Sunday, 2013-05-26

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wowdd1hi  how to download  sailfishos  source code ?02:30
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cxl000The base OS is Mer see, Middleware is nemo see  Sailfish component source not yet released but the SDK is available see http://www.sailfishos.org02:42
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wowdd1i need  to download them one by one ?03:14
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wowdd1so   i can not build sailfish os  now?03:15
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locusfis there a way to make the VirtualBox NAT interface to receive data as well?08:31
Stskeepsport forwarding?08:31
locusfhmm yes08:31
locusfbut I can't make the QSslSocket to bind to a forwarded port, I guess08:32
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locusfand setLocalPort() is protected..08:40
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locusfmade a subclass but I can still see that the forwarded port is not used08:49
lbtlocusf: should be easy with port forwarding - bind to<port> and add NAT as per
locusfconnection made from:
lbtyou then connect to localhost:XXXX08:50
lbtI think the ports are bound to on the host IP08:50
lbtthat means you can't connect from another machine08:50
lbteither blank or to make it wide open08:51
lbtit's deliberate so your laptop :2222 isn't open in conferences08:51
locusfor make the networking bridge as the connection08:51
lbtyou can do that too but you're more on your own there08:52
locusfI've noticed :)08:53
lbtport-by-port NAT should be the simpler answer08:53
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locusfconnection made from:
locusfI can see from wireshark that the server this log is from tries to write data back08:54
locusfbut it never makes it to Sailfish emulator in which the QSslSocket is running and listening08:55
lbtroughly what are you doing?08:55
locusflemme commit and link you the source08:55
lbtwhat device connecting to emulator08:55
lbtsure - but also an overview08:55
jjanvierhi there !08:56
lbtmorning jjanvier08:56
jjanvierI have a silly question08:56
lbtaren't they all08:56
jjanvierI've been looking for a real Linux phone for a long time08:56
jjanvierand I've divcovered sailfishos a few weeks days ago08:57
lbtwell, you've found the most "linux" one you can get08:57
jjanvierbut I can't find anything about the apps08:57
lbtlocusf: OK08:57
jjanvierwill they all be free and open source ?08:58
lbtlocusf: also: what device connecting to emulator ... want to make sure the infra is setup properly08:58
lbtjjanvier: all? 'no'08:58
jjanvieror can the devs sell them on a ·store08:58
lbtjjanvier: yes08:58
jjanvierok, if I'm a dev08:59
jjanvierand want to make a free app08:59
lbtI also want to explore support selling oss apps on a store - but that's a very complex topic08:59
jjanvierwhere can I put it ?08:59
jjanvierwill it be reviewed ?09:00
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lbtjjanvier: did you ever use meego?09:00
jjanviersadly no09:00
lbtOK, back then we (the community) developed :
jjanviertoo expensive for me at the time :(09:00
lbtthis had a community review process09:00
lbtand ran on meego OBS09:01
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lbtwe hope the community will do something similar for sailfish (and since I'm in the community I'm pretty sure it will!)09:01
jjanvierok, thanks09:01
jjanvierit sounds perfect09:01
lbtof course!09:01
lbtoi... locusf: also: what device connecting to emulator ... want to make sure the infra is setup properly09:02
locusflbt: my server on the 10.3.0.x network09:03
locusftries to reply to NAT'ed emulator on my machine09:04
woweric@locusf  can  run  on  sialfish?09:05
locusfwoweric: yes09:06
locusfwoweric: also09:07
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lbtlocusf: and your NAT screen has  name:deluge (or...)  protocol:tcp  Host IP: blank Host Port: 34527 Guest IP: blank Guest Port: 3452709:08
lbtand is 34527 fixed?09:08
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locusflbt: nope, it changes on every connect09:09
lbtlocusf: OK - can't use NAT then09:10
locusfconnection made from:
lbtthis sounds odd09:10
lbtyou're saying 'from'09:10
locusfthis is from deluge daemon logs09:11
locusfthis is
lbtso the from port != to port09:12
lbtwhat port does your sailfish app listen on?09:12
locusfon nothing, its a qsslsocket client09:13
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lbtOK - so it doesn't listen? it simply makes outbound connections?09:13
lbtso you don't need NAT at all09:14
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lbtthe emulator can connect to anything your host can connect to09:14
locusfbut can't read data replies from deluge server host09:15
lbtthe server log contains "connection made from:"09:15
lbtthat means the network layer is just fine since you'll need an ACK to have gone back to the emulator09:15
locusfthats not the emulator IP, its the emulator hosts IP09:16
lbt*cough* NAT09:16
lbtthe emulator uses NAT to look like the host09:17
lbtso yes, that's the emulator09:17
locusfI probably need some iptables magic09:18
lbtno, you really don't09:18
lbtif your emulator is making TCP connections to a server and uses that connection to transfer data then you're fine09:19
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lbtif the server says "please open port XXXXX and I'll connect back to you" then you're in trouble09:19
lbtsome p2p do that09:19
locusfits just that the readyRead() signal is not triggered09:19
lbtare the others?09:20
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woweric@locusf   it is don`s  work09:23
lbtare you sure your code flow is right? line 63 looks like it blocks09:23
locusfit does09:23
locusfand so does 6709:23
wowericoh  mod  take me 40% cpu use.09:25
wowericoh  god09:25
locusfwoweric: what are you doing?09:25
wowerici  don`t  belive  . i am  checking09:26
lbtlocusf: put a Qdebug  after line 61 - I think it's your code, not the network setup09:26
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lbtI am 99% sure you're fine without any additional NAT or iptables09:27
locusfI removedd the thread blockers no effect09:27
locusftbh I have 0 experience in qtmnetworking code09:28
Teemuzzugh... anyone dare to help me install an rpm through mer... seems to be impossible for me09:28
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Sfiet_KonstantinTeemuzz: what are you trying to do ?09:32
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat Mer and what RPM ?09:32
lbtlocusf: yeah - I'd find some sample code and try that - the point of the debug is to show it's connected09:34
Teemuzztrying to install an app into the sailfish emulator09:34
Sfiet_KonstantinTeemuzz: which app ? what OS are you running ?09:35
Teemuzzubuntu, and the ambience changer, cosmetic reasons :l09:35
lbtTeemuzz: what command and error/problem do you have? pastie may help09:37
locusflbt: ok, will do09:37
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Teemuzzjust can't get the file moved into the emulator >.>09:37
lbtlocusf: sorry I haven't got more time to drill in09:38
Sfiet_KonstantinTeemuzz: ubuntu ?09:38
wowdd1_hi   can sailfishes  port to omap  ?09:38
lbtTeemuzz: ah09:38
Sfiet_Konstantinah ok09:38
Sfiet_KonstantinTeemuzz: use SCP09:38
lbtscp should work just fine09:38
locusflbt: sure, np09:38
Sfiet_Konstantinwowdd1_: there is mer port to omap09:39
wowericnick  /eric09:39
lbtwowdd1_: Mer and Nemo can port to a wide range of devices; sailfish could run on those devices but may well not be ported09:39
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wowdd1_i need download   mer  and nemo one bye one  if i want download sailfish os?09:40
Sfiet_Konstantinwowdd1_: you can create an image09:41
Sfiet_Konstantinuse mer platform sdk ?09:41
lbtwowdd1_: what are you trying to do?09:42
Teemuzzgot connection through terminal09:42
lbtTeemuzz: problems?09:42
Teemuzzno longer any. T_T09:43
wowdd1_i want download  the code  complete09:43
lbtTeemuzz: OK  good :) - make sure you check the Known Issues page for ubuntu though - it's a bit different09:44
lbtwowdd1_: OK, for code you need to look at Mer and Nemo projects - the open code is there09:45
lbtyou can't rebuild sailfish from code09:45
wowdd1_there are some part code have not open?09:45
lbtsome will become open, some won't09:46
lbtthe commercial world we live in :)09:46
locusflbt: started emulator via br0, still same problems, so my code is the culprit :/09:47
lbtlocusf: yep, I knew that :D09:47
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wowdd1_the code is not open complete   , i also can build sailfish os  ?09:49
lbtwowdd1_: no, you can't; sorry09:49
lbtwowdd1_: you can build nemo and mer09:49
Teemuzz"ailed to open a session for the virtual machine SailfishOS Emulator. An unexpected process (PID=0x0000255A) has tried to lock the machine 'SailfishOS Emulator', while only the process started by LaunchVMProcess (PID=0x000003A0) is allowed."09:50
wowdd1_but i want build sailfish os09:50
lbtTeemuzz: nice - what did you do09:50
Teemuzzshutdown the sailfish emu09:50
Teemuzz reboot time >.<09:51
lbtTeemuzz: woah09:51
lbtI'd like to know more09:51
lbtand if you can get me a screenshot that would help09:51
Teemuzzi'm good at F*cking things up09:51
lbtthat's what testing is for09:51
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lbtwowdd1_: sorry - the only way to do that is to work for Jolla :D09:52
wowdd1_are you in jolla?09:52
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FabianSI hope that the next SDK release will include emulator images with some basic smartphone apps.09:53
lbtFabianS: such as?09:53
FabianSMail client, browser,...09:53
wowdd1_so sailfish os is not open source project?09:53
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FabianSwould be interesting to see notifications and sharing mechanisms09:54
Stskeepswowdd1_: the UI licensing is still under discussion but a vast majority is code is out there and open09:54
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lbtFabianS: agreed - I can't discuss what's in the next release but we do want to find out what people are missing09:55
lbtFabianS: most of the middleware is there09:55
FabianSYes, we'll see.09:55
FabianSWhat I've seen so far in the video demos looked promising09:56
mattaustinWill sailfish handle application settings in a similar way as harmattan (a plugin), or should I integrate settings configuration from within my app?09:57
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teemuzznow checking if i can get the emulator back up >.>10:02
teemuzznow i can't even start mer10:05
teemuzzweirdly enough, i can start the emulator now10:06
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wowdd1_how to learn  port  ?  are there some books  about that?10:08
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teemuzzCreated a new virtual system for mer, now got it working... now just hoping that the sdk sees the sdk10:13
teemuzzide* sees the sdkj10:13
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teemuzzmeh. everything's so broken that i need to reinstall10:15
lbtmattaustin: iirc there was some discussion on the mailing list about that - it may be worth digging up the thread and possibly replying10:18
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teemuzzcan't uninstall T___T10:23
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teemuzzdamn damn damn10:40
teemuzza few variables with the emulator10:40
mattaustinlbt: Thanks - will go and have a search!10:50
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wildfierhi everyone !11:15
wildfieri'm testing the sdk and the emulator11:16
wildfierI was wondering, how do you turn off the phone ?11:16
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woweric_@Sfiet_Konstantin  do you have  make  some  app for  sailfish11:18
Sfiet_Konstantinwoweric_: mostly experiences i would say11:19
Sfiet_Konstantinlike "ambiancechanger"11:19
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm trying to build a social API in nemo (so Facebook apps, and more ?)11:19
woweric_so  twitter gamegapps?11:21
woweric_games  apps11:21
edgarsany manual to get sailfish on N9? :)11:23
teemuzzSailfish's not released yet11:24
FabianSedgars: There are no ARM images yet.11:24
teemuzzkeep calm and wait11:24
edgarsoh damn11:24
FabianSI really hope that Sailfish gets at least as good as Meego/Harmattan.11:24
FabianSIt kinda has to if Jolla wants to succeed.11:24
edgarsand i was thinking about N9 as temp phone11:24
dm8tbrHarmattan is still a very nice phone OS11:25
FabianSedgars: Nothing wrong with Nokia's Meego.11:25
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*** xorrr has joined #sailfishos11:25
edgarsactually only one problem i see with meego/sailfish11:26
edgarsno navigation software11:26
FabianSThe N9 comes with Nokia Maps preloaded.11:26
FabianSWith free worldwide offline maps.11:26
petokeksiruns android software -> use google maps11:26
FabianSAnd navigation.11:26
Sfiet_Konstantinedgars: not yet11:26
edgarsFabianS: oudated maps11:26
Sfiet_Konstantinrumours says that there will be maps11:27
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever, we don't know the provider11:27
FabianSWhy outdated?11:27
FabianSThe N9 was released in 2011.11:27
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, i mean, it is sure that there will be maps11:27
dm8tbrnokia maps material is kept up to date11:27
edgarspetokeksi: i do not like a google invasion :11:27
FabianSAnd the maps are kept up to date.11:27
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mattaustinedgars: I still get new maps for Australia as downloads on my N911:27
dm8tbruse OSM :)11:27
FabianSNokia still uses them on the Lumia.11:27
FabianSdm8tbr: OSM don't work for navigation.11:27
edgarsOSM is not for navigation11:28
dm8tbrFabianS: I've seen some apps with navigation11:28
dm8tbrnothing stellar, but seemed to work11:28
FabianSI've seen apps with navigation too.11:28
FabianSBut nothing usable.11:28
edgarsi just like my copilot navigation and without it i'm like without hands somewhere abroad :)11:28
edgarsmattaustin: thats's good11:29
FabianSThat's another sad thing about Nokia dropping meego.11:29
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*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos11:29
FabianSThey have offline maps and great maps software.11:29
edgarsmaybe i will give a try to used N9 :)11:29
FabianSI wouldn't buy a N9 anymore.11:29
woweric_nokia  map  is   very good11:29
FabianSThe hardware is just too weak by now.11:29
FabianSI wouldn't spend 200€ on a singelcore ARM and a 854x480 display.11:30
edgarswhy 200?11:30
FabianSBecause that's how much it costs in europe.11:30
edgarsi'm looking on used one ~100eur11:30
FabianSUsed ones are ~150€ in Ger.11:30
FabianSBadly scratched or broken ones maybe <=10011:30
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M4rtinKBTW, navigation - check out modRana :)11:45
M4rtinKalready does navigation with spoken directions on Maemo11:45
M4rtinKsupports both online and offline routing (on OSM data)11:45
M4rtinKand is already running on Nemo Mobile and Harmattan11:46
FabianSNavigation on OSM Data.11:46
FabianSNobody wants that.11:46
M4rtinKthough the GUI does not support all features on these platforms at the moment11:46
FabianSOSM is awesome if you just want maps to find out where you are.11:46
FabianSBut it's useless for navigation.11:46
M4rtinKwell, my testing shows it to be usable, at least here in Europe11:47
M4rtinKof course, the coverage varies11:47
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: is that serious that modrana does all that :O11:47
Sfiet_Konstantinneed to take a look i guess11:47
FabianSBut that's exactly what you need for navigation.11:47
FabianSPerfect road coverage.11:47
FabianSWithout big errors.11:48
*** wowdd1_ has left #sailfishos11:48
M4rtinKmost of Europe i covered pretty good11:48
M4rtinKGermany has insane amount of detail for example11:49
M4rtinKand a big plus is, you are not dependent on a third party on your data11:50
Nicd-yes you are, the third party is called openstreetmaps11:50
M4rtinKyou can just get a OSM data dump and generate it yourself11:50
M4rtinKNicd-: well, yeah, but it is not the same as eq. Navtec & co11:50
M4rtinKalso, the data is often much more up-to-date in regard to new road construction11:51
M4rtinKwith new highway stretches showing up in OSM the day they are opened for public11:51
M4rtinKand you can fix mistakes - commercial maps often have bogus data for years and summarily ignore reports from users11:52
Nicd-google just released a map editor though11:53
M4rtinKso that's it - IMHO the best is to try for yourself :)11:53
Nicd-I have to admit OSM is crazy detailed near cities11:53
Nicd-has trails and trees and park benches11:53
M4rtinKwell, you can of course help them improve their closed data - if they import it in the end :)11:53
M4rtinKyeah, it really depends on people11:54
FabianSThe problem is that roads are not necessarily accurate.11:54
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos11:54
M4rtinKyou can spot where the mappers live like this :)11:54
Sfiet_KonstantinOSM have also quite ok data for hiking11:54
Sfiet_Konstantinand I love the feature in Marble to get the elevation profile11:55
M4rtinKI have it too in modRana :)11:57
valdur55M4rtinK: where i can download modRana ? I can't find it in Nokia Sotre11:58
*** otep_ has joined #sailfishos11:58
Nicd-that looks nice11:58
Nicd-does it have turn-by-turn?11:58
*** otep has quit IRC11:59
M4rtinKNicd-: it does11:59
Nicd-I'll have to try that with my N90011:59
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos11:59
M4rtinKbut please note - there are two GUIs12:00
M4rtinKthe original GTK GUI supports all features12:00
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: what does the Qt gui ressemble ?12:00
M4rtinKand runns on the N90012:00
*** nsuffys has quit IRC12:00
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: don't know how it works, but do you have "modules" in ModRana ?12:00
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos12:01
M4rtinKthe new QML GUI does not support everything yet but works on N9 and other devices12:01
Sfiet_KonstantinI would love to write a "conservative" GUI for Harmattan12:01
Sfiet_Konstantinor help12:01
Sfiet_Konstantinor to use mapping modules12:01
Sfiet_Konstantindo you provide that ?12:01
teemuzzIs there a file select dialogue @ the silica library?12:02
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: sure, would be appreciated ! :)12:02
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: no12:02
*** jjanvier has quit IRC12:02
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: but would only be compatible to N9 / Sailfish I think12:02
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: modRana is actually fully modular - see this for rough description how it works:
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause ... I don't have N900 :(12:03
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, I might do some gui stuff with ModRana12:03
Sfiet_Konstantinwas searching for an OSM routing app12:03
teemuzzhaving one would ease developement so much. :L12:03
Sfiet_Konstantinand thanks you are here !12:03
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos12:03
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: why do you need that ?12:03
valdur55Is 0.38.1 lastest stable version?12:04
teemuzzmaking this little 'alarm/stopwatch/notification/timer' thingy12:04
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: sounds promising12:04
M4rtinKthat's the latest in Extras, isn't it ?12:04
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: so, pick music basically, isn't it ?12:05
M4rtinKwell, even the one in Devel should be pretty stable12:05
valdur55I use rzr-s repo.12:05
teemuzzexactly, tbh :P12:05
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: you could either do a completely separate GUI module (modRana supports that)12:05
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: that might help you
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: or extend the QML one12:05
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe completely separated12:06
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: that would be preferable :)12:06
Sfiet_Konstantinwill see what i can do though12:06
Sfiet_Konstantinnot sure that it will even work :P12:06
M4rtinKsure :)12:06
teemuzzSfiet_Konstantin: haha, thanks :D12:06
teemuzzpretty newbie at this whole mobile developement scene, been at generic java for 3 years12:07
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: just ask if you have any questions :)12:07
Sfiet_Konstantincool :)12:07
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: and any help would be much appreciated :)12:07
Sfiet_Konstantini'm very noob in that topic12:08
Sfiet_Konstantinand have other projects (targetting harmattan and sailfish :))12:08
Sfiet_Konstantinso ... don't know12:08
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: I think there are many interesting possibilities wiht modRana, but I can only do so much :)12:08
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: :)12:09
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's cool12:10
* Sfiet_Konstantin is thinking of getting a clone right now12:10
M4rtinKor just fork it :)12:10
teemuzzHmmmmmm... Now i'm getting pretty excited12:10
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: about ?12:10
M4rtinKbut patches are also fine :)12:10
teemuzzwell, if i'd make it possible to select either a list, or a gridview12:11
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: you can12:12
teemuzzi could use the gridview as an album view, if it supports getting external images... Albumarts :)12:12
Sfiet_Konstantinit is easy12:12
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: not easy12:12
Sfiet_Konstantinlist view is better12:12
Sfiet_Konstantinfor selecting a tune12:12
teemuzzBut as in, album view, click, shows tracks of albums12:12
teemuzzthe tracks of the album*12:12
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ...12:12
Sfiet_Konstantindon't know what is the best though12:13
teemuzzGot the idea from the music browser example12:15
Nicd-hmm, seems modRana works on my N900 and I'll definitely take it for a drive12:16
M4rtinKgood ! :)12:16
valdur55/opt/modrana/run/ dir should be /opt/modrana/bin dir...12:16
M4rtinKwell, there are just some shell scripts12:17
Nicd-but the UI is pretty nonintuitive12:17
M4rtinKcould be12:18
M4rtinKalso the options menu is needlessly deep12:18
M4rtinKbtw, long press of the back button gets you back to map12:18
Sfiet_KonstantinNicd-: that's why I volunteered for a UI refresh12:19
* Sfiet_Konstantin is an UI guy12:19
M4rtinKyeah, I'm not really a designer :)12:20
Nicd-how can I quit navigating?12:20
Nicd-ah, found it12:20
Nicd-looks pretty great for a community-made software12:21
M4rtinKyeah, a slick well designed GUI would be nice :)12:21
M4rtinKthanks ! :)12:21
teemuzzthis is pretty awkward, i really can't make GUIs to PC software, but when doing mobile things i can't do anything else than user interfaces. :l12:21
Sfiet_Konstantinteemuzz: :P12:21
Nicd-M4rtinK: it has finnish voices in the menu but does it really have finnish directions?12:21
*** Pat_o has quit IRC12:23
M4rtinKalso if you use online routing12:23
M4rtinKit asks for finish directions12:23
M4rtinKso it should be in finish & spoken with finish voice12:23
Nicd-hehe, I'll have to see if it's as funny sounding as ios maps12:24
M4rtinKcould be still a bit quirky sometimes12:24
teemuzzsec, <-- shout 2000 being a spacesaver. :L12:24
Nicd-ios maps sounds like it's drunk12:24
M4rtinKwell, it is like being guided by Stephen Hawking over the phone :)12:24
teemuzzflipped the options on the alarm type over, seems more logical12:25
M4rtinKunderstandable but a bit robotic :)12:25
Nicd-teemuzz: btw, if you use imgur, you can link straight to the picture file12:25
*** reindeernix has joined #sailfishos12:25
Nicd-M4rtinK: ios maps is a traffic hazard, my wife and I almost died of laughter when we used it12:25
M4rtinKcan be improved by installing the mbrola voices though (
Nicd-the synthesied voice was too funny12:26
M4rtinKoffline routing directions are not yet translated12:26
M4rtinKI have some translations already on Maemo wiki, but haven't got to integrating them yet12:27
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: transifex to the rescue12:27
M4rtinKSfiet_Konstantin: thats why it is taking so long :)12:28
M4rtinKI want to convert it to pot or something other Transifex compatible12:28
M4rtinKand make modRana read it from there12:29
M4rtinKBTW, I'm already using Transifex for my second project, the Mieru manga & comic book reader:
M4rtinKwith nice results :)12:29
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC12:31
M4rtinKale the QML UI should be easy to translate as well12:31
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos12:31
M4rtinKthe classic GTK one - not as much12:32
M4rtinKits code being born from necessity and lack of other technologies at the moment is quite interesting :)12:32
M4rtinKit is basically a single Cairo widget and everything is drawn with Cairo12:33
M4rtinKwith full screen redraw12:33
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos12:36
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos12:37
Sfiet_KonstantinM4rtinK: D:12:37
teemuzz file:///usr/lib/qt4/imports/Sailfish/Silica/SilicaFlickable.qml:48: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: listView12:38
teemuzzwell, looks like i need to change into listview12:39
*** nodevel has left #sailfishos12:41
*** teemuzz has quit IRC12:43
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*** Teemuzz has joined #sailfishos13:15
TeemuzzI'm back! (Again...)13:16
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Teemuzzi never remember... scroll wheel freezes the emulator13:28
*** triggerhappy has joined #sailfishos13:29
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos13:29
locusfmy emulator screeches when I use my quicklist app on the pull down menu13:32
locusfthe sound starts to loop13:32
*** Teemuzz has quit IRC13:32
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woweric_you  and  change it13:40
*** avs has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** woweric has joined #sailfishos13:56
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woweric@locusf   quicklist   how  i  can  add one  menu?14:06
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos14:08
locusfwoweric: ?14:08
wowerici  use  yu  code14:08
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC14:09
wowerichow  can i  add  one item14:11
wowerici  push the   button  and  print some  number, and  then?14:12
locusfpress enter on virtual keyboard14:15
locusfObject::connect: No such signal QSslSocket::peerVerifyError(QSslError&) in sailfishapplication/delugeclient.cpp:1914:19
locusfObject::connect: No such signal QSslSocket::sslErrors(QList<QSslError>&) in sailfishapplication/delugeclient.cpp:2014:19
locusfwell that explains something ...14:19
*** yanliang has joined #sailfishos14:19
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locusflbt: its about SSL errors, my app not working14:23
locusfSSL errors:  ("The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted")14:23
locusfalthough I told the socket to ignore all and every error14:23
*** teemuzz has joined #sailfishos14:24
teemuzzeya :)14:24
lbtlocusf: that's an ssl layer issue though14:26
Jonnilocusf: you can get rig of ssl errors with this 3 liner
*** teemuzz has quit IRC14:29
Jonnithat way it doesnt do any verification and self signed works14:30
*** teemuzz has joined #sailfishos14:30
teemuzzdamn you nokia. D: cutting down my connection every no wand then14:30
teemuzznow* and14:30
locusfJonni: thanks !14:31
locusfJonni: still get the errors :/14:32
locusf    _pSocket->setPeerVerifyMode(QSslSocket::VerifyNone);14:32
locusfI already had that14:32
Jonniand you've set that mode before you created the connection? I usually put that 3 liner in beginning of main, before doing anything else.14:34
locusfhmm not14:35
locusfput it to main, still SSL ERROR:  "The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted"14:36
Jonniwierd then your having some other issues, as for me that 3 liner always work and havent needed to set anything else in the whole application.14:36
locusfit seems so14:37
Jonnimaybe you should then try adding your cert with addCaCertificate to the application so it would be trusted14:40
locusfserver cert?14:40
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locusflbt: wasn't ssl either14:56
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos15:01
teemuzzi might have a problem :P15:10
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teemuzz anyone know what's the matter?15:29
teemuzzi have a clue, yet idk how to fix it15:29
teemuzznvm, just need a proper way of fixing it without hardcoding15:31
*** atriverside has joined #sailfishos15:37
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teemuzzcentering textswitch?16:39
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itbaronhas anybody got Qtmobility Video working on sailfishOS?19:31
Stskeepsnot sure it'd work on emulator19:31
itbaronok. I get some GStreamer errors when i try it19:31
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