Wednesday, 2013-08-07

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SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:I want to include 2 C++ standard libraries in my project09:31
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:But the #includes get yellow lines under them09:31
SuperpelicanI already added INCLUDE_PATH += /usr/include/c++/4.6.4 to my .pro09:31
SuperpelicanI checked in the Mer SDK09:32
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: what are these libs ?09:32
Superpelicangcc -v gives me 4.6.409:32
Superpelicanand the dir exists in the Mer SDK09:32
Superpelicanbut it looks like Qt Creator searches on my host09:32
Superpelicanand not in the Mer SDK for the includes09:32
SuperpelicanI haven't tried compiling yet though09:32
Superpelicanand algorithm09:32
SfietKonstantinthe yellow lines means nothing09:32
SfietKonstantinwhy vector ?09:32
SfietKonstantinwhy algorithm ?09:32
SuperpelicanI need algorithm for random shuffle09:32
SuperpelicanI've already looked up QVector09:33
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SfietKonstantinread the doc of qrand and qsrand09:33
SfietKonstantinand use QVector / QList09:33
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:But QVector doesn't have a random shuffle function09:33
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SuperpelicanI've no idea how to write my own random shuffle function09:34
SfietKonstantinstart with a vector and a null vector09:34
SfietKonstantinpick a random number09:34
SfietKonstantintake the index of that random number in the first vector, and put it into the second vector09:34
SfietKonstantinrepeat until first vector is empty09:34
SfietKonstantinhighly inefficient09:35
Superpelicancan't I just use the C++ standard libraries?09:35
SfietKonstantinanother way to produce good randomized stuff is to do 2xn swaps between two random indexes in a vector09:35
SfietKonstantinyou can09:35
SfietKonstantinbut you won't get autocomplete :P09:35
SfietKonstantin(yellow lines means that)09:35
SfietKonstantinyou don't need anything09:35
SfietKonstantinthey are used by Qt09:35
SfietKonstantinso no need to add some libs or stuff09:35
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SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Hmm, I think I might be able to remove the need for std::random_shuffle09:38
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away09:38
SuperpelicanI think I could just use a rand09:38
Superpelicanand let it randomly select a number from the vector09:39
SfietKonstantinIMO better stick with Qt stuff09:39
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SuperpelicanI can try to rewrite a part of my program09:41
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:It's a shame though09:41
SuperpelicanI hoped to just able to use my existing logic09:42
Superpelicanwith only changing std::string -> QString etc.09:42
Superpelicannot rewriting half the program :(09:42
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hardcodesHELP LIST11:56
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StskeepsLIST NOT FOUND11:59
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amppaSuperpelican: there was just a couple of days ago a blog post about list shuffling at planet kde12:26
amppaoh i guess he left already12:28
Yaniel15 min ago12:29
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SfietKonstantinyeah, that swapping n times 2 random (or 1 random and the i-th) entries is the one that is often used12:36
SfietKonstantinI still wonder how can this create random numbers12:37
SfietKonstantinrandom shuffled lists12:37
SfietKonstantinI meant12:37
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ynotuwhat are supported cellphones ?13:02
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Superpelicanynotu:You mean cellphones that can run Sailfish OS?13:10
*** AG3 has joined #sailfishos13:10
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Which header do I need to include for qRand()?13:11
SuperpelicanThere isn't any page on the Qt Docs about qRand13:11
Superpelicanand all the forum posts with code13:11
*** Culain has joined #sailfishos13:11
Superpelicandon't have the #Include section13:12
Superpelicanjust the code13:12
Superpelicanso I have no idea what to #include13:12
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: there is a documentation panel included in QtCreator13:12
SfietKonstantinhello ynotu !13:12
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:But qRand is just black text13:13
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: and ?13:13
SfietKonstantinis that a problem ?13:13
SuperpelicanSo pressing F1 gives "No documentation available"13:13
SfietKonstantintry to control click on it13:13
SfietKonstantinsearch in the docs13:14
SuperpelicanI have13:14
SfietKonstantinyou will find your error Superpelican13:14
SfietKonstantinand ?13:14
SfietKonstantinwhat does the docs tell about qRand() ?13:14
aknighti see qrand(), not qRand()13:14
aknightand it is in qglobal.h13:14
SuperpelicanI chose the first result13:15
SfietKonstantinaknight: sheee13:15
SfietKonstantindon't tell him, he needs to learn the docs :)13:16
aknightctrl+click is your friend too13:16
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: you can also search in the panel in qt creator (select index)13:16
Superpelicanok thanks13:16
SfietKonstantinCTRL+click, and the index in the docs13:16
aknightand f1 as SfietKonstantin already said13:16
SfietKonstantinso it is qrand, it is in QtGlobal header, so it is basically included everywhere13:16
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:I also looked in
SfietKonstantinaknight: it is Superpelican that said that :P13:16
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: the best is to use the index in the panel of QtCreator honestly13:17
SuperpelicanI also read somewhere about it being in QtGlobal13:17
Superpelicanbut I couldn't find QtGlobal in the modules list13:17
SfietKonstantinyou can find stuff easily if you remember a part of it13:17
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: it is because it is global :P13:17
SfietKonstantinit is for everybody13:17
Superpelicanand the QtCore module doesn't contain it either13:17
Superpelicanok :)13:18
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: QtGlobal is basically included by close to any Qt class13:18
SfietKonstantinso you (most of the time) don't need to include it13:18
SfietKonstantintry to use qrand as aknight said13:18
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:But that doesn't explain: error: 'qRand' was not declared in this scope13:18
aknighti see the docs as part of QtCore -> C++ Classes -> <QtGlobal> fwiw13:18
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: because it is qrand13:19
SfietKonstantinnot qRand13:19
SfietKonstantindidn't you find that in the docs ?13:19
Superpelicanon the forums everyone wrote qRand()13:19
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: trust the docs, not the forums13:19
aknighteveryone probably had compilation errors ;)13:19
Superpelicannow qrand() has a grey balloon around it13:20
Superpelicanand when I hover it says that it's a thread safe version of rand()13:20
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: :)13:20
SuperpelicanAnd most importantly13:20
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SuperpelicanI get a random number :D13:21
*** f3an0r has quit IRC13:21
aknightpseudorandom number, you mean? ;)13:21
SfietKonstantinaknight: maybe his computer has a semitrasparent surface with a photon emitter that creates truly random numbers13:22
SfietKonstantinaknight: you never know13:22
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Superpelicanaknight, SfietKonstantin:Unless I would write an API for
Superpelican"RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise"13:22
SfietKonstantinatmospheric noise is pseudorandom13:23
SfietKonstantinit can be related to some atmospheric events etc13:23
SfietKonstantinthe only random thing is quantum13:23
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yuntableah, second-hand random is not much useful13:24 is more random than computer random generator though13:24
aknightif you trust them...13:25
SuperpelicanYAY :D13:25
Yanielwe need those nuclear batteries13:25
Superpelicanmy Jolla t-shirt is finally being shipped!13:25
SfietKonstantinlet's say: atmospheric noise is more random than random generatos in your computers13:25
SfietKonstantinhowever, I want a quantic random number generator13:25
SfietKonstantinbased on emission of photos13:25
Yaniela nuclear battery should be agood photon source13:26
Yanielalso serves as a power source and a hand warmer13:26
Superpelicanit's still in Helsinki though13:26
SfietKonstantinYaniel: yeah, nuclear batteries are nice13:27
SfietKonstantinif it don't leak13:27
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yuntaemission of photos is pretty random too13:27
*** otep_ has quit IRC13:27
SfietKonstantinand don't put it in your pants if you want children13:27
*** otep has quit IRC13:28
yuntaSfietKonstantin: well,.. you can still do it if you prefer your children "unlike" :)13:28
Yanielyeah a small LED is a much safer photon source13:28
ynotuSuperpelican: yes, which can run sailfish OS?13:32
ynotuSuperpelican: because in our space is workshop for sailfishos this week I think )13:32
ynotu :)13:33
Superpelicanynotu:Well technically every X86, ARMv7 or ARMv6 and MIPS could run it13:33
Superpelicanthat's for the SDK13:33
Superpelicaninstalling the SDk13:33
Superpelicanwhich is VM based13:33
SuperpelicanSailfish isn't 100% open source yet13:33
Superpelicanactually nothing can run it13:34
Superpelicanexcept SfietKonstantin's awesome Acer Iconia Tab W50013:34
Superpelicanand the ExoPC13:34
Superpelican[15:33] <Superpelican> actually nothing can run it -> officially13:34
*** martyone has quit IRC13:35
Superpelicanwell you could port it to a X86 based device13:35
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: my iconia tab cannot run it yet13:36
SfietKonstantindunno why though13:36
Morpog_i guess those Intel x86 based android devices could run it too13:36
Superpelicanbut you published a video13:36
Superpelicanrunning Sailfish13:36
yunta(dota2 championships start today, just reminding)13:37
Superpelicanyou can better wait13:37
SfietKonstantinyunta: lol, why do you say that in a Sailfish related chan ? :P13:38
SfietKonstantin(well, it interests me though)13:38
yuntaSfietKonstantin: just scanning territory13:38
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: SDK alpha X1113:38
Superpelicanah yes13:38
SfietKonstantinthe WL one cannot make me connect to wifi :(13:38
*** jjarven_ has joined #sailfishos13:38
yuntaSfietKonstantin: I couldn't find any dota2 player at jolla, so trying here :)13:39
Superpelicanyunta:What's dota2?13:39
Superpelicanisn't that some Valve game?13:39
yuntait is13:39
yuntafree game, running on linux13:39
Superpelicanfree as in gratis13:40
yuntanot open13:40
Yanielit's like TF2 in that sense13:40
Superpelicanyunta:But what kind of game is it?13:40
SfietKonstantinyunta: I don't have a good computer to play DOTA2 :(13:40
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: multiplayer online battle arena like13:40
SfietKonstantinjust like league of legends13:40
SfietKonstantinthe kind of game that makes you hate people on the internet13:41
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:What computer do you have? ;)13:41
SfietKonstantinLX201 :P13:41
SfietKonstantinLenovo Thinkpad X20113:41
SfietKonstantinintel GPU13:41
SfietKonstantinthat don't help13:41
Superpelicanisn't that that 11/12 inch13:41
Superpelicanfast thing13:41
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: 13 inch13:42
SfietKonstantinfast not for game13:42
SfietKonstantinwell, it is 4 y.o. HW13:42
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos13:42
SfietKonstantinfast 4 years ago13:42
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:You shouldn't complain13:42
SfietKonstantinthe intel CPU is 2-3 gen behind13:42
SfietKonstantinI'm not complaining, it is awesome13:42
SfietKonstantinit do not play games though13:42
Superpelicanwell mine is 2 gen behind too now13:42
aknightthe new intel gpus are not bad13:42
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:At least you don't have driver issues on Linux13:43
Superpelicanand no Optimus crap13:43
Yanielbut really needs to be quite new13:43
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: hahaha13:43
*** t7 has joined #sailfishos13:43
Superpelicanreally if13:43
Superpelicanit works13:43
SfietKonstantinSB is 2 gen behind ? :O13:43
Superpelicanyou should be really really happy13:43
SfietKonstantinI'm old13:43
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:SB -> IB -> Haswell13:43
SfietKonstantinback in my days SB were like "omg it is so new and shiny"13:44
Superpelicanthings go really fast13:44
SuperpelicanI liked the few months13:44
SfietKonstantinmine is before SB I think13:44
Superpelicanthat my laptop had the latest gen CPU13:44
SfietKonstantinlol, I don't care13:44
SfietKonstantinI want something that runs linux and compiles13:45
SfietKonstantintherefore LX20113:45
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Your x201 *is* 12 inch13:46
SfietKonstantinsorry, it is 1213:46
ynotuSuperpelican: ok :)13:46
*** ynotu has left #sailfishos13:46
SfietKonstantin(I wish I could have a LX20xt13:46
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Which one do you have?13:46
Superpelicanthe Core i7 one?13:46
SfietKonstantini5 one13:46
SfietKonstantin4 gig of ram13:47
SfietKonstantinnot enough :(13:47
SfietKonstantinwell, not enough to run 2-3 vms :P13:47
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:47
SuperpelicanI never use more than 2 GB13:47
Superpelicanexcept for when I ran FF + TB + Inkscape + Mer SDK + Sailfish emu13:47
Superpelicanand I'm using KDE :O13:48
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: I think it is because I'm on 64 bits13:48
Morpog_Superpelican, I show you a screen when I am in work mode :)13:48
SfietKonstantinand that FF is just eating all the RAM it can find13:48
SfietKonstantinand yeah, I _never_ close tabs13:48
Superpelicanmy FF often uses 300 mb13:48
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: mine can raise up to > 1 gig :P13:48
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Do you really think I use 32 bits? ;)13:48
Yaniel300MB? that's cute13:48
YanielI get  that with a single tab13:49
*** VitaBushido_ has joined #sailfishos13:49
SfietKonstantinMorpog_: 14 gigs ?13:49
* Superpelican goes mad13:49
*** vogon has joined #sailfishos13:49
Morpog_video cutting + photoshop at the same time13:49
Yanielsometimes I wish I had 16GiBs of ram too13:50
Morpog_1080p footage13:50
SfietKonstantinhowever, having 4 "cores" (just learnt that it was 2 cores with 2 threads each) at 100% is usual13:50
Morpog_well, those are 4 real cores :)13:50
YanielSfietKonstantin: hyperthreading?13:50
SfietKonstantinthe problem is that the motherboard of the LX20x are not compatbile with 8 gigs of ram :@13:50
SfietKonstantinYaniel: yep13:50
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:All Intel laptop CPUs are dual core13:50
Superpelicanexcept for the QM ones13:50
Superpelicanwhich are true Quad cores13:51
SfietKonstantinI would have loved 4 cores 8 gig of ram13:52
SfietKonstantinLenovo X series keyboard13:52
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:52
SfietKonstantin(something you cannot find anywhere now :()13:52
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:I would've loved 1600*900 or 1080p screen and a core i5 or i713:53
SfietKonstantinSuperpelican: don't care about screen, care about hacking :P13:53
SfietKonstantinso kbd > screen :P13:53
Yanielyou clearly are no graphics programmer :D13:53
Morpog_1980p screen on smaller than 24" is so useless without a proper DPI scaling13:54
SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:You will understand the difference between a low PPI screen and a high PPI one after you've switched from a 320*240 screen to a 800*480 one13:54
SfietKonstantinYaniel: no :P13:54
SuperpelicanSamsung Galaxy Mini -> Nokia N90013:55
SfietKonstantin(not yet ?)13:55
Superpelicanwhat a difference :)13:55
SuperpelicanI love the screen of my N90013:55
Superpelicanit's *so* much better13:55
Morpog_superpelican, how about a 13,3" samsung at 3200x180013:56
SuperpelicanMorpog_:I'm not the kind of guy that will whine when he has a 720P 5 inch screen instead of a 1080P13:57
Morpog_nice ;)13:58
*** Guest97565 has quit IRC13:58
Superpelicanyou can overdo things ;)13:58
Morpog_yeah and they really do :)13:58
Morpog_apple and samsung dick contest at resolution....13:58
SuperpelicanMorpog_:If the Jolla has a 960*540 screen I'm fine :)14:00
SuperpelicanMorpog_:Everyone thinks the Jolla will have a 720p or 1080p screen14:01
Superpelicanbecause they said it will be a HD14:01
Morpog_well not me .)14:01
Superpelicanbut 960*540 = qHD14:01
Superpelicanit could also be a qHD screen ;)14:01
Yanielimagine the rage if it was14:01
*** Guest97565 has joined #sailfishos14:02
Superpelicanwho cares?14:02
SuperpelicanYaniel:The GSII has 800*480 on 4,3 inch14:02
*** Superpelican has quit IRC14:02
*** Superpelican has joined #sailfishos14:02
Yanieldo they call it HD?14:02
Yanielwell, N8 was called nHD...14:03
Yanieland that's what 640x36014:06
yuntawhat's wrong with qHD?14:09
YanielI don't know how well people accept it as 'HD'14:10
Yanielmaybe they do on a phone14:10
Morpog_Yaniel, they could call it Retina :)14:10
Morpog_People accepted that as revolutionary14:11
Yanieloh well
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SuperpelicanSfietKonstantin:Well in order to be able to use QVector I had to rewrite a part of my program17:13
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos17:13
Superpelicanwhile testing it after the partial rewrite17:13
SuperpelicanI found a bug17:13
Superpelicanin it17:13
Superpelicandue to my KISS homemade multilingual system17:14
Superpelicanwhich is especially Stupid17:14
SuperpelicanI changed something in the languagepack17:14
Superpelicanso the line numbers changed17:14
Superpelicanand now it isn't in sync with my program anymore :(17:15
SuperpelicanBut I'm too lazy to go fix it17:15
Superpelicanso I'll just continue work on the Sailfish app17:15
Superpelicanmy whole multilingual system is doomed anyway17:15
Superpelicanonly a fool would actually use it ;)17:15
SuperpelicanSo I hope nobody actually is using my program17:16
Superpelican(which I highly doubt)17:16
*** njeiseck has quit IRC17:16
SuperpelicanI haven't even packaged it17:16
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yuntaSuperpelican: qt translation system is actually quite nice. it may be interesting for you to see how they solved problems you may have faced during creation of yours.17:59
Superpelicanyunta:Actually the point is that I wasn't using the Qt translating system ;)17:59
Superpelicanbut my own home made17:59
Superpelicanin another desktop command line app17:59
Superpelicanwhich is the base of my Sailfish app :)18:00
*** blue787 has quit IRC18:00
Superpelicanyunta:Do you understand?18:00
yuntabut, it may be cheap to switch18:00
Superpelicanyunta:I'm already switching :)18:00
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos18:00
yuntajust remember about plurals :)18:00
SuperpelicanI understand18:01
Superpelicanyou mean plurals in the to be translated text18:01
SuperpelicanI've already read a doc about that18:02
Superpelicanwhich teaches you how you can overcome that problem18:02
Superpelicanit was a doc page18:02 doc pages make me sad :(18:02
*** blue787 has joined #sailfishos18:02
Superpelicanyunta:Because they say "Develop for the Nokia N9" :(18:03
yuntalol, I still use that18:03
Superpelicanwhich remembers me of the N9, that was never given a chance :(18:03
yuntawell, it has place in my pocket - so it won the most important market :D18:05
Morpog_yeah, same here18:06
Morpog_only a Jolla could made it go away from there  :)18:06
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