Saturday, 2024-06-22

rinigusmal and Thaodan: looks like a chunk of kernel updates is missing for 4.1412:30
rinigusis it just due to lack of time or some other reason?12:31
riniguswill post it here as well, as it is more question to porters15:34
rinigusdo we need adaptation-community-common ( or was it provided by jolla directly these days?15:35
riniguswhen checking packages provided by hw:common on device, it seems that they all are provided by
rinigusnot sure if it is accessible when building images...15:36
malrinigus: parts of those kernel changes are included in that one PR there but when I tested it I had issues so didn't get merged and lack of time to debug15:44
rinigusmal: thank you! so, maybe next time :)15:45
malneed to see if I find time to test with latest sony changes15:47

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