Wednesday, 2013-08-14

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pyntHello there. 1) Any news on what is floss and what is not in sailfishOS? 2) Any news on when we will be able to get the phone? :-)00:52
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MFaro-TusinoAnyone know where System APIs can be found?08:48
MFaro-TusinoIs it just standard QMobility stuff?08:48
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MFaro-TusinoI'll look into it once I've finished the BB10 version (maybe an hours more work just polishing UI) then will explore Sailfish and may write a post on porting08:50
Jonnithats what we are using.08:53
MFaro-TusinoNice to see Vesuri in the git ;)08:53
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dimitris91is there a signal that is triggered every time a page loads?09:28
yuntaComponent.onCompleted ?09:33
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dimitris91yunta: yeah i'm using it10:03
dimitris91but it didn't actually work10:03
dimitris91it was only triggered the very first time the page was loaded10:04
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dimitris91and not in the next ones10:04
dimitris91anyway I found another way to do what I wanted10:04
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MFaro-TusinoIf i create a variable in main.cpp, how can I access it in qml?10:25
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dimitris91here is the cover page i'm using in my app: ""11:08
dimitris91but Qt Creator haw underlined the CoverActionList and CoverAction11:08
dimitris91and it says that they are unknown components11:09
dimitris91the app works fine nevertheless11:09
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ericccWhy Jolla is the Ferrari of Smartphone Market?11:55
ericccso  cool11:55
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SfietKonstantinericcc: it is an artcle12:04
SfietKonstantinmore a comparison12:04
SfietKonstantinsaying that jolla don't need to have millions of consumers12:04
Stskeepsa big company needs huge revenue to maintain things, a small one doesn't have as high operating costs12:05
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Yanielbut what article12:07
SuperpelicanYaniel:IIRC it was an article by Forbes12:09
Superpelicanor was it on the WSJ12:09
Superpelican linked to it12:10
Superpelicanso you can always look it up12:10
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jukkaeklundferrari or vw beetle :)12:13
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Culainporsche 91112:23
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gabriel9|workc++ will kill me13:24
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* Stskeeps glares13:27
Yanielit hasn't killed me13:28
gabriel9|workFor php java js coder it's death :D13:29
gabriel9|workbut i create model for my list in c++13:29
gabriel9|workstill don't know how i did it :/13:30
YanielI'd rather call it "enlightment"13:30
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gabriel9|workdid anyone changed theme in sailfish?13:34
gabriel9|workwith ambiance13:34
Superpelicangabriel9|work:I didn't kill me either ;)13:34
Superpelicanand I'm a n00b13:34
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Superpelicanmy first language was Python13:34
Superpelicanthat's a rather big step too13:34
Yanielaye, but it looked like QML almost did :D13:34
Yanielor QML+js13:34
Superpelicanonly the JS13:35
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SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:I announced my app on TMO :D13:35
SuperpelicanSfiet_Konstantin:And I've updated the wiki on Bitbucket :) :
Superpelicanwith screenshots13:36
Yanielor hmm13:37
Yanielnow can you add time attack mode? :P13:38
SuperpelicanYaniel:Have you checked my screenshots already? :P13:38
Superpelicannow you guys can finally see the result of your hard and frustrating work, helping me out! ;)13:39
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dathuidoes anyone know if there's a maps application under development by jolla or somebody else?13:56
Yanielgoogle has one, nokia another, tomtom and a bunch of others have theirs...13:57
Superpelicandathui:Well it has been asked frequently on Twitter13:57
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Superpelicanif Jolla is going to license Nokia Maps or develop their own app13:57
Superpelicanthey can't give any details yet13:57
dathuiSuperpelican: ah, oki13:57
Yanielbut if you mean targetting sailfish, no Jolla hasn't said anything13:57
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Superpelicanthere are developers busy porting third party apps to Sailfish OS13:58
dathuiYaniel: yes that's what I meant, a sailfish app.13:58
dathuiSuperpelican: shiny13:58
Superpelicanmost based on OSM13:58
Superpelican(Open Street Maps)13:58
dathuiSuperpelican: ah, thanks13:59
Superpelicandathui:for example modRana QML and Mapsi are on the list13:59
Superpelicanwhich currently run on Maemo 513:59
Superpelicanand probably also on N9/Harmattan13:59
dathuiSuperpelican: oh, nice list. I was thinking of porting spotify myself but that seems to have been begun14:00
Superpelicanyou could always contact the de14:00
Superpelicanand contribute14:00
Superpelicanmy [Announce] thread about Quick Clamshell14:01
Superpelicanalready has 30 views14:01
dathuii was more leaning towards another app that would be neat to have, scheduler/trip planner for the local trafic, that's available for android/ios but not sailfish.14:01
dathuiwhat's the english word for busses/trains/trams and so on? commuter trafic?14:02
Yanielpublic transport?14:04
ibinspublic transportation14:04
dathuiah, that's the word. thanks14:05
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Yaniellol 105 on that thread14:10
Yanielspecifically "(still missing from N9)"14:11
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SuperpelicanMorpog_:Have you checked my Quick Clamshell app already? It's finished :D starring your Clamshell on the About page14:43
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Morpog_Superpelican, maybe gibe the clamshell logo a bit less opacity, then it will blend better with background and you can read text better16:57
SuperpelicanMorpog_:Thanks for suggestion16:57
SuperpelicanI couldn't come up with a solution to make the text more readable16:57
SuperpelicanI'll try it16:58
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