the bug20:16
malwhich caused the need for rild hack and probably other issues also20:16
genericv2oh, whats it20:17
mala mistake in the hybris patches20:17
genericv2we finally found it. Is it my mistake or general a13 issue?20:18
malgeneric issue, my mistake20:19
malyou can fix it on device first, in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init.rc after line "on property:droid.late_start=trigger_late_start" you need to add a line "class_start main", before that "class_start late_start", make sure indentation is correct20:19
maljust for reference the correct looking patch, I will fix the patch in hybris-20 branch20:20
malafter that you shouldn't need the rild hack you have20:21
genericv2ah okay, corrected init.rc file, reverting my rild changes20:21
malI had forgotten to add the correct patch to hybris-20 branch from that other branch, I was doing those in parallel and seems I missed that change20:22
genericv2no worries, sometimes even professionals can make mistakes :)20:23
genericv2yup, this also fixed oneshot-root20:28
genericv2and rild is working much better than my hack20:28
genericv2and the wifi issue i said is just temp, it's okay now20:29
genericv3This also fixed my dual sim and calls :) I was able to send sms and use mobile data but not make calls, it's okay now20:34
genericv3pulseaudio etc. is still dead, and my current env is probably messed up. i'll add last touches to sparse and rebuild.20:36
malhow does pulseaudio fail?20:39
malbefore rebuilding I'll push the fix to hybris-patches20:40
genericv3i saw some great library errors, as always. But didin't checked it detailed20:40
genericv3Okay, also i'll rebuild tomorrow so no need to hurry20:40
genericv3I hope can have more free time tomorrow20:40

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