Thursday, 2013-05-16

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jake9xxauri__: no, it does not look ok07:50
auri__thot so..07:50
auri__maybe I should get the latest mersdk image?07:51
jake9xxwhat does it say with rpm -qa sdk-vm ?07:51
jake9xxit might be installed anyway, that's just a warning imo07:51
jake9xx..which is funny as I did not have it07:51
jake9xxthen it's good07:51
jake9xxcan you do 'mb2' ?07:51
auri__but I dont have mb2 in my path07:51
jake9xxoh MER(de).. I need to pull the SDK VM again07:52
auri__do you have it in your path?07:52
auri__hehe :)07:53
jake9xxit should be in /usr/bin/07:53
jake9xxjust like the mb207:53
auri__something is bogged.. mb is ofcourse there but no mb207:53
auri__ looks wrong too07:54
jake9xxno, that should ok07:55
jake9xxyou take ssu into use07:55
jake9xxsdk-version is not used then07:55
jake9xxof course it should not give you "the finger" but just disable sdk-version07:56
jake9xxhey, it's OSS, wanna contribute ;)07:56
auri__:) guess I should start sometime07:56
auri__ssu up returns Device is not registered07:57
jake9xxwait a bit07:57
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jake9xxwhat does ssu s say?07:57
jake9xxzypper --non-interactive up sdk-vm07:58
auri__ .. looks ok i guess07:59
jake9xxok.. I'm back at the same stage as you08:00
jake9xxdoing the steps (again) in,1008:00
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jake9xxand resulting to same08:03
jake9xxI'll look at packaging next08:04
auri__same == mb2 not in path?08:06
auri__or do you have a proper setup after those steps?08:06
jake9xxsorry, so yes, no mb208:07
jake9xxlbt: mb2 is not pulled in by sdk-vm udpate08:07
jake9xxupdate, even08:07
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lbtjake9xx: no, it's not in a release yet08:54
lbtit's in sdk-tools too08:55
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lbtauri__: it's like qtcreator - current status is pull from git :)09:07
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jake9xxcannot we have a 'devel' for these kind of activityies?09:28
jake9xxactivities, even09:28
lbtjake9xx: we can and will09:33
lbtas you know I've not had a huge amount of time to look after the community side of things recently09:34
lbtmer-tools is migrating to mer obs09:34
lbtand that is now super-urgent btw09:34
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jake9xxlbt: second to that, with the current setup.09:40
jake9xxlbt: auri__ -> other #09:40
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tachikoma"Jolla's Other Half device is a touchscreen phone with a detachable, magnetically attached keyboard+battery+port extender."10:04
tachikomaups, wrong channel, sorry10:04
Nicd-is there a source for that?10:06
Nicd-oh, just a forum post10:10
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tachikomaNicd-: yes, just a forum post10:17
tachikomaso - not reliable at all10:17
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Sfiet_Konstantintotally unreliable10:24
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sledgesa good rumour though :)10:26
Sfiet_Konstantinhave seen that rumour already quite a lot of time10:27
tachikomathey should just do what the majority in the polls asked for ;)10:29
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Sfiet_Konstantintachikoma: you need tech to do that10:34
Sfiet_Konstantinnot easy10:34
tachikomaSfiet_Konstantin: not sure what you mean, i was refering to the poll concerning the form factor, there majority voted for Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen10:36
Sfiet_Konstantinbut the problem is that since I'm from france, I would love to have an azerty10:37
Sfiet_Konstantinso that means several phones10:37
Sfiet_Konstantinand look at chinese people10:37
Sfiet_Konstantinthey might not care about qwerty10:37
Sfiet_KonstantinI would love to have detachable kbd10:39
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tachikomaSfiet_Konstantin: chinese people use querty10:40
tachikomaansd scim10:40
tachikomaat least on other computers or tablets10:40
Sfiet_Konstantintachikoma: yeah, but on a mobile device it might be better to have stroke recognition10:41
tachikomaSfiet_Konstantin: i absolutely would love to have a detachable keyboard, but i try to be reasonable10:41
Sfiet_Konstantintachikoma: :D10:41
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm pretty sure that it can be like that10:41
tachikomaSfiet_Konstantin: miy wife is chinese and she says that scim is faster than stroke recognition, but i guess there are many other opinions on that ;)10:41
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, if you have biig enough pockets:
* sledges hides10:42
Sfiet_Konstantintachikoma: i'm half chinese and it is true that "pinyin" is better10:42
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: D:10:42
tachikomaok :)10:42
Sfiet_Konstantinbut i have not seen much qwerty kbd in china10:43
Sfiet_Konstantinbb devices don't sell well either10:43
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tachikomaif the detachable modular keyboard would be optional, that could work10:45
Sfiet_Konstantinwould love to see that10:46
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netvandalhi all14:23
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sledgeshi nice nickname :)14:31
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netvandal thanks sledges  :)15:24
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netvandalguys, has SilicaListView a json model?16:29
netvandalor what is considerd the best practice to populate a listview after a query to a json webservices?16:30
Sfiet_Konstantinnetvandal: use JS to get these data16:31
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Sfiet_Konstantinand then create qml listelement16:31
Sfiet_Konstantininside a listmodel16:31
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netvandalSfiet_Konstantin: isn't very slow?16:32
Yanielif your list is huuuuuge16:33
netvandalYaniel: not so huge.. about 100 elements16:33
Yanielthen it is fast enough16:34
Yanielmaybe not if you re-generate it all the time16:35
Yanielbut that is unlikely to be the case16:35
netvandalok, i will try16:35
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