Saturday, 2013-03-30

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GentSirMorning mates11:33
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MFaro-TusinoMorning GentSir :)11:47
MFaro-TusinoAnyone happen to know if there is a list of pre-fabricated sailfish icons for CoverPage?11:47
GentSirMight be some stuff in the Sailfish Silica package11:48
GentSirI've barely looked at cover stuff yet though11:48
MFaro-Tusinoyeah, i was just curious so i looked at it11:48
MFaro-TusinoLots of potential to extend apps11:48
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GentSirIt reminds me of the Windows Phone live tiles11:49
spider-marioit’s better, though, is it not?11:51
GentSirMuch better11:52
MFaro-TusinoWP live tiles are nice11:53
MFaro-Tusinobut you can't interact with the app11:54
MFaro-Tusinothe app can only give you live updates11:54
MFaro-Tusinowhere as Sailfish's cover Pages not only give you info, also allow you to control your app11:54
GentSirYes yes11:54
MFaro-Tusinoits essentially combining WP's live tiles with Symbian/Androids widgets11:54
MFaro-Tusinoalong with Harmattan's multitasking view :p11:55
GentSirand then there's the little issue of how WP is crap11:55
MFaro-Tusinoi currently use an 820 as my daily11:55
MFaro-Tusinoit does the job11:55
MFaro-Tusinobut i prefer my N9s and N95011:55
MFaro-Tusinoif only they were more stable *sigh*11:55
GentSirI use a Motorola Atrix 211:55
GentSirMy best mate has been using my N9 as his daily for the last year :)11:56
GentSirHere's my experience with WP :)
MFaro-Tusinoyeah, i used mine as daily for about 20 odd months11:58
GentSirHe started using my N9 that day11:58
GentSirHe only used that WP for around a month, was using an E72 before that11:58
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MFaro-Tusinoyeah but Sammy wp are crap haha12:05
MFaro-Tusinohtc aren't far off12:05
MFaro-TusinoI've used them all and so far Nokia have had the best12:05
GentSirNokia usually is the best, just saddened by them in the last couple years12:08
GentSirHopefully Jolla has something better than "another slab of plastic with a touchscreen"12:09
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Stskeepsbuilt with love12:10
GentSirYes, love12:10
GentSirand a hw keyboard12:10
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rashm2kI want to see jolla come out with the N95013:05
rashm2kWith beefed up specs13:06
GentSirrashm2k, amen13:14
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Sfiet_Konstantinhappy easter for those who have it16:05
Sfiet_Konstantinhave a good week end for everybody :)16:05
rcgthanks same to you Sfiet_Konstantin :)16:05
rcgand of course all others :)16:06
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* lbt builds SailfishOS apps on Mer OBS21:41
rcglbt, cool :D21:42
frecelis there an easy way to put sailfish on samsung galaxy SII?21:42
lbtfrecel: simple answer "no"21:43
frecelis there currently an easy way to put sailfish on anything?21:43
lbtwell, the emulator image has been used on a number of x86 devices21:44
lbtfrecel: what is your interest?21:46
frecelI'm just bored of android and don't want to spend the money on N921:46
lbtsince you may be in almost-but-not-quite the right place21:46
lbtso #nemomobile is the place to go to look at community hacking on devices21:47
lbtbut realistically you will find it hard to get nemo phone functionality on anything other than N921:47
frecelso all of the meego, mir, nemo etc communities are currently just focused on nokia n9* devices?21:49
lbtnot at all21:49
rcgfrecel, it's met not mir21:49
rcgthanks to ubuntu there is a "subtle" difference21:49
Yanielmer even ;)21:49
rcgthanks to ubuntu there is a "subtle" difference*mer21:49
lbtfrecel: however Nokia's N9 is one of the most well-understood devices with phone functionality21:50
frecelI think I've been a part of too many flamevars over Mir recently and I just type that instinctively :D21:50
YanielI still don't know if I should welcome it or hate it21:51
lbtluckily mir is OT in here :D21:52
frecelAnything to replace X11 is good21:52
FireFlyIt's always good with more choice, IMO21:53
rcgbtw lbt, what's the correct place to report bugs in Sailfish.Silica?21:53
rcgat least i think it's a bug21:53
lbtrcg: currently on here or ml21:55
rcgalright, i think i'll create a minimal example for reproducing my issue and send it to ml21:56
lbtroughly what?21:58
rcgfor SilicaFlickable, scrollToTop() is not working22:03
rcgit fails with something like "listView not found"22:03
rcgjust a sec, then i can get the actual error message22:04
rcgfile:///usr/lib/qt4/imports/Sailfish/Silica/SilicaFlickable.qml:48: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: listView22:11
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lbtrcg: sounds like a real bug, yes22:32
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mjonesrcg: thanks.  SilicaGridView has the same problem.  Bug reported.22:51
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