Wednesday, 2024-06-26

T42_<adampigg> @Mister_Magister picoplayer not working in 4.6 ... missing org.nemomobile.mpris ... im wondering if its been replaced?20:31
T42_<Mister_Magister> but how? microtube shouldn't work either then20:32
T42_<adampigg> unless im missing a package on this device, but i checked all with mpris in the name!20:33
T42_<Mister_Magister> i'll check20:33
T42_<Mister_Magister> now how about that battery drain caused by advanced camera xd20:33
T42_<adampigg> well, i was going to write a video player and look/steal your code :D20:33
T42_<Mister_Magister> why tho? you can just contribute to picoplayer20:34
T42_<Mister_Magister> its barebones as it can get20:34
T42_<adampigg> yeah, thats a better idea20:34
T42_<Mister_Magister> checked on 4.6 works beautifully20:34
T42_<Mister_Magister> its literally microtube's player strapped to two ways of picking a file20:34
T42_<Mister_Magister> well expanded a bit cause it can select audio tracks and shit20:34
T42_<adampigg> which package contains org.nemomobile.mpris then?20:35
T42_<Mister_Magister> zypper se mpris?20:35
T42_<adampigg> obvs i did that :D20:35
T42_<adampigg> ah sorry, i found one not installed20:35
T42_<adampigg> you should fix your .spec ;)20:36
T42_<Mister_Magister> if it works give me package's name20:36
T42_<Mister_Magister> i'll ad it20:36
T42_<Mister_Magister> or well let me quote one @adampigg20:36
T42_<Mister_Magister> 20:36
T42_<Mister_Magister> "prs welcome" :D20:36
T42_<adampigg> yeah, mpris-qt5-qml-plugin20:37
T42_<Mister_Magister> ye that20:37
T42_<Mister_Magister> tho or some reason i don't see it in packages20:37
T42_<Mister_Magister> ah ye20:37
T42_<Mister_Magister> its there20:37
T42_<adampigg> now i need to hack it to work on the PP/PPP20:38
T42_<Mister_Magister> good luck with that20:38
T42_<Mister_Magister> you better just use something else20:38
T42_<adampigg> i just need it to use playbin3 for the pipeline (im told)20:38
T42_<Mister_Magister> it is20:38
T42_<adampigg> oh20:38
T42_<adampigg> ah, youre using the wrong sink20:39
T42_<adampigg> i probably need an xvimagesink and copy the buffer to a window .. youre using droidglsink20:39
T42_<Mister_Magister> *inhales* the issue is that to use gstdroid i had to implement my own sink that sfos also has in alternative package, but sfos smartly picks normal qt sink when its not gstdroid. passing anything through gstdoid will produce output that only gstdroid compatible stuff can work with so if you don't do it, you cant' push it to gstdroid sink. To implement other sink that would accept non-gstdroid input one could use gstqml or whatever it20:41
T42_<Mister_Magister> no i am using correct sink (re @adampigg: ah, youre using the ...)20:41
T42_<adampigg> yeah .. but its a sink that native devices dont have20:41
T42_<Mister_Magister> yes20:41
T42_<Mister_Magister> as explained in the long message20:41
T42_<Mister_Magister> so ye mal would be cool to hear update about enabling the qml sink20:42
T42_<Mister_Magister> and qml sink because i'm using qml output @adampigg, it would fit right in20:44
malhmm, need to check how that works in sfos20:55
T42_<abranson> Thanks for reminding me to migrate to amber-mpris. I thought I'd done that years ago.22:13
T42_<abranson> It's almost the same as that old mpris-qt5, which is deprecated and won't be around forever.22:15
T42_<Mister_Magister> can't wait for jolla to break my apps again22:16

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