Tuesday, 2024-04-09

*** spiiroin_ is now known as spiiroin08:05
spiiroin@Mister_Magister: it happens when policy allows suspend which is usually couple seconds afer blanking display, try ...08:06
spiiroinsystemctl stop mce; mce -Tq -twakelocks08:07
spiiroinobserve "LWL: /sys/power/autosleep << mem" line08:07
Mister_Magisterwell it's not a big issue if its not some setting i'm missing in mce then its fine, maybe some wakelock for charging exists08:08
Mister_Magisterbut thank you for your time08:08
spiiroinMister_Magister: it does not need to be wakelocks. like, there was some device where something leaked evdev fd = event queue never is emptied -> kernel does not suspend09:00
T42_<Mister_Magister> ye we were just fixing similar thing weren't we xd09:01
T42_<Umeaman> What's the most recent Tablet with Sailfish OS running on it atm? I suppose Google, but what about Sony or Samsung?11:22
T42_<Umeaman> Like.......is there a port for the Samsung Galaxy S9 tablet?11:22
T42_<Herrie1982> I guess PineTab211:35
T42_<Herrie1982> Not perfect spec wise but nice entry level tablet11:35
T42_<Umeaman> Okey, but PineTab 2 doesn't have a built-in LTE modem right?14:57
malseems like it's wifi-only device14:59
T42_<Herrie1982> Yes wifi only15:01
T42_<Herrie1982> Specs wise it's not that great but should run stuff fairly decently15:02
T42_<Herrie1982> And has close to mainline kernel :)15:04
Mister_Magisterno kernel is truly mainline when you think about it15:08
Mister_Magisternobody builds off of master15:09

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