Saturday, 2013-04-20

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leszekhow is it possible to call a function in qml from Firstpage.qml when I am in SecondPage.qml ? FirstPage.functioname() does not work. I also tried parent and importing FirstPage.qml but that does not seem to work either15:10
leszekhere is the code line 19 is the problem here:
leszekand before anyone asks , yes there is a FirstPage.qml and yes it has a function called getNotes()15:14
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leszekhmm... so no one had the problem so far ? There must be away to access a function of another qml file somehow15:35
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yuntaleszek: does your FirstPage have an id?16:03
leszekyes it has16:06
yuntadid you try root.functionname() ?16:12
leszekdoes not work16:12
leszekbut I think I got it now16:12
leszekwhen pushing a new page you can give it a parameter16:13
yuntaah, ok16:13
leszekI just set a variable like uRoot: root and created an empty QtObject in SecondPage with null16:13
leszekthis seems to work16:13
leszektook me ages to find it but I actually found it in some obscure n9 tag reading application :P16:14
leszekthanks anyways ;)16:14
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lbt updated to describe local rpm building16:40
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yefim323I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times, but where do I download the platform binaries to flash onto my Nexus 7?21:06
nsuffysno community img available for the moment21:07 the only way to develop for it is with the emulator?21:08
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