Sunday, 2024-03-17

T42_<pachof> @b100dian I'm compiling the kernel, I'll let you know if something happens00:02
T42_<pachof> Ready, compile it, let's see if it starts13:39
T42_<elros34> I have impression that you have compiled it for 13h but that can not be true:P You do not compile it with -j1 don't you?13:43
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T42_<pachof> it doesn't start, and it doesn't enter telnet14:09
T42_<elros34> be more verbose. As previously check host dmesg and init.log14:15
T42_<Umeaman> Can you do adb logcat?14:16
T42_<Umeaman> Or even better.......boot it to TWRP and read the logs from there.14:16
T42_<elros34> he cannot do adb logcat14:17
T42_<Umeaman> I guess booting the twrp image is the only way to get logs then.17:07
T42_<FoundPegasus> Can we add Android and VOLTE support in a port?18:11
T42_<b100dian> waydroid yes, volte no18:14
T42_<FoundPegasus> So no way to add VOLTE?18:15
T42_<b100dian> I don't think so18:47
T42_<FoundPegasus> Ahh...18:57
T42_<FoundPegasus> Any way to add Alien Dalvik?18:57
T42_<Umeaman> Isn't that a question of Licensing? Like, you have to purchase the ability to use Android apps. (re @FoundPegasus: Any way to add Alien...)19:31
T42_<Umeaman> You could try MicroG.19:31
T42_<b100dian> Step 1: Buy Xperia 10 ii/iii/iv/v19:31
T42_<b100dian> Step 2: Buy Sailfish OS license19:31
T42_<b100dian> Step 3: ....19:31
T42_<b100dian> Step 4: Profit! (sorry couldn't resist)19:31
T42_<rosettanongrata> I asked for help with installing purchased AD a year ago - nothing. I'd use waydroid, at least you'll get support for it here19:33

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