Saturday, 2024-04-06

spiiroin@Mister_Magister: in general charging/not charging does not affect mce's sleep allowed decision iow mce does not block suspend due to charging07:51
spiiroinbut some devices do not suspend while charging, due to kernel, or some user space component07:51
spiiroin(afaik esp quick charging modes require temperature monitoring and whatnot)07:52
spiirointop off my hat the only thing in mce side that could block suspend during charging would be: led patterns that utilize sw breathing07:52
spiiroinbut iirc that being possible would require special configuration (like l500d charging complete blinking perhaps?)07:55
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: i just noticed that "mem" is not being written into /sys/power/autosleep12:47
Mister_Magisterits always disabled12:47
T42_<adampigg> mal: how do I test the jack-match for ohm accessories.ini?17:39
mal@adampigg what do you mean? you mean how to determine the value for it?17:45
T42_<adampigg> id like to see something report when i un/plug other than evdev .. to see if the system sees it correctly....17:45
T42_<adampigg> on my PP, audio ir being routed to headset all the time, so i dont know it it knows jack is inserted or not17:46
T42_<adampigg> ohm doesnt print anything17:46
maldoes it show that in evdev_trace?17:46
T42_<adampigg> yes17:46
mallet me grab my pp and check17:46
T42_<adampigg> [defaultuser@PinePhone ~]$ evdev_trace -t17:47
T42_<adampigg> /dev/input/event6: 1712425617.262 - 0x05/EV_SW - 0x002/SW_HEADPHONE_INSERT - 017:47
T42_<adampigg> /dev/input/event6: 1712425617.262 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 017:47
T42_<adampigg> /dev/input/event6: 1712425622.634 - 0x05/EV_SW - 0x002/SW_HEADPHONE_INSERT - 117:47
T42_<adampigg> /dev/input/event6: 1712425622.634 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 017:47
T42_<adampigg> [defaultuser@PinePhone ~]$ cat /etc/ohm/plugins.d/accessories.ini17:47
T42_<adampigg> jack-match = PinePhone 1c22e00.codec-jack17:47
T42_<adampigg> jack-device = /dev/input/event617:47
malis that normal pp? not ppp?17:49
T42_<adampigg> yes, normal pp17:49
mal----====( /dev/input/event5 )====----17:49
malName: "PinePhone Headset Jack"17:49
malwhy is that different name17:49
T42_<adampigg> maybe my kernel is newer17:50
malok, I'll dup my device17:50
malI seem to have 6.517:51
T42_<elros34> did you add few -vvvv to ohmd?17:51
mal@adampigg can you verify the device name17:51
malalso no need to have jack-device, afaik that causes more issue than not17:52
malat least I think it's not needed17:52
T42_<adampigg> ----====( /dev/input/event6 )====----17:52
T42_<adampigg> Name: "PinePhone 1c22e00.codec-jack"17:52
mal@adampigg does ohmd restart help?17:54
T42_<adampigg> nope, and ive added -vvvv17:54
malI wonder about the two first lines here
malcan't remember why those are there17:55
T42_<adampigg> that may have helped ... something odd now happened18:00
T42_<adampigg> pa crashed18:00
T42_<adampigg> So ... whats now happening is, PA is defaulting to Active Port: [Out] Headphones , when it should be Earpiece...18:04
T42_<adampigg> when i plug-in the headset  during a call, pa crashes18:04
T42_<adampigg> in source active port is also the headset mic, not the built in mic18:05
malI have audio from headphone on pp18:05
malnot sure why it crashed for you18:05
malI just added the 3 lines to config and restart ohmd18:05
malok, so maybe calls are different then18:06
malnormal audio comes from headphones without issue18:06
T42_<adampigg> let me test that...18:06
mal@adampigg for normal audio I only need jack-match18:11
T42_<adampigg> mal: yeah, regular audio works .. are you able to try a sim?18:13
malneed to find my sim card :D18:13
malit's in some device but which18:13
T42_<adampigg> be good to know what ports get defaulted for you18:13
malhow do you check the ports?18:14
T42_<adampigg> pactl list sinks and pactl list sources18:15
T42_<adampigg> shows the active port18:15
T42_<adampigg> as user18:15
malhmm, nothing happened when I tried to call the phone18:28
malmaybe it's because this is one of those early devices18:28
T42_<adampigg> try calling from the phone?18:29
T42_<adampigg> i had something weird like that18:29

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