Wednesday, 2023-03-29

T42<TheVancedGamer> @elros34 I gave up on 9C, reported Redmi Note 9 with hybris-17.1 and now I have telnet on port 23, I had diagnosis.log previously saying AUTOFS4_FS is missing, after enabling that now I have no diagnosis.log and init.log only mentions "Failed to boot init in real rootfs"06:46
T42<TheVancedGamer> I should mention this device is also dynamic partitions based, should I try to add parse-android-dynparts now or later?06:47
T42<elros34> gave up without even trying? For sure there is more than that error and it's related to your data partition. You will need to handle dynamic partitions anyway but this is not related07:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> that device was just pain07:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> aarch64 kernel, armhf trees07:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> anyway, for this device I have data mounted on /data, /target/data07:04
T42<TheVancedGamer> what am I looking for in init.log?07:06
T42<elros34> errors as usual07:06
T42<TheVancedGamer> wait, I don't have sbin/ in /target07:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> is that normal?07:07
T42<elros34> did you install sailfish without error?07:08
T42<TheVancedGamer> yes07:08
T42<elros34> how did you managed that?07:10
T42<TheVancedGamer> installed it from twrp after building mic?07:12
T42<TheVancedGamer> i'm building for a device with much better trees, 9C was just a mess07:12
T42<elros34> and it works just  like that, impossible:)07:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> / # ls /target/07:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> afs/     data/    etc/     home/    init.rc  proc/    root/    usr/07:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> 07:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> i believe this is concerning07:13
T42<elros34> show that log07:13
T42<TheVancedGamer> how do I pull files from telnet? :P07:14
T42<elros34> what do you want to pull? Format /data in twrp than then boot again and install sfos manually because twrp installation almost never works07:16
T42<TheVancedGamer> ok07:16
T42<elros34> boot again hybris-boot not twrp07:17
T42<TheVancedGamer> so after formatting data and rebooting, I get telnet07:19
T42<TheVancedGamer> I unpack rootfs in telnet?07:19
T42<iDrinkCoffee> hello world, it is I, the troll07:20
T42<TheVancedGamer> ok @elros34 I now have init-debug in real rootfs07:35
T42<TheVancedGamer> thanks for the pointers07:35
T42<TheVancedGamer> so I add08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> ```08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> # For mount partitions08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> Requires: parse-android-dynparts```08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> 08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> to my patterns08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> but how will it get built?08:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> where do I define the repo so that issuing just —mw would build it?08:04
T42<elros34> you need to build it yourself, search recent channel log, mal gives more up-to-date instruction with fp4 example how to handle all of this08:05
T42<TheVancedGamer> i've built it already, I want to autobuild it08:06
T42<elros34> so read the script08:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> found it, yes08:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> but it's built by dhd, and that's pulled as a module from sfos repos08:07
T42<TheVancedGamer> forking would become a bit unnecessary, no?08:09
T42<TheVancedGamer> or should I fork it and add the buildmw line for parse-android-dynparts08:09
T42<elros34> It's up to you unless you want to upstream that build but not sure this will be included08:10
T42<TheVancedGamer> also, why isn't cpio just added into allowed paths?08:10
T42<TheVancedGamer> I could make a PR for it if needed08:10
T42<elros34> IIRC cpio is addedin hybris1808:11
T42<TheVancedGamer> not in 17.1, and it doesn't show it either08:12
T42<TheVancedGamer> it's also possible to add the executable into soong config paths which eliminates the need for the temporary path restrictions var08:12
T42<elros34> so this patch need to be added fro 17 base:
T42<TheVancedGamer> yes, basically08:15
T42<TheVancedGamer> this should apply as-is08:15
T42<k1gen> mal: hey, anything else to try with sound?09:06
T42<TheVancedGamer> @elros34 I got a bit farther this time, product is mounted by dynparts service but for system I get12:53
T42<TheVancedGamer> `Mar 29 15:35:32 RedmiNote9 bash[1572]: device-mapper: reload ioctl on dynpart-system  failed: Invalid argument`12:53
T42<TheVancedGamer> I get the same error if I run dmsetup manually as well12:55
malhow do you run dmsetup? using the command in my script?12:58
T42<TheVancedGamer> yes12:58
mal@k1gen no ideas right now, need to check logs a bit more12:58
T42<TheVancedGamer> more confusingly product is fine, I can access all files as well12:58
T42<k1gen> mal: thank you! feel free to ping me if you need anything that can help you12:59
T42<TheVancedGamer> ```13:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> / # dmsetup create --concise "$(parse-android-dynparts /dev/mmcblk0p43)"13:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> device-mapper: reload ioctl on dynpart-system  failed: Invalid argument13:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> Command failed```13:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> but I only get /dev/mapper/dynpart-product13:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> it is ext4 so that shouldn't be an issue13:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> failing bit taken from strace13:06
mal@k1gen if you want to try to debug other issues in the meantime maybe you could get some information about sensors, check what sensor related processes are running, try to see if restarting sensorfwd systemd service helps13:06
T42<TheVancedGamer> mal: I crosschecked with FP4 repo, everything is the same13:10
maland partition if correct?13:29
malcan you show the list of partitions in for example /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/13:30
T42<k1gen> mal: sensorfwd starts fine by systemd, here's log when I start it manually and try some sensor tests in csd: tell me if you need anything else13:31
malwhat sensor related processes are running check "ps aux | grep -i sensor"13:34
T42<k1gen> mal: sensorfwd without full path to executable is mine, not systemd's13:36
T42<TheVancedGamer> mal:13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> / # ls /dev/block/platform/bootdevice/by-name/13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> boot           expdb          lk             misc           persistbak     sec1           tee213:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> boot_para      ffu            lk2            nvcfg          proinfo        seccfg         userdata13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> cache          flashinfo      logo           nvdata         protect1       spmfw          vbmeta13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> cust           frp            md1img         nvram          protect2       sspm_1         vbmeta_system13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> devinfo        gsort          md_udc         otp            recovery       sspm_2         vbmeta_vendor13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> dtbo           gz1            metadata       para           scp1           super13:44
T42<TheVancedGamer> exaid          gz2            minidump       persist        scp2           tee113:44

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