Monday, 2024-02-19

genericv3it died now, (luckily) i can't even survive a day even at idle xD15:57
genericv3elros34 now what to try for pulseaudio?16:44
T42_<elros34> IIRC you added some options to droid module which caused failure so simple check which one is wrong. BTW I assume you use pulseaudio-modules-droid not jb2q version?16:47
T42_<elros34> but real issue is still this library error. If you can find some older strace from pulseaudio you could compare them, especially this idea that libdl-android loading place (mind in your logs this is loaded twice)16:50
T42_<elros34> by older strace I mean from some other device/porter. Maybe from android 11 it could be similar16:51
genericv3i removed that custom module after failing16:55
genericv3yup, i use the normal one. not jb2q16:55
genericv3these library errors are so strange, they still happen on lipstick but lipstick is cool with them.l16:57
T42_<elros34> you mean missing .so files? These are not real errors, at least not all. See strace and how error is printed just before library is found. I don't know why is that but in older android bases it was pretty sane: library found = no error16:59
genericv3ohh, got it know. it's finding some of the libraries after printing the error.17:00
T42_<elros34> yeah go figure17:02
genericv3sure thing17:08
T42_<parkmin009> What's key benefits for sailfish port17:24
T42_<elros34> you mean sailfish os in general? This chanel is about porting for new devices so better ask at irc #sailfishos18:23

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