Monday, 2013-06-03

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MFaro-TusinoHappy Monday!02:35
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MFaro-TusinoIts a beautiful sunny day in Sydney (pleasant change from the past week of terrible weather)02:36
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AlphaX2I need some help, with the SailfishSDK06:36
AlphaX2I have an *.ics file which I want to parse, so I've added the file to "other files" it's also listed in *.pro but not copied to the device? What is missing/wrong?!06:38
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chriadamAlphaX2: have you defined an install target which includes that file?06:40
AlphaX2... a what?!06:40
AlphaX2No I don't think so, how to do that?06:41
chriadamICS_FILE.path = /usr/share/myapp/ ; ICS_FILE.files = my.ics ; INSTALLS += ICS_FILE06:41
chriadamread the qmake manual about the INSTALLS directive06:41
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AlphaX2okay I will have a look, I thought it will add these files automatic06:42
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AlphaX2chriadam: seems not to work07:01
chriadamhave you defined your own spec file?07:01
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chriadamdoes it include the ics file in the files directive for the package?07:01
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AlphaX2I've searched a bit around and added the lines in the pro file07:04
AlphaX2so I think this should work, there is also no error message07:04
AlphaX2but via ssh I can see the file is not copied07:04
MFaro-Tusinohello again everyone :)07:05
AlphaX2okay sorry07:06
AlphaX2a stupid typo07:06
MFaro-Tusinotypos are the worst!07:07
AlphaX2jepp :D Thanks for the help, and I think this: will help much more than the offical qmake doc - the INSTALL part is very thin07:07
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lbtchriadam: FYI we're trying to get the INSTALLS values automatically added to the %files section of the rpm/yaml too08:28
chriadamI do wonder: why do we go through a yaml stage?  I mean, I personally don't find yaml easier to read or maintain than spec?08:29
lbtchriadam: it's not for you :)08:34
lbtchriadam: one big reason is that yaml is easier both for users and for QtCreator to manage08:34
Sfiet_Konstantinhello chriadam !08:35
lbtQtC now 'just' needs a yaml parser and can handle dependencies, BR, files, license, app-store metadata etc much more easily than having a full .spec handler08:36
lbtchriadam: we can also drop the yaml totally - tell QtC "I'm a packaging god" and it's all down to you :)08:36
Stskeepsjust type in "%prep" on your keyboard and it switches mode.08:37
chriadamlbt: fair enough :-)08:38
chriadamSfiet_Konstantin: good evening08:38
lbtchriadam: feedback on it would be appreciated sooner rather than later too - the standard qmake/make cycle now uses the spec file commands too08:39
lbtStskeeps: :P08:39
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faenilmorning people, I can ssh into SDK and Simulator, but QtCreator doesn't detect them, any hint?08:59
faenillbt, ^, for instance :D09:00
lbtfaenil: do the test buttons work ?09:01
faenilwhere are the test buttons?09:01
lbttools -> options   then device/test   and mer/test09:01
faeniloh the device test09:01
faenillbt, yes they work09:02
lbtthis is a known bug btw09:02
lbtso what's the actual problem09:02
faeniloh, didn't find anything in the known issues lbt :P09:03
faenilwell, I can't deploy because it says the emulator isn't runnig09:03
lbtcan you stop it using ssh (poweroff) then start it using QtC09:04
faenilI started it using qtc09:04
faenillbt, well, it's working now :/09:06
faenilI used poweroff from ssh and restarted from QtC09:06
faenilbut I have always QtC to start them09:06
faenilalways used*09:06
lbtwe're working on making the link-state detection more reliable09:07
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Jonnifaenil: most usual causes are resolv timeouts, you can either increate the timeout from config or try echo > /etc/resolv.conf inside sdk and emu.09:38
Jonniincrease even09:38
faenildid echo already09:38
Jonniecho nameserver > ... even09:39
faeniloh, known issues page only says echo
Jonniah then there is a typo in known issues page :)09:41
faenilJonni, typo in my mind actually :D just checked and it's there :P09:42
faenilJonni, anyway got it working by restarting few times :)09:43
faenil"have you tried turning it off and on again?"09:43
Jonnichanging timeout from 10 to 30 is quite usefull too. (share/qtcreator/MerProject/qtcreator/devices.xml)09:43
faenilok, thanks :)09:45
faenilJonni, oh anyway, remember to bring the serial console if you want to debug the n950 at the summit :D09:46
Jonnifaenil: sure, you still have problems with it? did you notice that new ubiboot was released over the weekend?09:47
faenilJonni, no I did not :) I'll try that if I find some spare time during the evening ;)09:47
faenilI haven't investigated into that issue anyway, I thought it would have been better to not waste time on it and wait for the serial console :)09:47
Jonniyeah with serial console its going to be easy atleast, although juiceme's newest ubiboot might solve it too09:48
faenilyeah I'll try that first and let you know ;)09:48
faenilcya people! :)09:48
faenilhave a nice day09:48
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MFaro-Tusinohi all10:52
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MFaro-Tusinoanyone we can declare where to store an icon in our structure?10:56
MFaro-Tusino*anyone know how10:56
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JonniMFaro-Tusino: most likely package instructions are not public yet, either store it under your app dir in opt or use same paths as N9, but instructions can change at some point11:03
Jonnior depends what kind of icon you mean :)11:04
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MFaro-TusinoThanks Jonni, yeah I meant app launcher icon. I did that method, just included it in an images folder and link to that in desktop11:06
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MFaro-TusinoSo, I am wanting to do a cver page for two separate states of my app (governed by a boolean). Whats the best way to chose which layout to use?11:10
Jonniuse qml basic type bool?11:13
Jonnior I maybe I just dont understand the question :)11:14
veskuhcover: mycondition? firstchoice : secondchoice11:14
MFaro-TusinoThanks Veskuh! In that though, I would set up two coverPages correct?11:15
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veskuhMFaro-Tusino, yeah, so you can optimize that, but you know premature optimization..11:16
MFaro-TusinoJonni: I was looking to have a CoverPage that would show two differnt layouts. Eg. If app is opened, then minimised without doing anything, you'll get a basic app icon cover, if you use it, you'll get a context sensitive view with data pulled from the functions you've used11:16
MFaro-TusinoVeskuh, thanks. Will try it11:16
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MFaro-TusinoThanks Veskuh & Jonni :) App Cover is now working as I had hoped!11:26
MFaro-TusinoI hadn't thought to have two cover pages, was trying to do it in the same one11:26
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woweric    much  and  much13:37
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