Friday, 2024-03-15

T42_<elros34> changes on github, with kernel not file00:00
T42_<pachof> The problem is that I didn't make many changes, in fact I want to look and see if changes from the original birdzhang kernel can be transferred to my kernel00:06
T42_<elros34> but github source helps us. Like I could check with few seconds instead guessing that most likely you are missing skip_initramfs changes or something else. Did you even check "your" kernel works with lineage?00:10
T42_<elros34> With this defconfig file I can not do anything, I would have download original then make diff00:11
T42_<elros34> My point is you have to make some effor to make porters easy acces to your changes, proper logs otherwise you will not get any meaningful help00:12
T42_<pachof> oh ok00:13
T42_<elros34> android 9 so most likely skip_initramfs. For sure you can find the changes in old kernel and in hadk-hot00:21
T42_<FoundPegasus> I am trying to install sailfish os Galaxy A5 2015 (A500G) can anyone help?02:26
T42_<FoundPegasus> I am trying to install sailfish os on Galaxy A5 2015 (A500G) can anyone help? (edited)02:27
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T42_<XAP2P> Oh wow, someone interested in ginkgo porting 👀 (re @pachof:
T42_<XAP2P> You didn't tried to watch at birdzhang sources?18:55
T42_<ItsNikopol> Hello everyone, I have a really akward issue here18:56
T42_<elros34> is this similar to X00TD?19:03
T42_<ItsNikopol> No, this is Zenfone 5 2018 (re @elros34: is this similar to X...)19:05
T42_<ItsNikopol> As I remember, the old one had x86 cpu (re @ItsNikopol: No, this is Zenfone ...)19:06
T42_<elros34> ok but still check X00TD spec files. Devices with upper case codename needs special handling like defining different rpm_device and device19:06
T42_<ItsNikopol> With lowercase letters? (re @elros34: ok but still check X...)19:07
T42_<elros34> Files must be lowercase check spec files, I do not remember all details.19:08
T42_<ItsNikopol> okay19:09
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