Friday, 2013-05-03

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hihii  have  a  quesion.when  i  change the  code  and  use  crtl+r run the code . the  ide will show  a  i  must close the  used jolla  host.and  try agin it may can start.13:03
hihitalk  me  the   jolla  host  is  use,you  must  close it  first13:04
Yanielare you aware that there are two virtual machines?13:04
Yanielone for compiling and one for running13:05
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hihithe virtual is  open  and compillng    the  code  ,when  i try run the code once, will be  close the jolla host  again?13:07
Yanielyou might need to close your program in the emulator first13:08
Yanielbut I don't think you should need to restart the emulator13:08
lbtdefinitely not13:12
hihiyeap  , but  i don`t  want  to close the  program,the  sailfishos  is  multitasking system,ist it?it  can  open others  windows to run the second program?right13:12
Yanielbut the debugger might get confused13:12
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hihibut  i  can  run  many  progrm in the  qt  fro  the  same  code13:15
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hihiqt -gui  will   open  a  lot  windows for the progrm13:15
lbthihi: the typical problem I see is that there are a *lot* of copies of my app running since I don't close the first test before launching the second13:16
lbthihi: what OS are you using?13:17
dsadi   use  qt on  win7   not  sailfishos13:18
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hihiqt code  can do it  ,but   sailfish code don`t  like is ,rgiht?13:21
hihii  can  make  some  code for example.13:22
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lbtttttttt: I'm not quite sure what the problem is13:28
tttttttthank you13:31
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tttttttthis  code  can launching the second   run  with  doon`t close the first test
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lbtttttttt: sorry, had to do some work things13:57
lbtttttttt: that code is using Qt widgets - Sailfish uses QML13:58
tttttttyeap ,so   it  is  real  different13:59
lbtttttttt: a good idea would be to try the Qt QML tutorials on your desktop to learn that first :
lbtwe have some tutorials but not many - we are writing more13:59
lbtyes, it's very different13:59
lbtit should be much easier14:00
lbtand it still can use C++14:00
lbtbut most of the graphics are done in QML and javascript14:00
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ttttttt@lbt thank you , i  hope  qt5  can use  on   sailfish   ,it   support   json:)14:04
lbtyes, sailfish uses 4.8 right now but qt5 will be available too at some point14:04
Sfiet_Konstantinttttttt: use qjson14:05
Sfiet_Konstantinit is shipped in Sailfish14:05
Sfiet_Konstantinbut in Qt5 Json support is better and integrated in the core :)14:05
ttttttti  found  some  tutorials  on sailfishos ide14:07
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