Wednesday, 2024-03-13

T42_<pachof> Any solution? @b100dian00:32
T42_<parmjotsinghrobot> One ping is enough (re @pachof: Any solution? @b100d...)00:33
T42_<pachof> Ok, sorry01:24
Mister_Magisteri install sfossdk on host, run mic on testing ks file, doesn't build. I run sfossdk in docker, do 1:1 exact same stuff, works13:43
Mister_Magisteri'm mad13:43
T42_<pachof> help "ninja: error: '/home/runner/work/hadk_18.1/out/host/linux-x86/bin/mkdtimg', needed by '/home/runner/work/hadk_18.1/out/target/product/ginkgo/dtbo-pre.img', missing and no known rule to make it" pls16:49
T42_<pachof> help pls :"HABUILD_SDK [ginkgo] pachof@gentoo-pach:/home/runner/work/hadk_18.1$ make -j4 hybris-hal"18:10
T42_<pachof> help pls :"build/make/core/ error: FindEmulator: find: `tools/metalava/manual': No such file or directory18:11
T42_<pachof> 13:08:44 ckati failed with: exit status 1" (edited)18:11
maljust to be sure, you have patches applied?18:54
T42_<AntonlX> How to fix this —mic problem?18:56
T42_<AntonlX> repo problem: the to be installed patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-miatoll-1-202403131848.aarch64 requires 'patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-miatoll', but this requirement cannot be provided, not installable providers: patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-miatoll-1-202403131848.aarch64[adaptation-community-miatoll-]18:56
T42_<AntonlX> I've interrupted droid-config build and something broken now18:56
T42_<pachof> I already corrected that but, when I compile with python 2 scripts, python 3 is always used and errors appear, which is because it is executing a python 2 script (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>just to be sure...)18:58
T42_<pachof> sorry for reply18:58
T42_<pachof> i need help :"In file included from /home/runner/work/hadk_18.1/kernel/xiaomi/ginkgo/scripts/selinux/genheaders/genheaders.c:19:19:27
T42_<pachof> /home/runner/work/hadk_18.1/kernel/xiaomi/ginkgo/security/selinux/include/classmap.h:247:2: error: #error New address family defined, please update secclass_map.19:27
T42_<pachof>   247 | #error New address family defined, please update secclass_map.19:27
T42_<pachof>       |  ^~~~~19:27
T42_<pachof> make[4]: *** [scripts/ scripts/selinux/genheaders/genheaders] Error 119:27
T42_<pachof> make[3]: *** [/home/runner/work/hadk_18.1/kernel/xiaomi/ginkgo/scripts/ scripts/selinux/genheaders] Error 219:27
T42_<pachof> make[2]: *** [/home/runner/work/hadk_18.1/kernel/xiaomi/ginkgo/scripts/ scripts/selinux] Error 2"19:27
T42_<elros34> explain what are you doing, what changed19:38
T42_<pachof> I solved, i need a patch19:53
T42_<pachof> @b100dian I have selected the Xiaomi opensource kernel, can I give you the kernel source code?19:58
T42_<b100dian> Isn't that the same birdzhang used?19:59
T42_<b100dian> Just guessing, maybe it is not19:59
T42_<pachof> Birdzhang use a kernel source from PotatoDevices repo, maybe is equal a xiaomi kernel20:01
T42_<pachof> I dont know20:02
T42_<pachof> @b100dian  This is a alternative, arrow os is based in aosp20:03
T42_<b100dian> maybe if you have them both locally you can compare quickly the trinket*.dts[i] files. I had the impression yesterday that something leads to something in there, such as a power regulator, but I have closed the tabs now20:05
T42_<pachof> Oh wait, the arrow os kernel no have a android 9 tree sorry20:05
T42_<b100dian> ok, so only one to try as an alternative to the existing one.. if that doesn't produce different results then maybe you're right to build everything for a different base20:06
T42_<b100dian> Then there's always the "manual" way of using along with techpack from sibling repositories (audio, qcom wlan etc - whatever is up for ginkgo). Not the friendliest build I guess20:08
T42_<pachof> How do I know which kernel for Android 9? It's because I'm looking for the lineage os 16 kernel from darkjoker36020:10
T42_<pachof> How do I know which kernel for Android 9? It's because I'm looking for the lineage os 16 kernel from darkjoker360 @b100dian (edited)20:10
T42_<pachof> And about the Xiaomi kernel, I'm having certain problems, so I think if you can help me with the kernel? Please @b100dian20:13
T42_<b100dian> Maybe. I might not the best expert here, so better ask what questions you have, not necessarily by direct ping20:16
T42_<pachof> Well, apparently I stopped having problems, but I think you have more experience than me, I just started compiling Linux systems20:20
T42_<b100dian> You should see my first messages here ;))20:49
T42_<pachof> How?21:00

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