Saturday, 2024-05-11

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T42_<Shigenta> ig every single service just crashes lol14:56
T42_<b100dian> Including logd. You need to start logcat as early as possible in the boot too see sonerhing14:59
T42_<b100dian> *to see something15:00
T42_<Shigenta> look above, i already got logcat15:00
T42_<Shigenta> before droid-hal-init crashed15:00
T42_<Shigenta> every single service says 'Could not get passthrough implementation for ...'15:06
T42_<Shigenta> also, there are many ServiceManagement: getService: defaultServiceManager()->getTransport returns Status(EX_TRANSACTION_FAILED): 'FAILED_TRANSACTION: '15:12
T42_<Shigenta> before that passthrough errors15:12
T42_<Shigenta> well, i got logcat right after i booted15:56
T42_<Shigenta> nothing changed15:56
T42_<Shigenta> no new lines15:56
T42_<elros34> get both journal (maybe dmesg if there are systemd logs there) and logcat according to linked instruction so: command prompt, right after boot, first 90s16:29
T42_<Shigenta> alright16:59
T42_<Shigenta> journal -
T42_<Shigenta> logcat -
T42_<elros34> you still do not include command you use to generate logs18:01
T42_<elros34> whole command prompt18:01
T42_<elros34> do you still loose usb connection at some point?18:06
T42_<elros34> droid-hal-init crash so you can mask user@10000018:24
T42_<elros34> ok so it's mdss_rotator permission issue. Search in out/target/product/<Device>/root for ueventd*rc, if not then in /vendor on device itself18:42
T42_<Shigenta> nah (re @elros34: do you still loose u...)19:56
T42_<Shigenta> after commenting out init.usb.rc19:57
T42_<Shigenta> journalctl --no-pager --no-tail (re @elros34: you still do not inc...)19:57
T42_<Shigenta> alr (re @elros34: ok so it's mdss_rota...)19:57
T42_<Shigenta> its 644 in /vendor/ueventd.rc20:13
T42_<Shigenta> 664*20:13
T42_<Shigenta> /vendor # cat ueventd.rc | grep 'mdss'20:13
T42_<Shigenta> /dev/mdss_rotator         0664   system     system20:13
malwe don't use ueventd.rc, there should be udev rule for that20:15
malI mean udev rule generated during build if everything went well20:15
T42_<Shigenta> elros asked me to look in ueventd.rc20:15
T42_<Shigenta> well, i see it also in 999-android-system.rules in /lib/udev/rules.d on device20:19
T42_<elros34> what are the permissions for /dev/mdss_rotator20:19
T42_<Shigenta> udev rule says 66420:19
T42_<elros34> on device20:19
T42_<Shigenta> alo 66420:20
T42_<elros34> owner?20:20
T42_<Shigenta> system20:20
T42_<elros34> step by step ... group?20:20
T42_<Shigenta> also system20:20
T42_<elros34> change group to graphics according to hadk-hot and try again20:21
T42_<Shigenta> the whole input of stat command20:22
T42_<Shigenta> alright20:22
T42_<Shigenta> in 999-android-system.rules?20:22
T42_<elros34> for test you can change rules20:22
malhow does the udev rule look like?20:22
T42_<elros34> but you will need to edit ueventd.rc or override that 999*rules if you want proper solution20:23
T42_<Shigenta> alright20:23
malusually editing ueventd.rc in sources is easiest20:23
T42_<Shigenta> udev rule looks like KERNEL=="mdss_rotator", MODE="0664", GROUP="system", OWNER="system"20:23
malbut for now to test it change the group on device20:24
T42_<Shigenta> alr20:24
T42_<Shigenta> in udev rule?20:24
T42_<Shigenta> that 999 one?20:24
malthe one you just showed20:24
T42_<Shigenta> alr20:25
T42_<Shigenta> it now looks like dat KERNEL=="mdss_rotator", MODE="0664", GROUP="graphics", OWNER="system"20:25
T42_<Shigenta> well, its still fails20:29
T42_<Shigenta> but at least there is no permission denied for mdss_rotator20:30
T42_<Shigenta> i mean, droid-hal-init still fails20:30
T42_<Shigenta> ig, i should get logs again20:31
malso new logs to see how it fails20:31
T42_<Shigenta> anyway, i see DisplayBase::GetColorModeAttr: Failed: Mode mode 8 without attribute20:31
T42_<Shigenta> from 0 to 820:32
T42_<Shigenta> journal -
T42_<Shigenta> logcat -
T42_<Shigenta> maybe its now cuz of Diag_Lib:  Diag_LSM_Init: Failed to open handle to diag driver, error = 13?20:46
T42_<Shigenta> or QMUXD: WARNING qmi_qmux_if_pwr_up_init failed! rc=-620:49
T42_<elros34> I have impression diag* is common error20:49
T42_<Shigenta> alr20:49
T42_<Shigenta> also i see /vendor/bin/adsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/apps_std_imp.c:729:Error 45: fopen failed for (No such file or directory)20:50
T42_<Shigenta> and 4 other times in a row with different libs20:50
T42_<Shigenta> but i dunno20:50
T42_<elros34> hwcomposer fails, I wonder if flood of these ex_transaction_failed cause it or it's something else20:51
T42_<Shigenta> how to fix that transaction failed problem?20:51
T42_<Shigenta> i saw something bout selinux20:51
T42_<Shigenta> tried disabling it - didnt help20:52
T42_<elros34> how did you disable selinux? zcat /proc/config.gz | grep selinux20:53
T42_<elros34> grep -i selinux20:53
T42_<Shigenta> in cmdline20:53
T42_<Shigenta> added selinux=020:53
T42_<Shigenta> that command output20:54
T42_<elros34> why did you copy manually /usr/lib/systemd/system/* files?21:18
T42_<Shigenta> ? (re @elros34: why did you copy man...)21:19
T42_<Shigenta> i didnt?21:20
T42_<elros34> droid-reclaim-memory.service have wrong permissions (it's harmless) so I assumed you have copied it like .rc files21:20
T42_<Shigenta> i didnt copy anything in /usr/lib/systemd/system21:20
T42_<Shigenta> lol21:20
T42_<elros34> I wonder why you have these systemd warnings about permissions/executable bits21:24
T42_<Shigenta> i dont really know21:24
T42_<Shigenta> maybe i should try to rebuild rootfs and send you log?21:25
T42_<elros34> I do not think rebuilding will help21:26
T42_<elros34> the only poor idea I have: try stracing properly droid-hal-init21:28
T42_<Shigenta> how?21:29
maljust mentioning that those services don't have executable bit set in the submodule, so either you ran some wrong command on either device or in the source folder not sure how it could get that21:31
malbut since the message says it's not a critical issue you can ignore it for now21:32
T42_<Shigenta> alright21:33
T42_<Shigenta> buut.. how to strace droid-hal-init?21:33
T42_<Shigenta> i dont even what stracing is lol21:33
T42_<Shigenta> well, i ran strace droid-hal-init and got this
T42_<elros34> could you run: 'rpm -q --dump droid-config-santoni | grep droid-hal-init.service' and check whether permissions are different then on filesystem?21:35
T42_<Shigenta> ig they're the same
T42_<elros34> ok so something is wrong in rpm21:37
T42_<Shigenta> what should i do then?21:38
T42_<elros34> did you change something in droid-config spec/inc files?21:38
T42_<Shigenta> nah21:39
T42_<Shigenta> nothing in ins21:39
T42_<Shigenta> spec file
T42_<elros34> what about permissions/owner of droid-hal-init.service in your sparse on disk?21:54
T42_<Shigenta> sparse on disk is the same as sparse on github21:56
T42_<Shigenta> wait..21:58
T42_<Shigenta> for some reason everything on my external drive is 777 + executable21:58
T42_<Shigenta> maybe something is wrong with fstab on my pc?21:59
T42_<Shigenta> oh, its cuz my drive is ntfs22:00
T42_<Shigenta> bruh22:00
T42_<Shigenta> great22:01
T42_<elros34> ouh22:01
T42_<Shigenta> now i need to somehow backup every single file and format it in ext422:01
malthat could cause strange things, afaik android at least in some newer versions is quite strict about permissions22:01
T42_<Shigenta> since i dont really think i'll ever use windows again22:01
malnot sure about hybris-1622:01
T42_<elros34> you can shring it and make new ext partition if you have enough free space22:02
T42_<Shigenta> oh, well, yeah22:02
T42_<Shigenta> 660 gb free22:02
T42_<Shigenta> is gparted good for shrinking ntfs drives?22:03
T42_<Shigenta> lol22:03
T42_<Shigenta> ig its just gui for parted22:03
T42_<elros34> if not then maybe mini tool partition wizard on windows but I am not sure22:05
T42_<Shigenta> alright22:06

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