Sunday, 2013-07-21

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ShapeshifterHi. I installed the sailfishos SDK for linux x86_64 and I successfully launched the SDK, created the example project and launched both VMs (the VM icons both show a red stop icon). Is it correct that the emulator VM shows only a black, empty canvas? In any case, if I try to run the example application, I get the following error: "bash: line 0: cd: <path to project here>: No such file or directory". ...10:25
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Shapeshifter... However, the path does exists and all the project files are there. So what is wrong?10:25
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Nicd-have you read the known issues list?10:26
ShapeshifterAlso, I can't log into the build vm. I googled the login credentials and many places say it's root/nemo but it gives me "Login incorrect".10:27
ShapeshifterNicd-: yes, I don't see anything relevant to my problem...10:27
Nicd-the emulator showing a black empty canvas might be the "power saving" feature10:30
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ShapeshifterNicd-: It is. I was able to wake it. Seems like it's working (although some things are garbled, e.g. some icons and there are graphic artifacts but nothing too bad). Can't build though.10:32
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b0bbenhey sailers11:46
b0bbeni'm having some UX issues when using a map11:46
b0bbeni can't pan the map since it invokes the phone-wide gesture of going back11:47
b0bbenany ideas how that could be solved in a good way, without straying away for the OS user-experience, ie. without having to override the back-gesture11:47
b0bben(i may have asked this q couple of days ago, but I don't remember if I ever got any discussion going with it :)11:48
Stskeepsb0bben: let's bring it up on the mailing list :)11:48
Stskeepswe have our components guys on there11:48
b0bbenStskeeps: ah, cool, i'll join that right away11:48
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b0bbenanother q: i can't seem to import the QGeoRouteReply.h file, any ideas on that?11:51
b0bbenaccording to the docs, it's suppose to be in there11:52
b0bbensame goes for QGeoRoutingManager et.al11:52
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Jonnib0bben: which docs?12:13
b0bbenJonni: qt mobility12:13
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Jonniafaik qtmobility is not part of sailfish os.12:13
b0bbenJonni: hmm, i do this in my code -> import QtMobility.location 1.212:14
b0bbenwithout a prob12:14
Jonnior if they are, then you need to do zypper in qt-mobilit-devel12:14
Jonnito get headers12:15
b0bbenfor using the PositionSource element12:15
Jonniqt-mobility-devel even12:15
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b0bbenit's says on this page that QTMobility 1.2 is included:
Jonniwell in that case you just need to install devel package to get the headers12:18
b0bbeni'll try that, thx for the help12:18
b0bbenbut will that work later on the prod device?12:18
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b0bbeni mean, will that lib be on the device12:20
Jonniwell you would need to do some tweaking atleast since in qt5 there is different geoservices plugins for nokia vs openstreetmap12:20
b0bbeni'm planning on doing that once we have an SDK with qt512:20
b0bbenwould love to get that routing working now, so my app is complete and then only needs tweaking when qt5 lands12:21
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Morpog_PCb0bben, made a sailfish like icon for you12:44
b0bbenMorpog_PC: whoa, that is awesome!!12:45
b0bbeni went with the meego-type of mask as a homage :)12:45
Morpog_PCyeah, I seen it ;)12:45
b0bbenyou think you can remove the OKQ8 logo so I can use the mask only?12:45
b0bbenwanna try it out, see how it fits12:46
Morpog_PCwithout gradient then i guess?12:46
b0bbeni guess12:46
Morpog_PCplain white or black?12:46
b0bbenlet's try black12:46
b0bben80x80px would be enough12:47
b0bbenMorpog_PC: while you're at it, could you give me lat/lon coordinates to somewhere close to you…wanna try something :P12:47
Morpog_PCI'm sure the next OKQ8 gas station is a bit off for me :)12:50
Morpog_PCb0bben, btw, the PNG logos I posted already contain masks, so the top part is transparent12:52
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Morpog_PCwow, works for german gas stations too :)12:53
b0bbenyeah! got like 8k stations in germany or something12:54
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b0bbenMorpog_PC: it's looking a little weird, don't you think?12:55
Morpog_PCthe shell one?12:56
Morpog_PCgas station icons could need a little margin to the left12:57
b0bbenaral not having any mask, and Total and Shell looking a little weird12:57
b0bbeni'm trying to add margin, but it won't buy it! :)12:57
Morpog_PCmaybe make opacity of icons a bit less, like 0.912:58
Morpog_PCinstead of 1.012:58
Morpog_PCthat way they "merge" a bit with background12:58
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