Monday, 2013-05-06

wirew0rmSfiet_Konstantin: ok then i think i'll have to do that. don't like the trend though. im very enthusiastic about sailfishos because i hope for a smartphone os with a more "linux like" user/developer has the control feeling.00:04
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Sfiet_Konstantinwirew0rm: at least it is easy to support many platform with that method00:14
Sfiet_Konstantinwirew0rm: if you have to package your sdk for every linux distro ...00:14
Sfiet_Konstantinthat would be a pain00:14
specialthe SDK is only an alpha, and there aren't any sailfish images outside of it00:14
specialmight be a different situation in the future00:15
fmunozswirew0rm, the installer doesn't require to be run as root, so you could run it under a different user with less privileges and copy whatever it extracts00:23
wirew0rmSfiet_Konstantin: I can partly understand the motivation, but i a) don't understand what blackmagic the installer does that couldn't be done in a few comprehensible lines in a bashscript and b) packages don't have to be built upstream, but this is making it very hard to build packages00:36
wirew0rmspecial: also understandable, but if no one asks, chances are lower for the future, i think00:38
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wirew0rmSfiet_Konstantin, special, fmunozs: thanks for answering my questions, looking forward to the presentation of the device. (and a future where i can do # pacman -S sailfishos-sdk ;) )00:57
fmunozsI used to mantain some aur packages for meego image creator  :P00:58
wirew0rmfmunozs: I'm only "Contributor" :)01:06
wirew0rmand i've never looked that much into meego as i was quite happy with webOS for a time... but i'm really missing the performance of a new phone, so sailfish could be exactly at the right time01:09
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wirew0rmfound a way to get the emulator only:
wirew0rmunfortionaly this repository is not browsable, so you cannot watch for new versions...02:01
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sigmaorionhi! Is audio working on the SDK? I've read in the documentation that it should work and that the pulley menu should make a sound, but I get no sound at all...04:32
sigmaorionsorry, with "audio on the SDK" I meant "in the emulator"04:32
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dm8tbrsigmaorion: make sure the virtual machine has a sound card04:47
dm8tbrsigmaorion: also check using e.g. alsamixer if the sound levels in the emulator are up04:48
sigmaoriondm8tbr, yeah, in the Wiki it says that the VM doesn't have audio enabled by default, but it was enabled04:48
sigmaorionand alsamixer returns an error, something like "connection refused"04:48
sigmaorionI tried changing the audio card in the emulator, but had no luck04:49
dm8tbrIt worked for me back then04:49
sigmaorionwhat would the audio module be in the emulator?04:49
sigmaorionI mean, it should be there when doing "lsmod", right?04:50
dm8tbrIIRC I used the default04:50
sigmaorionmaybe some issue with the VB version :/04:51
sigmaorionmaybe because I'm running the SDK in Windows? (yeah, I know, awful!)04:52
sigmaorionwell, no worries about that for now :). What I'm really wondering how to fix is the following: My QML app has a page where there is a grid of colored rectangles (if you look for bbSmile game in Ovi Store, you will see what I'm talking about). Those rectangles rotate a random angle when tapped... when the rectangles in the top rotate, they will cover the pulley menu!!!04:56
sigmaorionso, how do I "cropp" the content of my QML page (or send it backwards) so that it won't cover the pulley menu?04:56
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sigmaorionPulley menu = PullDownMenu QML element :)04:59
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wowericyou  can  change  the   example  code05:34
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sigmaorionwoweric, was that for me?05:50
wowericcan you find  the  example code?05:55
sigmaorionwoweric, yeap, I can find it05:55
sigmaorionwhich page should I look in?05:56
wowericurl C:\SailfishOS\examples\SailfishOS\componentgallery\pages\05:56
wowericor  you  can man  a  sailfishos  new  example05:56
sigmaorionwoweric, well, yeap, but I don't see the point, sorry... are you answering me about the content of my page getting over the pullDownMenu content?05:58
woweric   like this05:59
wowericuse   anchors.fill: parent05:59
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sigmaorionwoweric, yeap, that's the way it is done, but the content of the SilicaFlickable element is getting out of bounds...06:01
sigmaorionI have a Grid element inside SilicaFlickable, where each element of the Grid is a rectangle06:02
sigmaorionwhen the rectables in the top rox scale up, they cover the pullDownMenu06:03
wowericlet  me  see you  code,in  paste.kde.org06:03
sigmaorionyeap, sure06:04
Stskeepsmorn all06:05
wowerichi  sts.06:05
sigmaorionStskeeps, morning!06:06
sigmaorionwoweric, each rectangle has a mouseArea and when it is "clicked" it just makes the rectangle to scale, rotate, change color, etc randomly06:08
sigmaorionso, after clicking the rectangles in the top, some of them gets larger (scaling up), which is the desired behavior, that is what the app is about... but the problem is that the rectangles will cover the menu in the top.06:09
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wowericsorry,you  can  find  Stsleeps for  help06:10
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sigmaorionI tried making the Grid children of a rectangle, thinking it would probably limit the area where the rectangles are drawn, but it didn't work...06:10
sigmaorionwoweric, thank you for your time!06:11
sigmaorionit's 3:11am in the morning here, I'm out to bed, hehe06:11
sigmaorionsee you guys, bye06:11
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sigmaorionwoweric, I have set clip property of the parent rectangle (the one that fills the screen) to true and now it works just fine! :)06:14
sigmaorionnow I will sleep more happilly... cheers!06:15
woweric:) it  is  good  news06:15
sigmaorionwoweric, yeap, thanks for your help! See you, bye bye!06:16
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paviJust installed the SDK . But the VM is not starting  It says MER SDK connecton refused07:58
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paviIs there no one here who helps with running the SDK   ?08:03
pavi I am running it on Open Suse 12.308:03
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Kondoupavi: did you start the build-machine?08:08
paviKondou, you mean the VM ?08:08
Kondouyeah, the build-vm08:08
rcgpavi, there are two vms08:10
paviKondou, I thought the Qt designer startd the VM08:10
rcgthats what Kondou is trying to say08:10
Kondouwhat rcg says08:10
pavishould it be explicitly started08:10
rcgyou have the sdk vm and the emulator vm08:10
Kondoufirst start the build vm08:10
Kondouthen the emulator08:10
Kondounext time try looking into the FAQ btw x)08:11
pavisorry for asking how do I start them ? If I run the first program it tries starting it and fails saying that it cant connect08:11
rcgpavi, there should be buttons for starting the vms in the left bar (pretty close to the bottom)08:13
rcgin qtcreator, that is08:14
pavircg, yeah but it still says Mer SDK connection refused08:14
pavior sailfishos emulator connection refused08:15
rcghmm ic08:15
pavircg, Kondou I went to tools ->options ->devices where I ran the test and it says SSH connection failure: Connection refused08:19
pavilooks like some permission issue ?08:19
rcgpavi, sorry, am pretty busy right now, you could try to look if you find instructions to ssh into the vm from the shell08:21
pavircg, yeah thanks . will search for them08:21
rcgonce you can log in from the shell, the connection for qtcreator should work as well08:21
paviHopefully there is a wiki08:21
rcgi assume either that the vms are not in knownhosts or that the permissions on the mer-sdk ssh keypair are not correct08:22
paviShould the MER sdk be running already as some ssh service ?08:23
rcgthe vms should be running08:25
rcgyou connect to localhost on either port 2222 (sdk) or 2223 (emulator)08:25
rcgssh -p 2222 -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost08:26
rcgthe vms must be running of course08:26
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pavircg,  The VMs are not running at all , so no point in SShing to them . How do I start them ? virtual box says that both devices are shut down and I dont have permissions to sstart them09:04
paviIs -rw-r--r-- the correct permission for the keys?09:11
rcgpavi, oh, so the problem seems to be even already in virtualbox09:23
pavircg, kontio thanks solved it09:23
rcgah great :)09:23
paviits because of opensuse and virtual box errors09:23
paviHave to run it as root09:24
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rcghmm.. i'm sure that the settings can be adjusted such that it's not required to run as root09:48
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achipajust wondering, is the sailfishos alpha sdk supposed to work anywhere outside the default install path? I figured it has issues when the project dir is outside of home, but it seems the sdk dir itself is picky, too10:04
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fk_lx achipa: best to report that on sailfish-devel mailing list10:05
achipaWell it's an alpha sdk so I'm just curious... it crimps my chroot-based dev setup, that's all10:07
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Sfiet_Konstantinachipa: I missed it, what's the problem ?10:07
achipainstall SDK any place *other* that ~/SailfishOS and it still somehow manages to have the ~/SailfishOS paths in configs and the tooling setup10:08
achipamight be that it's the chroot confusing it, that's why I'm asking10:08
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wowerthe   emulator   sometime  is unusually to  open.must  stop it  and try again12:48
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