Saturday, 2024-06-01

T42_<Tailsthefoz> the network isn't being configured correctly00:00
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok so it's only working somewhat00:06
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok you know, I'm gonna do a port to my pixel 3 XL first, and if I can get that working, I'll try again on the pixel 601:22
T42_<GreyfusG> Let me know! (re @Tailsthefoz: ok you know, I'm gon...)01:23
T42_<Tailsthefoz> nevermind! the USB-C on my pixel 3 is broken! (re @Tailsthefoz: ok you know, I'm gon...)02:02
T42_<NotKit> try setting the IP manually on host to and see if you can ping (re @Tailsthefoz: the network isn't be...)10:16
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I tried that and I couldn't (re @NotKit: try setting the IP m...)13:59
T42_<Tailsthefoz> yeah just tried again and I still can't14:50
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```15:45
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:27 PhoneX23 mce[1450]: mce-hybris.c: mce_hy15:45
T42_<Tailsthefoz> bris_lookup_function(): mce_hybris_framebuffer_init: failed to lookup: /usr/lib615:45
T42_<Tailsthefoz> 4/mce/modules/ undefined symbol: mce_hybris_framebuffer_init```15:45
T42_<NotKit> check /var/log/usb_info.log (re @Tailsthefoz: yeah just tried agai...)15:47
T42_<Tailsthefoz> alright15:47
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit real quick, what user is this running as? ```15:49
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:27 PhoneX23 mce[1450]: mce-io.c: mce_write_15:49
T42_<Tailsthefoz> number_string_to_file(): brightness: can't flush /sys/class/backlight/panel0-bac15:49
T42_<Tailsthefoz> klight/brightness: Operation not permitted```15:49
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I need to add udev rules for it15:49
T42_<Tailsthefoz> in the droidian udev rules the user running the backlight stuff is `droidian` but it's obviously not the same in sailfish15:50
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I'll just go with `system` for now15:52
T42_<Tailsthefoz> checking now (re @NotKit: check /var/log/usb_i...)15:52
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```15:52
T42_<Tailsthefoz> GNU/Linux Device on usb0```15:52
T42_<Tailsthefoz> that's what it says15:52
T42_<Tailsthefoz> (note that I switched out droidian's usb-tethering script for ubports' becuse I knew that one also worked)15:53
T42_<Tailsthefoz> if I look in journalctl it says: ```15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:30 PhoneX23 systemd[1]: hybris-usb.usb-teth15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ering.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=127/n/a15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:30 PhoneX23 systemd[1]: hybris-usb.usb-teth15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ering.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:30 PhoneX23 systemd[1]: Failed to start USB15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz>  Tethering.```15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:30 PhoneX23 bash[5796]: /usr/bin/usb-tethering: line 126: /usr/sbin15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> /dhcpd: not found```15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> this is the only error I see related to usb-tethering15:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ah I see why15:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> it's called udhcpd15:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I assume it's the same thing?15:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> it doesn't seem to think it failed ```16:01
T42_<Tailsthefoz> [81515.082305] usb 1-1: SerialNumber: GNU/Linux Device on usb0```16:01
T42_<Tailsthefoz> still can't ping it though16:02
T42_<NotKit> try also masking connman as it sets up a firewall that may block packets16:03
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh alright16:03
T42_<NotKit> not the same, but DHCP server failing is not fatal if you set the IP manually on the other side (re @Tailsthefoz: I assume it's the sa...)16:03
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ah alright16:04
T42_<Tailsthefoz> anything else I should try? (re @NotKit: try also masking con...)16:05
T42_<NotKit> can't think of something else yet16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> hold on I might've found the issue16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 16:00:50 PhoneX23 bash[5940]: mkdir: can't create directory '/sys/kernel/16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> config/usb_gadget/g1/functions/rndis_bam.rndis': No such file or directory16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 16:00:50 PhoneX23 bash[5940]: mkdir: can't create directory '/sys/kernel/16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> config/usb_gadget/g1/configs/c.1': Device or resource busy16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 16:00:50 PhoneX23 bash[5940]: mkdir: can't create directory '/sys/kernel/16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> config/usb_gadget/g1/configs/c.1/strings/0x409': No such file or directory16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 16:00:50 PhoneX23 bash[5940]: /usr/bin/usb-tethering: line 24: can't crea16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> te /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/g1/configs/c.1/strings/0x409/configuration: non16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> existent directory16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 16:00:50 PhoneX23 bash[5940]: ln: /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/g1/config16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> s/c.1: Operation not permitted16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 16:00:50 PhoneX23 bash[5940]: ln: /sys/kernel/config/usb_gadget/g1/config16:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> s/c.1: Operation not permitted```16:07
T42_<NotKit> (check whether it is connman or connmand)16:07
T42_<NotKit> this should be ok if you get the network adapter on host16:08
T42_<NotKit> this should be ok if you get the network adapter detected on host (edited)16:08
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ah alright16:08
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I also looked in connman journals, it doesn't seem to be blocking anything, but I don't know if it logs blocks16:08
T42_<Tailsthefoz> could this be an issue (probably not but) ```16:09
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:29 PhoneX23 bash[5796]: mount: /sys/kernel/config: none already mou16:09
T42_<Tailsthefoz> nted on /sys/fs/bpf.16:09
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 15:41:29 PhoneX23 bash[5796]:        dmesg(1) may have more information a16:09
T42_<Tailsthefoz> fter failed mount system call.```16:09
T42_<NotKit> unrelated16:09
T42_<Tailsthefoz> alright16:09
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok rebooting now after masking connman16:11
T42_<Tailsthefoz> hoping for the best16:11
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ayyy it worked16:12
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```16:12
T42_<Tailsthefoz> 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.620 ms```16:12
T42_<Tailsthefoz> now uh what's the username16:12
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh wait SSH isn't running I think16:13
T42_<Tailsthefoz> yeah nmap says all ports are closed16:14
T42_<Tailsthefoz> lemme add to the usb-tethering service to also start sshd16:19
T42_<Tailsthefoz> this look right? ```16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ExecStart=/bin/bash /usr/bin/usb-tethering16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ExecStartPost=/usr/sbin/sshd \16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz>     -o PasswordAuthentication=yes \16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz>     -o PermitEmptyPasswords=yes \16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz>     -o PermitRootLogin=no \16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz>     -o ListenAddress=```16:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz> well rebooting and hoping it works!16:22
T42_<Tailsthefoz> unfortunately it appears to have caused the service to not start at all16:23
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok ssh is running now16:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> except I have no idea what the user is16:31
T42_<TheVancedGamer> defaultuser iirc16:31
T42_<TheVancedGamer> thats the username16:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> what about the password lol16:32
T42_<TheVancedGamer> pretty sure there isn't one by default16:33
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh damn it ok time to make a password16:33
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I'll just give root a password16:34
T42_<Tailsthefoz> no I'll just make a user16:36
T42_<Tailsthefoz> yeah because defaultuser nor nemo exist16:37
T42_<Tailsthefoz> the password I set for any user doesn't let me in17:16
T42_<Tailsthefoz> just says permission denied17:16
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I don't think it's starting it like this because it's on port 22 not 8022 (re @Tailsthefoz: this look right? Exe...)17:17
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I should look at ssh logs and see why it's denying me maybe17:18
T42_<NotKit> you can also enable normal Sailfish SSH17:18
T42_<NotKit> and set root password17:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I did set root password17:18
T42_<NotKit> you can also enable normal Sailfish SSH service (edited)17:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> it doesn't let me in with what is running17:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```17:22
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Jun 01 17:13:45 PhoneX23 sshd[8179]: Failed password for root from
T42_<Tailsthefoz> port 41670 ssh2```17:22
T42_<Tailsthefoz> let me disable PAM authentication17:27
T42_<Tailsthefoz> It might be because PAM is running yet17:27
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok I modified the sshd config alot to not use PAM and to allow root login17:30
T42_<Tailsthefoz> let's see if it works now17:30
T42_<Tailsthefoz> It still doesn't work17:32
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh I see why, interactive ssh login is disabled in the config lol17:38
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok I'm going to have to make a public key it literally won't let me in with passwords lol17:52
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I'm gonna try using ubports's conf because I know it works18:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> now the battery is dead and it has to charge lol18:10
T42_<Tailsthefoz> funny thing though, the custom charging thing does show up18:10
T42_<Tailsthefoz> the colors are all wonky though18:10
T42_<Tailsthefoz> like the background is blue and the green in the battery icon is purple lol18:10
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok I got further18:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```18:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ssh root@
T42_<Tailsthefoz> root@'s password:18:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> "System is booting up. Unprivileged users are not permitted to log in yet. Please come back later. For technical details, see pam_nologin(8)."```18:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I guess I can't use PAM login, I have to redisable it lol18:19
T42_<Tailsthefoz> but it says password is wrong without PAM18:25
T42_<Tailsthefoz> guess I have to enable PAM, and make root a "privileged user"18:25
T42_<elros34> now I appreciate piece of cake usage of hybris-boot script from regular hadk porting way even more18:29
thbpe86hi, i would like to test sailfish on the xperia 10 v. ive seen on github that only camera and fingerprint reader arent working. are there any flashable images anywhere i can try it out with?18:50
T42_<elros34> there will be flashable image when jolla announce it18:56
T42_<elros34> for impatient devs there is instruction how to build image:)18:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> How can a developer be impatient, especially a C/C++ one lol (re @elros34: for impatient devs t...)18:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> the amount of patience C/C++ takes18:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> (non-descriptive errors)18:58
thbpe86alright, thanks :) will do that18:59
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit after fiddling with PAM and sshd for like 2 hours, I'm finally in!!19:46
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok so the issue appears to have something to do with MFC19:51
T42_<NotKit> check if the container is running20:17
T42_<NotKit> @Tailsthefoz then test_egl_configs as root and defaultuser20:17
T42_<NotKit> @Tailsthefoz then run test_egl_configs as root and defaultuser (edited)20:17
T42_<Tailsthefoz> can't atm, gotta charge the stupid thing20:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> wait maybe not20:18
T42_<Tailsthefoz> well I removed all the volla X23 related packages20:19
T42_<Tailsthefoz> hopefully that doesn't break anything20:20
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I removed them because there was a lot of mediatek related things, and I figured that might be breaking something20:22
T42_<Tailsthefoz> (this broke booting, so I had to remake the rootfs, except only removing the things that I thought would be causing issues, like stuff in the halium overlay) (re @Tailsthefoz: well I removed all t...)22:23
T42_<Tailsthefoz> while I was at it, I also enabled mass storage in the usb tethering script, so it'll be easier to transfer files22:25
T42_<NotKit> sounds good, can you test if test_egl_config works?22:28
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Yeah, in a couple of minutes, just gotta reflash the userdata22:29
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok I'm back in22:41
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok LXC container is running22:41
T42_<Tailsthefoz> now doing test_egl_config22:41
T42_<Tailsthefoz> not found22:41
T42_<Tailsthefoz> do I have to enter the container?22:42
T42_<Tailsthefoz> no it's not found there either22:43
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit22:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ah the tests aren't installed23:06
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I need to install them23:06
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit
T42_<NotKit> library "" not found23:15
T42_<NotKit> library "" not found23:15
T42_<NotKit> library "" not found23:15
T42_<NotKit> library "" not found23:15
T42_<NotKit> ERROR: The DDK (built for 0x90030000 r0p1 status range [0..15]) is not compatible with this Mali GPU device, /dev/mali0 detected as 0x9202 r0p1 status 0.23:15
T42_<NotKit> do you have the vendor.img from X23?23:16
T42_<NotKit> check /var/lib/lxc/android folder23:16
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ohhhh maybe lol (re @NotKit: do you have the vend...)23:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> yup23:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> lmao23:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> time to remove that and reboot23:32
T42_<Tailsthefoz> it did something23:33
T42_<Tailsthefoz> the backlight is changing23:34
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok test_egl_configs succeeds now23:34
T42_<Tailsthefoz> wht should I try now23:34
T42_<Tailsthefoz> test_hwcomposer? @NotKit23:34
T42_<Tailsthefoz> well test_hwcomposer failed23:35
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```23:35
T42_<Tailsthefoz> WARNING: linker Warning: "[vdso]" unused DT entry: unknown processor-specific (type 0x70000001 arg (nil)) (ignoring)23:35
T42_<Tailsthefoz> terminating with uncaught exception of type NSt3__112system_errorE: thread::join failed: Invalid argument23:35
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Aborted```23:35
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```23:37
T42_<Tailsthefoz> type=1701 audit(1694091933.968:101): auid=0 uid=0 gid=0 ses=1 subj=kernel pid=10039 comm="Binder:10039_2" exe="/usr/bin/test_hwcomposer" sig=6 res=1```23:37
T42_<Tailsthefoz> this is the only thing that shows up in dmesg23:37
T42_<Tailsthefoz> strace shows alot of things23:38
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```23:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> writev(4, [{iov_base="l/\0\0\0\365/", iov_len=7}, {iov_base="\0\365/4\313\371d#\212\3350", iov_len=11}, {iov_base="\3", iov_len=1}, {iov_base="hwcomposer\0", iov_len=11}, {iov_base="Start HWCService\0", iov_len=17}], 5) = 4723:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ioctl(25, BINDER_WRITE_READ, 0x7fc3773b98) = 023:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ioctl(25, BINDER_WRITE_READ, 0x7fc3773d18) = 023:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ioctl(25, BINDER_WRITE_READ, 0x7fc3773bb8) = 023:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ioctl(25, BINDER_WRITE_READ, 0x7fc3773d38) = 023:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> futex(0x7f951bb2c4, FUTEX_WAKE_PRIVATE, 2147483647) = 023:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> write(2, "terminating with uncaught except"..., 105terminating with uncaught exception of type NSt3__112system_errorE: thread::join failed: Invalid argument) = 105```23:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> prolly the issue23:39
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh wait it might be because I accidentally removed the gralloc overlay23:45

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